The Ivory Child

The Ivory Child While Quartermain visits Lord Randall two foreigners come asking for Macumazana that is asking for Allan Quartermain by the name he used among the Africans The two visitors are Harut and Marut prie

  • Title: The Ivory Child
  • Author: H. Rider Haggard
  • ISBN: 9781587154324
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • While Quartermain visits Lord Randall, two foreigners come asking for Macumazana that is, asking for Allan Quartermain by the name he used among the Africans The two visitors are Harut and Marut, priests and doctors of the White Kendah People and they have come to ask Allan Quartermain for his help The White Kendah people are at war with the Black Kendah people who haWhile Quartermain visits Lord Randall, two foreigners come asking for Macumazana that is, asking for Allan Quartermain by the name he used among the Africans The two visitors are Harut and Marut, priests and doctors of the White Kendah People and they have come to ask Allan Quartermain for his help The White Kendah people are at war with the Black Kendah people who have an evil spirit for a god And that spirit of the god resides in the largest elephant they have ever seen, an elephant that no man can kill save Allan Quartermain And now our intrepid hero must return to Africa and destroy this evil spirit before it kills every one of the White Kendah People.Excerpt from The Ivory Child Now I, Allan Quatermain, come to the story of what was, perhaps, one of the strangest of all the adventures which have befallen me in the course of a life that so far can scarcely be called tame or humdrum Amongst many other things it tells of the war against the Black Kendah people and the death of Jana, their elephant god Often since then I have wondered if this creature was or was not anything than a mere gigantic beast of the forest It seems improbable, even impossible, but the reader of future days may judge of this matter for himself Also he can form his own opinion as to the religion of the White Kendah and their pretensions to a certain degree of magical skill Of this magic I will make only one remark If it existed at all, it was by no means infallible To take a single instance Harut and Marut were convinced by divination that I, and I only, could kill Jana, which was why they invited me to Kendahland Yet in the end it was Hans who killed him Jana nearly killed me Now to my tale.

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    1. H. Rider Haggard

      Sir Henry Rider Haggard was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and the creator of the Lost World literary genre His stories, situated at the lighter end of the scale of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential He was also involved in agricultural reform and improvement in the British Empire His breakout novel was King Solomon s Mines 1885 , which was to be the first in a series telling of the multitudinous adventures of its protagonist, Allan Quatermain.Haggard was made a Knight Bachelor in 1912 and a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1919 He stood unsuccessfully for Parliament as a Conservative candidate for the Eastern division of Norfolk in 1895 The locality of Rider, British Columbia, was named in his memory.

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    1. সেই অ্যালান, সেই আফ্রিকা, সেই কোনো দুর্গম অঞ্চলের উপজাতি। হ্যাগার্ডের চিরচেনা ছকে লেখা এই কাহিনি কেবল মনে রাখা যায় হ্যান্সের জন্যে। সেই বুড়ো ডাচভাষী হটেনটট, জুলু মাভোভো যার নাম দিয়েছিলো অন [...]

    2. As a kid, I was obsessed with RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. As far as the action/adventure genre is concerned, it's in a league all its ownE IVORY CHILD isn't a movie, but it's got that RAIDERS spark. I've always heard that Allan Quatermain was an influence on George Lucas when he created Indiana Jones, and it wouldn't surprise me if this book in particular had the biggest impact. Heck, it even features a character who's scared to death of snakes.Like RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE IVORY CHILD is a per [...]

    3. The more books I read by H. Rider Haggard the more convinced I am that he is a vastly under-rated author. This book, for me, even surpasses his more famous ones, King Solomon's Mines and She. It starts out rather slowly, in England, where the great hunter Allan Quatermain is making one of his rare trips outside Africa. I say slowly, meaning action-wise, but not at all boringly. The pheasant-hunting contest was riveting. The story moves back to Africa and Quatermain recounts the failed gold mine [...]

    4. হ্যাগার্ডের অন্যান্য উপন্যাসের মতই কাহিনী বর্ণিত হয়েছে প্রথম পুরুষে, অ্যালান কোয়াটারমেইনের জবানিতে। কাহিনী নিয়ে নতুন করে বলার কিছু নেই। ভালোবাসা, আত্নত্যাগ আর বন্ধুত্বের অপূর্ব মিশ্রণে [...]

