Treason's Tide

Treason s Tide July Napoleon s army masses across the Channel Britain is within hours of invasion and defeat Only one thing stands in the way an obscure government bureau of murky origins and shadowy purpose Th

  • Title: Treason's Tide
  • Author: RobertWilton
  • ISBN: 9781848878013
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • July 1805 Napoleon s army masses across the Channel Britain is within hours of invasion and defeat Only one thing stands in the way an obscure government bureau of murky origins and shadowy purpose The Comptrollerate General for Scrutiny and Survey And, rescued from a shipwreck, his past erased, Tom Roscarrock is their newest agent In England, the man who recruiteJuly 1805 Napoleon s army masses across the Channel Britain is within hours of invasion and defeat Only one thing stands in the way an obscure government bureau of murky origins and shadowy purpose The Comptrollerate General for Scrutiny and Survey And, rescued from a shipwreck, his past erased, Tom Roscarrock is their newest agent In England, the man who recruited Roscarrock has disappeared, his agents are turning up dead, and reports of a secret French fleet are panicking the authorities In France, a plan is underway to shatter the last of England s stability Behind the clash of fleets and armies, there lies a secret world of intrigue, deception, treachery and violence and Roscarrock is about to be thrown into it headfirst.

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      Out now The rare, clever treat that is Treason s Spring Robert Wilton worked in a number of British Government Departments, including a stint as Private Secretary to three successive UK Secretaries of State for Defence He was advisor to the Prime Minister of Kosovo in the period leading to the country s independence, and now helps to run an international human rights mission in Albania He s co founder of The Ideas Partnership, a charity stimulating and supporting projects in education, culture and the environment His new historical thriller Treason s Spring is out imminently It s a prequel to Treason s Tide hb The Emperor s Gold , which was an historical fiction Number One, one of Waterstone s best new debut novels , and won the Historical Writers Association Goldsboro Crown for best debut Sensational great, intelligent, fun Time Out and Literary gold superbly satisfyingautifully written, wonderfully clever Daily Telegraph , it was written in various odd bits of Europe on a computer with no functioning full stop key, was edited in Russia and Mongolia, and was almost but mercifully not quite blown up by the British Transport Police His series of historical espionage thrillers drawing on the archive of the Comptrollerate General for Scrutiny and Survey also includes Traitor s Field , an epic tapestry of the British Civil Wars and a new benchmark for the literary historical thriller He achieves that Holy Grail of utterly absorbing, edge of the seat thriller with a book of ideas M.C.Scott He launched the learned, beautifully written, elegant spy thriller The Times The Spider of Sarajevo in Sarajevo on June 28th 2014, the exact centenary of the events it re tells.Robert Wilton also writes on the history and culture of south eastern Europe, works as a life coach and occasional voice artist, and translates Albanian poetry He divides his time between the Balkans and Cornwall.

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    1. I‘m glad that’s done with, moreso in relief & with a tinge of disappointment as the premise & opening chapters were good & promised of a grand adventure over land & sea with Bony’s army massed in Northern France, The desperate British navy blockading ports to prevent invasion, Vice-Admiral Nelson chasing a French fleet across the oceans, Irish provocateurs loose in the countryside, spy networks that only a select few at admiralty knew of & the French secret police, all [...]

    2. I read this book as a pre-publication proof and it blew me away - As a writer, I always got a huge number of historical novels to read (and provide cover quotes if I liked them). As Chair of the HWA, that number seems to have increased exponentially. Some of them, frankly, are dire. Some are OK. Some are quite good. Once in a while, there’s one that’s so very, very good it leaves me breathless and speechless and at the same time reading bits out to Faith. She has a degree in English Lit- she [...]

    3. rosadoread by Cameron Stewart Length:- 16hrs 10mins Emperor's Gold aka Treason's TideFraudio>rosadosummer 2013hist fic> napoleonic> spiespub 2011 abandoned> arch> purplish> wanted to be taken seriously and I couldn't muster the reverenceRead by Cameron StewartThis only got as long a go as it did because the mp3 player was tucked into my panties on a walk where there was little chance to change the book. Not completely ugly, however there are better books to read.--------------- [...]

    4. This book begins with an atmospheric description of a shipwreck and continues with the story of the one man who survived and who is given the name Tom Roscarrock by a shadowy rescuer.I wouldn't rate this novel as an easy read as the plot is complex and for much of the time I wasn't sure what was going on, but it helped me to empathise with Roscarrock as he didn't really know what was happening for much of time either until things became clear to him towards the end of the novel.The story is take [...]

    5. The premise was good. Napoleon's hordes waiting to cross the English Channel to defeat the English. Plots regarding a mysterious french naval fleet to draw off the English naval squadrons blockading the French ports. Spies in both countries gathering intelligence and killing off each other when possible. Industrial uprising and sabotage in industrial areas assisted by Irish rebels. General unrest and insurgence leading to a march on London. Added to this the mysteriously recruited English spy (t [...]

    6. Audiobook read by Cameron StewartPublished under title Treason's Tide.Fascinating book which works surprisingly well as an audiobook. It consists of documents from the Office of the Comptroller-General for Scrutiny & Survey (a precursor of MI5 and MI6), and deals with Napoleon's proposed invasion of England in 1805. To get his barges out of port he has created a secret fleet to draw off the English blockade, and various diversions in England.The book moves from England to France, from the Ad [...]

    7. There are some really well written reviews on here already so im not going to go into too much detail lets just summariseVery Well writtenGreat PlotGreat charactersGreat PaceSucks the reader into another time and placeAnd all this for £1 on the Kindle. how can you loseriously i hope Robert Wilton has book 2 ready to go at a serious price so the poor guy can make some money off his hard work and clear talentVery highly reccomended(Parm)

    8. This ought to have been great. The book's conceit, that the author has discovered the archives of a shadowy British spy organisation and is publishing part of the collected archives, is brilliantly carried off. In particular, the extracts from letters, newspapers, journals and the varied and various epistolary exchanges of the early 19th century are completely convincing - so much so that for much of the book I thought the Comptrollerate General really existed! Now, that really is well done, and [...]

    9. I’d actually like to give this a 3.5 but obviously the current star system doesn’t allow us to do so. I was very taken with the novel in the first quarter or so, but found myself losing interest by about halfway through. However, I was determined to soldier on if only to find out what Napoleons secret fleet actually was, and I’m glad I did as it got so much better in the last section headed “France”. The pace picked up, the tension built, and the last few pages, where Roscarrock faces [...]

    10. Excellent plot & brilliantly atmospheric of the times. My one critism (of the publisher rather than the author)is that the hand-wriiten letters printed throughout the book are very difficlut to read in a paperback, maybe OK in a larger hardback. I found that I frequently gave up and skipped them but don't let this put you off reading it. I received this book free from First Read, thank you.

    11. Starts off well but tails off quickly. I found it difficult to keep interested, and only kept going as I was hoping it would get better. It did, slightly, towards the end, but not sure it was worth the slog!

    12. I got about 100 pages into this, and gave up, bored. Its not badly written, and the story is okay, but I've got a big library of unread books and I just don't have time to read books that don't thoroughly engage me. Perhaps if you are a historical novel buff you'll get more out of it.

    13. I found it an engrossing read but can't add anything to Manda Scoot's review, which I think covers it all

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