The Secret Lives of INTPs

The Secret Lives of INTPs A book about the INTP personality type

  • Title: The Secret Lives of INTPs
  • Author: AnnaMoss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: None
  • A book about the INTP personality type.

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      153 AnnaMoss
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      AnnaMoss Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Secret Lives of INTPs book, this is one of the most wanted AnnaMoss author readers around the world.

    790 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of INTPs”

    1. This book was not only a fun read, but also, as a fellow INTP/NTPI, startlingly familiar as well. I nearly choked on my own saliva when I read another family aside from my own grew up being called the Aadam's Family. The joy the joy it elicited! The book is set up so if something isn't too relevant to your interests you can easily skip over it without missing out on some key information. I'd recommend this to any NT reader or person interested in personality type. It's a nice mixture of both sci [...]

    2. Extremely interesting!The author tends to digress often. This can be both a bit distracting and immensely entertaining. :) I particularly enjoyed the sections analyzing the characteristics and actions of famous fictional characters and historical figures that are believed to be INTP. I didn't even realize that some of my favorite characters and people where INTP!Some of the information was represented in a way that was a bit erratic but I understood the gist of it. Everything seemed relatively a [...]

    3. This book is just as fun and informative as The Secret Life of INTJs. However, it was more whimsical and went of into more tangents. I'm guessing that the author made an attempt to make the latter book more structured to target the INTJ audience. Still, I enjoyed the whimsical parts as well. I especially liked the descriptions of the MBTI-based fantasy land, the author's family life, and the oddball speculations of the future of INTPs. Reading the book made it easier to see that INTJs and INTPs [...]

    4. While Anna Moss doesn't agree with the theory of cognitive functions, she still made some brilliant points that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. She also had plenty of amusing and relatable anecdotes that also made it a fun and easy read.

    5. Included too much subjective opinions and personal stories, which I don't personally care about.A little too exaggerating at times and generally too much sugar coating with sophisticated words and phrases. You don't want to spend so much time to hear a constant over-rationalizing static voice, who keeps emphasizing on how wonderful, rare and unappreciated INTPs are. I'm categorized as an INTP myself, which was mostly the reason why I was drawn to this book and partly because of the stereotypical [...]

    6. I assume that most of the people reading this book will be INTP/Js themselves. If that is the case, the book should be quite easy and fun read, kind of mental masturbation. The are lots of statistics about how much more un/likely INTPs are to say/do this or that compared to other MBTI types, but a lot of the studies are small and shouldn't be taken too seriously (e.g. out of the 4 relationships (read: there were grand total 4 such couples in the study) in which one partner was a female INTP, onl [...]

    7. This book was probably 90% right about me; obviously, some variation must exist because we're all unique as human beings.The only thing that really bothered me was the author's treatment of racism. The few times race was mentioned, it wast handled that well. I'm used to a lot worse though, so I'm giving this book 4 stars because I was laughing in relief while I was reading a lot of it. Suddenly, a lot of things about other people (and the way they interact with me) make sense.

    8. I found this book extremely relatable and I enjoyed the author's sense of humor and anecdotes. There were some minor inconsistencies and inaccurate facts.If I were to rate this purely on the quality of writing, my rating would probably be 3/5. But I still give this a 5/5 due to how much I enjoyed this book and how useful it was to me.I appreciate the author putting this out and taking the time to write this, thanks Anna (I know you will be reading this comment)

    9. A structured and sober-minded description of the INTP type and the difficulties INTPs have to deal with due to their rather "awkward" habits. It serves as a guide for both INTPs that feel as misunderstood as they usually do and people who are confronted with INTPs in their daily lives and are rather unfamiliar with such behavior. Also, it is quick and compact. Dear fellow INTPs, read this book!

    10. As an INTP, it was a pretty masturbatory read. Realized how much of my worldview is composed of rationalizing my inclinations as good.I agree with her view that many psychological disorders are really just normal extremes of the human continuum.Despite all the "we're all one people" spiel at the end, the preceding persecution complex was irritating as balls.

    11. I've read a lot of INTP before, but this book gave me more insight and detailed explanation about INTP and it was fun to read. I'm glad that this book really made me know more about myself, and so I could anticipate it, what to do when I acting up. Some kind of cheat sheet to my personality. This makes me wanna read the INTJ book as well.

    12. So friggin accurate on so many parts that I can't see how anyone can dispute the relevance and accuracy of MBTI. Haven't completely finish the book. But I loved the way it was broken down to be digestible in whatever order you wanted.

    13. The most accurate and amusing reading about INTPs that I have ever read! I strongly recommend it! Much better than any webpage!

    14. This is the best book ever written about me. I feel honored to have someone pen a biography about every tiny, exact detail of my existence. (Not joking, this book is like looking in a mirror.)

    15. An excellent book for INTPs. I smiled like crazy when reading this books. Now I have learned the way of not trying to become a Judger, but content to improve my Perceiver trait.

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