    5. I really liked it, mostly because I've read King Solomon's Mines many times in my youth, but now I'm working my way through the many adventures of Allan. This was a rich experience for me. Many readers downgrade the Haggard's books based on the racial attitude of the time that he wrote. I read his books as more of a travelogue. I love the descriptions of the time and the terrain. I miss Africa and this brings a little piece of home to me.

    6. I'm still not a fan of the african adventure story but this is certainly better than most. A lot of different aspects to it, its got some humor, its fairly dark in places, some romance, lot of magic as well as the usual war scenes. It's good for its type.

    7. তাদুকি অ্যাডভেঞ্চারের যে নেশাটা 'নেশা'য় ছিল, সেটা পেলাম না। সেই অ্যাডভেঞ্চারের আশায় পড়েছিলাম বলেই হয়তো ঠিক টানল না।

    8. দুর্দান্ত অ্যাডভেঞ্চার, অ্যালান কোয়াটারমেইনের সেরাগুলোর একটা! অনুবাদ আরো ভালো হতে পারতো, সেবার অন্য অনুবাদগুলোর মত মান ধরে রাখতে পারে নি, তবে তারপরেও অন্য যেকোনো প্রকাশনীর থেকে ভ [...]

    9. When I take all the H. Rider Haggard books that I have read, The Ivory child stands out to me as one that almost unseats Allan Quatermain as my favorite of his works. The Ivory child was an amazingly told story about two ancient religions and their symbols fighting each other and Allan was only there with a friend to try and save the man's wife. It had everything you had come to expect from a Haggard novel, but this book had even more including references to previous books of him, and they came [...]

    10. This is another of the 14 Allan Quatermain tales from the pen of that great adventure fantasist, H. Rider Haggard. This novel is a direct continuation of "Allan and the Holy Flower," and it does help to have read the previous book. Also referenced are other Quatermain novels such as "Marie," "Child of Storm" and "Allan's Wife," and while a knowledge of these earlier books will make for a richer experience, "Ivory Child" can certainly be read on its own. In this one, Quatermain goes on a quest to [...]

    11. I've been steadily working through the Quatermain books in their written order and this is by far the most mystical one yet. The tie-in with the previous 'flower' book should not preclude jumping straight into this one if you're keenQuatermain plays the role of the perplexed protagonist in an even more retiring frame than usual. In many ways he's the hapless observer in this adventure, rarely taking a lead role. His dry summaries of extraordinary events work well as part of his 'reserved english [...]

    12. Allan Quartermain is a strong and talented hunter, though small in size and in his self-concept. I enjoy the author's simple, forthright style of writing, and the way Quartermain tells his own stories as in a diary; preparing us for what lies ahead with little side comments. He runs into amazing adventures all along the way, and is very talented in reading human nature.I was first drawn in to the Allan Quartemain series because of the definite Christian values he builds his life on, but now, as [...]

    13. why do I read this trash?No, the question is different: why do I study this trash? There's no valuable or interesting idea; there's no character development; there isn't even any suspense in plot, because the author makes his narrator tell all the important spoilers in advance. If anything justifies this waste of time, I had a great comparatist's insight: Haggard was definitely an important prerequisite for how the mass culture later depicts the mystics of ancient cults of semi-wild tribe out of [...]

    14. #8 in the Allan Quatermain African hunter and adventurer series. Quatermain travels with English Earl into deep central Africa in search of the Earl's wife who has disappeared and is believed to be the high priestess of an isolated people.Like earlier Quatermain stories, this novel contains life threatening encounters, at lesat one major battle in a war and mystical encounters.

    15. সাদা কেন্দা ও কালো কেন্দা - দুই জাতি পরস্পরকে ধ্বংস করতে চায়।সাদাদের শক্তি - শিশু দেবতা আর কালোদের - জেনা(একটা বিশাল কালো হাতি)।সাদারা মাকুমাজানকে অনুরোধ করে সাহায্যের জন্য - বিনিময়ে দিবে যত খ [...]

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