The Keeper of the Isis Light

The Keeper of the Isis Light Olwen Pendennis is the Keeper of the Isis Light She and her companion Guardian have lived alone on the planet Isis since the death of her parents But then a group of colonists arrives on Isis from E

  • Title: The Keeper of the Isis Light
  • Author: Monica Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780887765087
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Olwen Pendennis is the Keeper of the Isis Light She and her companion, Guardian, have lived alone on the planet Isis since the death of her parents But then a group of colonists arrives on Isis from Earth, settling in the valleys the only places where they can breathe and not be harmed by the planet s harsh sun Olwen fears these new inhabitants may ruin her world foreOlwen Pendennis is the Keeper of the Isis Light She and her companion, Guardian, have lived alone on the planet Isis since the death of her parents But then a group of colonists arrives on Isis from Earth, settling in the valleys the only places where they can breathe and not be harmed by the planet s harsh sun Olwen fears these new inhabitants may ruin her world forever, and at first, it appears she is right.

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    1. Monica Hughes

      Monica Hughes was a very popular writer for young people, and has won numerous prizes Her books have been published in the United States, Poland, Spain, Japan, France, Scandinavia, England, and Germany She has twice received the Canada Council Prize for Children s Literature, and was runner up for the Guardian Award.She is the author of Keeper of the Isis Light, an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults, which also received a Certificate of Honor from the International Board on Books for Young People Hunter in the Dark, also an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and Sandwriter, among many other titles.

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    1. This was my favorite book as a kid. It held up well: the perfectly timed build-up of the plot, the vivid and beautiful descriptions of a high desert world, and the believability of the main character were all as riveting as they seemed when I was ten. Though the book deals with Serious Issues, as young adult books do, it doesn't offer any simple solutions, and the resolution, though quietly satisfying, isn't quite the happy ending you'd expect. It offers a moral lesson I enjoyed as much this tim [...]

    2. After her parents died in a freak storm, Olwen has grown up alone on the alien world of Isis. She spends her days roaming the planet she considers her own. The only person she speaks to is the Guardian of Isis. But at last, colonists are coming to Isis. This book feels very dated. The style of writing, the gender norms, the tech, all felt very golden-age scifi. Additionally, the OMG PLOT TWISTs are excrutiatingly obvious. Once they're out of the way, the story improves. Overall, I did quite like [...]

    3. (Goldfield not permitted. The excellent cover that was on the edition I borrowed is not avl. here; too bad.)Very good SF, especially given that it's directed at young teens & 'tweens, a decidedly under-served group. I kinda sorta saw where things were going, but it still surprised me in many ways. Thought-provoking and charming. I will continue to struggle (!) to find more by the author.

    4. I read this long before I joined , along with a LOT of other science fiction. Someday, I will add more of the ones that I know I read. I won't be able to write full reviews though, as I have only vague recollections of most of them. I know that I liked this one, though.

    5. Olwen Pendennis p 41 16 has lived her whole life alone on the planet Isis with Guardian after a radiation storm killed her parents Gareth and Liz p 203. To her more than a robot "a thousand times friend much much wiser" p 150, he could not protect the baby human body from such a harsh climate. (view spoiler)[ He adapted her to golden scaled lizard skin and extra-lidded eyes.(hide spoiler)] When "eighty settlers" p 25 come from Earth, she no longer needs to operate the Lighthouse, "only the ship [...]

    6. I first read this in 7th grade and was truly fascinated by the story of the girl Olwen living alone on a planet with her robot keeper. Everything is turned upside down when she is 16 and colonists arrive from Earth. The story covers themes of loneliness, prejudice and what makes someone human. I found myself fiercely loyal to Olwen while not truly knowing her at all (or did I?) Rereading The Keeper of the Isis Light (20 years later) I was similarly intrigued by the story. This book has a few unf [...]

    7. It's always fairly jolting to me when I discover this rad new book from whatever various blog I'm reading and go to mark it as to-read, only to discover I already did at some point in the past. Case in point: this book.

