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  • Title: Rebelky
  • Author: Sarah Mlynowski Ina Leckie
  • ISBN: 9788074621437
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 2 holky 3 kluci 1 d m rodi e 10 v c , kter April a jej kamar dka Vi provedly a rozhodn , mo n , nejsp nem ly.Kdo by se v estn cti nad en nenast hoval ke kamar dce a nebydlel si p kn bez rodi , kdy se k tomu naskytne p le itost I kdy slovo p le itost mo n nen docela p esn April toti musela sv mu otci malinko zalhat, aby to vy lo 1 Lhaly j2 holky 3 kluci 1 d m rodi e 10 v c , kter April a jej kamar dka Vi provedly a rozhodn , mo n , nejsp nem ly.Kdo by se v estn cti nad en nenast hoval ke kamar dce a nebydlel si p kn bez rodi , kdy se k tomu naskytne p le itost I kdy slovo p le itost mo n nen docela p esn April toti musela sv mu otci malinko zalhat, aby to vy lo 1 Lhaly jsme rodi m Jinak jsou ov em ona i jej spolubydl c Vi naprosto zodpov dn a schopn postarat se o sebe Jak se jim vlastn povedlo Vyka lat se na kolu 3 , Uspo dat lenou pa bu 8 , Koupit v ivku 4 nebo Ubytovat uprchl ka 7 , to pro n z st v jednou velikou z hadou.

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      416 Sarah Mlynowski Ina Leckie
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    1. Sarah Mlynowski Ina Leckie

      Sarah was born in Montreal, Canada After graduating with an honors degree in English literature from McGill University, she moved to Toronto to work for Harlequin Enterprises While she never met Fabio, she used her romance publishing experiences to fuel her first novel Milkrun.Since then, Sarah has written four additional novels for adults Fishbowl, As Seen on TV, Monkey Business, and Me vs Me the New York Times bestselling middle grade series Whatever After the middle grade series Upside Down Magic with Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins and the teen novels Bras Broomsticks, Frogs French Kisses, Spells Sleeping Bags, and Parties Potions, all in the Magic in Manhattan series, as well as Gimme a Call, Ten Things We Did And Probably Shouldn t Have , Don t Even Think About It, Think Twice, and I See London, I See France Along with Lauren Myracle and E Lockhart, Sarah also wrote How to Be Bad, and along with Farrin Jacobs, she wrote See Jane Write, a guide to writing Sarah s books have been translated into twenty nine languages and optioned to Hollywood She now lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

    797 thoughts on “Rebelky”

    1. I actually put off reading this book for a while, I now know why. My subconscious mind was telling me it was not worth my time, but silly me I decided to read it. This book is okay, if you want to read it go ahead, if you were considering reading it and are sitting on the fence read it and don’t read it. My advice, don’t. Not worth it, it wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t a good book either. It was mediocre.What the book was about:The book started with one of the last scenes, after a part [...]

    2. Read this review on my blog! --> Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah MlynowskiI really love this book! It was so funny and bittersweet and different that I wanted to do something different for it. So here it goes. Ten Things I Loved (and you will love too) 1. Mermaid impressions while drunk. 2. Best friends who will lie to your parents for you. 3. Paying in installments. 4. The Hula. 5. Brothers. Especially ones named Hudson and Dean. 6. Donut. 7. Babysitters with model g [...]

    3. Someone should burn this coverLet's just say the very first thing that needs to be said: UK publishers, what the hell have you done to this book? What happened to the cute girl/boy chick-lit cover and, more importantly, what happened to the original title? The actual title - Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - conveys the whole "ooh, we're so baaaaad for doing that, but it sure was fun!" that this book is pretty much all about. This UK imposter title fails to hit the joke. And back [...]

    4. 2.5 starsA very light, mindless, relaxing read.April's dad is planning to move to another state in the middle of her junior high year. Using some creative negotiating (=lying) April convinces him to let her stay with her best friend Vi to finish school, with no parental supervision. Partying, drinking, skipping school and hooking up ensueContrary to the blurb, I didn't find Ten Things We Did to be particularly funny. Or daring. Or romantic. Or profound. The story tries to touch upon the subject [...]

    5. I could sum up this book in one word: HILARIOUS!I had a whole lot of fun reading this.It was crazy.Everything they did was crazy.Maybe that was the reason I had fun reading it.I didn’t do the things they did when I was their age.I wouldn’t do it even if I could.You guys must be curious why I found this book so entertaining.April’s dad just blurred out one day that they were going to move to Ohio.Devastated April didn’t want to move to Ohio.She didn’t want to leave her friends.Her schoo [...]