    8. I didn’t think I’d like this book. I thought it was written for teenage boys, and I’d be bored to tears by the alien planet setting. I was wrong. This is a fantastic book. Truly fantastic.A sixteen-year-old girl, Olwen, has lived on an alien planet all her life; her parents were sent from Earth to explore an inhabitable planet, since Earth has been abused and needs to be evacuated. Olwen has been free, happy, and alone. She’s had an entire planet to herself, besides the man appointed as [...]

    9. DO NOT READ THE BOOK SUMMARY ON THE DUST COVER! It essentially tells you the plot and the unsaid parts, unless you do not want to read the very short 136 pages. I really enjoyed that Monica Hughes does not tell you everything, in that every detail is not laid out for you. That method is so very different than books written now, which seemingly feel the need to mention everything repeatedly, however unnecessary. Leave something to our imagination already! The main character, Olwen is likable, tho [...]

    10. I enjoyed this random find. I was in high school during library time. I randomly found this on the shelf. I had to return the book and have been looking for it again as an adult. I finally found it! I hope to order it soon. Very interesting Science fiction about a young girl left along with a robot to care for her. This book got me hooked on science fiction and fantasy.

    11. Still holds up! Enjoyed it more than I expected to. However, due to current events it was quite jarring to read the word Isis so casually. A little unsettling.

    12. ​Title: The Keeper of the Isis LightAuthor: Monica HughesGenre: YA, SF Setting: The planet Isis, current population only two - a young girl and her guardian.Reason for Reading: I believe I saw mention of this trilogy online, and was intrigued.Finished In: Days, maybe two of them.Pages: 240Copyright Date: 1980 Cover: A girl with long red hair wearing a metallic suit.First line: "It was a day like any other day on Isis, and yet, when it was over, nothing would ever be the same again."Themes: Ide [...]

    13. Although there were a few holes supporting the premise of the story, the idea is compelling. I had fun noticing the moments of 'retro sci-fi', as has happened in other books I've read from the 80's. It's the future but it's also slightly reminiscent of the 80's/90's, and I think that is a point of interest in it's own way. A young audience would probably appreciate a new edition, but it's a fun read regardless. I'm planning to check out the other two in the series. In particular, I think it's a [...]

    14. Olwen has lived alone on the planet of Isis with her Guardian for as long as she can remember. She is the Keeper of the Isis Light and reports back to Earth the status of the planet for future colonists. Olwen loves her life, she loves belonging to the planet and being with Guardian. Shortly after her 10th (earth's 16yrs) birthday a rocket ship lands. Her guardian insists she wear a protective suit whenever she meets the new arrivals who are making a home on her planet. Then she falls in love wi [...]

    15. Olwen Pendennis and her companion, Guardian, are the only beings on the planet Isis. They tend the lighthouse, and send regular reports back to Earth about the living conditions on Isis.Everything changes when, at the beginning of the story, a group of 80 settlers from earth arrive to colonize the planet. Olwen's perfect paradise has been shattered. The rest of the plot revolves around her interaction with the settlers, her romantic interest in Mark (one of the settlers), and disconcerting revel [...]

    16. As readers, it is sometimes our rare and happy pleasure to discover a book that nestles in the soul long after the cover has closed. The Keeper Of The Isis Light is such a book. This science-fiction treasure’s simple plot is driven by writing that is clear and concise, and yet wholly descriptive at the same time. Hughes employs a type of authorial alchemy to paint a sumptuous vision of Olwen’s world and the troubles she faces when unexpected change arrives in the form of a colony ship from o [...]

    17. First in a trilogy, this tells the story of the culture clash between Olwen, survivor of the family sent to the planet Isis to tend the beacon there and survey the planet for human colonisation, and the newly arrived colonists. Olwen's Guardian robot, her friend and servant, has adapted his charge to survive on Isis and this brings her into a serious clash with the colonists, with resultant heartbreak for Olwen, and sets up the situation for the next volume in the series.There are some fine evoc [...]

    18. Actual Rating is 3.5It feels good to go back to one of the older YA author's works. Monica Hughes was definitely a groundbreaker of YA Science Fiction and, boy, am I glad she explored the genre! Hughes writing style is clear, simplistic (but not condescendingly so,) and descriptive. Her world-building and setting are easy to visualize. The planet of Isis and the details of the sun, radiation, valleys, and peaks were definitely a strong point in this novel. Her characters are good enough. While O [...]

    19. A bit of a slight book, with an old fashioned approach to SF (well, it was published in 1980, so that's not something to hold against it. It even woke up feelings of nostalgia for 'golden age science fiction'). It's beautifully written, accessible (it's a YA novel), with engaging though slightly two dimensional protagonists. The romance develops fast, maybe unrealistically so (it's more of a crush), but fitting with its conclusion. The story takes an emotional approach to its twist (and not a sc [...]

    20. I read this book when I was a preteen and remember enjoying it, but for some reason I never read the 3rd book of the trilogy and therefore decided to reread it. However, the second time around I liked it less. I still love Monica Hughes and her writing style, but this book's content didn't measure up to my remembrance/expectations. I was highly annoyed by the insta!love between Mark and Olwen. I can kind of understand it from Olwen, since she hadn't met a boy her age before, but it just seemed v [...]

    21. Olwen lives alone with a computer companion on a planet called Isis. Her parents have passed away and she's the remaining guardian of "the Isis Light," which is like a beacon to draw possible settlers to the planet. She knows nothing of companionship or culture, but her whole life has built to the moment where human settlers would arrive. But what will she do upon encountering the humans and finding the companions she's been craving would no longer recognize her as one of them?The way this story [...]

    22. One of my favourite books when I was a kid, I was pleased to find the trilogy on my brother's bookshelf—actually my copy of the trilogy, given to me by a good friend as a graduation present. I had forgotten that my brother had it (and am in fact not sure how he came to have it on his shelf). The book still stands the test of time and would recommend it to any child. One thing I loved about Monica Hughes is that she wrote science fiction for someone who wouldn't have considered herself a sci-fi [...]

    23. Not sure where this one came from. I periodically pick up YA books with the grandgirls in mind, always on the lookout for something that they might like. The keeper of the Isis Light has themes common to many books for this audience: defining beauty/goodness, being true to yourself and overcoming prejudice and obstacles. Olwen lives alone, after the death of her human parents, on the planet Isis, with her companion "The Guardian". Rather than have superpowers or some sort of mystical abilities, [...]

    24. like all her books it seems you only know half the tale because you only know what the main character knows… but I wouldn’t call it a mystery… it’s just a huge surprise coming your way… Olwen is an interesting character… she hasn’t actually been alone, she has her Guardian… so she’s very smart and likable… but you get that excitement from her to finally get to meet new people… finally have kids her own age to know… but she learns that people aren’t all that she expected [...]

    25. This book is absolutely amazing. When I decided to revisit it, I had no idea that it was a part of a trilogy. I remembered reading this book in 7th or 8th grade and loving it, so when I picked it back up it was just a blast. The storyline is really captivating to me and I like how the main characters Olwen and Guardian are described on Isis. Something I find very interesting is the way that Olwen speaks in the story because it's not old English and its not modern, but kind of a mix of the two. I [...]

    26. Summary:A girl who has lived on a planet all by herself must deal with settlers suddenly arriving and changing the home she ahs always known.Positives:Liked it more than I thought I would. But I'd heard a girl speak about the book so I knew the big secret twist ahead of time. I might have liked it better if I hadn't. The setting was vivid. The characters were pretty well-developed.Criticisms:Multiple times I thought the author's word choice was awkward. The relationship between Orlen and Mark wa [...]

    27. I liked Monica Hughes a lot when I was a kid, though these days I tend not to like my science fiction as hard as hers was. Anyway, this one is about a girl on another planet who's basically been raised by some kinda computer. She is in charge of the "Isis Light," a sorta lighthouse contraption that's supposed to bring humans in safely if they decide to land there and colonize. But when she finally gets her first chance to meet humans after a life alone, she finds out she's a lot different from t [...]

    28. To me, the star of this book isn't Olwen, the main character. It certainly isn't any of the colonists or Captain Tryon. It isn't even the planet Isis itself, though the book does describe it often. It's Guardian. I don't quite buy into Olwen's mood swings, nor the whole matter of her falling nearly instantly in love with Mark and vice versa. (Come on. I suppose she has a little excuse since she's had zero human contact throughout her life, but Mark? Really?) Guardian fascinates me. From the star [...]

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