    6. It's okay- a quick read. It's almost the same as watching a teen flick. The writing is plain and direct. It's just like reading the diary of a 16 year old rich teenage girl. The narrator says anything she wants to say and there are several times I got really annoyed over her silly repetitions but I guess it's just but appropriate for the character so I have no huge qualms about the writing style. I liked it just enough and I think it's adequately enjoyable for its genre.

    7. one point for the cover,one point for the title,and two points for the nice story.This story gave a lot of knowledges to me, such as : 1. Don't easily give away your virginity to everyone. I don't know why but me and the book have truly different preception in the meaning of virginity and sex. I vote for sex after marriage. For me, losing our virginity means to give the best to our husband in the first night after we get married, not before marriage, or the worst is we gave it to our boyfriend w [...]

    8. Un libro que leí hace años, olvidé que lo hice, lo compré recientemente y no me di cuenta de que ya lo había escudriñado hasta que llegué al epílogo.Una novela más, pero con un argumento muy interesante.

    9. This book had its good points and its bad points. I definitely do NOT recommend for kids under 15, and I'm saying that as a 14 year old SYNOPSIS: What is this book about? Well, love, sure. There's romance. But its not just that-- there's more to it than just girl-likes-boy-but-girl-has-boyfriend.April is faced with a crisis when her Dad announces that they're moving to Cleveland. She's got everything she's ever wanted where she already lives. A sweet boyfriend, great friends-- which is why in de [...]

    10. Hahaha! This book was so cheesy and kind of all over the place, but I had a great time reading it! It's a quick read (especially the second half) and I laughed out loud several times!

    11. Rating Clarification: 3.5 StarsNo one is perfect, but we all do the best we can. I guess you have to forgive when you can, move on when you can’t, and love your family and friends for who they are instead of punishing them for who they aren’t.4 girls, 3 guys, 1 cat, 1 hula tub, 1 crazy school year and 0 parents = 10 things April did and probably shouldn’t have. Despite this story being highly unrealistic, I found it engaging and pretty funny. There were times where I wanted April to just g [...]

    12. I so eagerly awaited Ten Things We Did. And honestly, I was more than a little disappointed. Mlynowski gave the teenagers in her book a bad reputation, and I know for sure that I won’t be picking up anything else of hers any time soon.I get that this book was supposed to be funny, what with its unrealistic situations and one-liners. I get where Mlynowski was going, but the way she approached her subject made me disgusted and appalled. Before I get to April, who wins the Stupidest Character of [...]

    13. Wat een geweldig boek! Ik heb me geen moment verveeld toen ik het boek aan het lezen was. Het is allemaal wel wat onrealistisch, maar dat maakt het boek misschien juist zo leuk. Ik kan me alleen niet voorstellen dat mijn ouders me zo zouden behandelen op deze leeftijd.

    14. I don’t know what to really say about this one. I liked it, but I really wanted so much more. I think the beginning and the end were great, but the middle needed more “oh I am so going to be dead when my Dad finds out” stuff. I guess it was just more realistic than I thought it would be which is not necessarily a bad thing mind you.The story is about April, a junior in High School who just finds out that her Dad, with whom she lives with, has decided to move with his new wife to another st [...]

    15. Got this for like 99 cents on my Kindle back a few months ago, and now I know why it was so cheap. I really hate books that make adults out to be complete idiots, and that's exactly what this book does. It also glorifies casual sex and drinking between underaged teens, lying to parents and getting away with it, and pretty much every other stereotype expected of youth today. Yeah, teenage girls will probably love this book, but I won't be recommending it to any of them.

    16. Este fue un libro con el cual encontré lo que buscaba: pasar el rato. Iba sin expectativas ya que era poco y nada lo que sabia del libro, así que estuvo bien. Como dije antes, es un libro para pasar el rato, nada espectacular, ni del otro mundo ni que te deja marcado. Y a pesar de que para mi gusto tiene demasiadas paginas, las cuales sacaría un montón, fue un buen libro y me divirtió.En cuanto a los personajes, April es una chica que no logre comprender y tampoco me pude conectar mucho con [...]

    17. On the surface, April is living every teenager's dream. When he's transferred to Cleveland, her father allows April to live with her good friend, Vi and finish out the year at school. She's got a great boyfriend and they're finally ready to take their relationship to the next level. Of course, in reality things are slightly different. April soon finds out that her visions of wild parties, endless freedom and lots of time canoodling with the boyfriend are in sharp contrast to the realities of liv [...]

    18. Hmm. Not sure about this one.1) The author makes it very clear to us that Noah is a jerk, but not April. And therefore we cringe we she finally sleeps with him because we knoooooooow he did something2) As soon as she said her pee burned, I was like "AW SNAP HE DUN GAVE HER AN STD"d he did.3) I like HudsonbutI feel likeI dunno, I'd be grossed out if I knew that the girl (guy) I liked had chlamydia :34) And on that note ^ WHY would they get in the Hula with her after they find out her 'diagnosis'? [...]

    19. Trigger warnings: parental neglect, pet related emergency, (view spoiler)[sexually transmitted diseases, cheating (hide spoiler)].So here's the thing: I never had particularly high hopes for this book. But sometimes you just need a fluffy contemporary book to speed through, and this fit the bill nicely. This isah, it's a prime example of why teenagers need adult supervision. It's a prime example of why teenagers shouldn't be allowed to make major decisions. It's a prime example of why you should [...]

    20. Confession: I’ve had this book for YEARS. I’d bought it on a whim and then completely lost interest. Maybe it was the bubblegum cover (so not cute, btw), or the description, or even the title. Who knows? For some reason, I was under the impression that this was going to be a breezy, fluffy read.That it was not.From what I’ve seen thus far, it seems like people are criticizing this book for being “all about sex” and then condemning the message the author purportedly conveyed via the sex [...]

    21. I can only describe my feelings about this book in 4 words:I am not impressed.To be fair, Ten things we did (and probably shouldn't have), is a light read, perfect on a lazy week end, while you are sipping a lemonade under the sun. Which didn't happen in my case. I decided to read it at 12 in the midnight because I couldn't sleep. Yep, insomnia's such a bitch. Well, maybe that will explain my less than stellar review of this book. Or maybe this book is just disappointing. I had this book for a w [...]

    22. This was entertaining. It was like a Sarah Dessen novel with more personality. I enjoyed the characters. (view spoiler)[I liked how the main character, April got Chlamydia from her boyfriend. I liked how the author decided to write about an issue you don't see in many YA books. I like when authors aren't afraid to talk about things that happen every day. The issue here being sexually active teens not protecting themselves properly, mainly because they think their significant other is being faith [...]

    23. 4.5/5 ☆I really enjoyed this. It was so cute and funny that I couldn't stop smiling. It is perfect for summer days <3But, I also wanted the relationship between April and Hudson to be more developed.

    24. This relentlessly entertaining story offers an authentic perspective on freedom, friendship, and first love. The perfect summer read!

    25. My Thoughts: I haven't read anything else by Mlynowski but I hear she has some great books! We are introduced to April who lives with her father and his new wife. Her mother and little brother moved to Paris to be with a guy her mother met. They wanted April to come with but she decided she'd rather stay and live with her dad so she could stay around her friends and boyfriend. Things have been ok for her. She's happy. Until one day her Dad announces they are moving to Ohio! April says "NO NO NO" [...]

    26. 3.5/5Después de haber leído y disfrutado de Gimme a call, estaba feliz de poder disfrutar de otro libro de Mlynowski, sin embargo, no me hacía muchas ilusiones en cuanto a la trama. Por principio sabía que sería divertida, pues es el sello característico de la autora pero, ¿qué más podría ofrecerme 10 cosas que hicimos?1.- Diversión: La historia es fresca, lo mismo hace reír que compadecerse de nuestras protagonistas.2.- Ligerita: se lee muy fácil, muy rápido, su narración es muy [...]

    27. NUMBER ONE: (view spoiler)[DO NOT HURT CATS (the cat doesn't die) (hide spoiler)]NUMBER TWO: I guess I am "horrified by the action of teenagers" years old. THIS IS SO BADMBER THREE: The book tried to go too deep at times. Like, maybe I am just too dense, but I didn't get that April was feeling all abandoned or that Vi was a control freak. So those things felt a bit out of the blue.It was pretty engaging, though.

    28. Ten Things We Did looks and sounds like a light-hearted, fun, easy read. It promises to appeal to fans of authors like Susane Colasanti, Sarah Dessen, and Lauren Myracle. But Sarah Mlynowski doesn’t quite deliver on that promise. Ten Things is a light, fun read, but the plot and characters are unrealistic. When April’s dad decides to move to Cleveland, she opts to move in with her friend Vi rather than uproot herself. Only thing is, April’s dad would freak if he found out Vi’s mom won’ [...]

    29. Me ha encantado la manera en que está escrito este libro: la narrativa es relajada, divertida y ligeramente irónicaREE MONTHS EARLIER“How would you like to finish high school in Cleveland?” my dad asked me out of nowhere during Christmas break of junior year.Fine. Maybe it wasn’t completely out of nowhereREE MONTHS, ONE MINUTE, THIRTY SECONDS EARLIER“April, can you sit down? We need to talk to you about an important issue.”La trama no es sumamente original pero está bien desarrollad [...]

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