A New Day

A New Day Superheroes exist Driven honest courageous true heroes They live among us and all over the world they save lives Their stories are told in hushed tones to rapt audiences over and over again myth

  • Title: A New Day
  • Author: Colleen Vanderlinden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Superheroes exist Driven, honest, courageous true heroes They live among us, and all over the world, they save lives Their stories are told in hushed tones to rapt audiences, over and over again, myths of epic proportions This is not that kind of story Jolene Faraday is the girl next door, the type of woman who will babysit your kids or lend you twenty bucks when you Superheroes exist Driven, honest, courageous true heroes They live among us, and all over the world, they save lives Their stories are told in hushed tones to rapt audiences, over and over again, myths of epic proportions This is not that kind of storyJolene Faraday is the girl next door, the type of woman who will babysit your kids or lend you twenty bucks when you get into a bind She takes care of her mother, works her way through college, and even escorts her elderly friend to church But no one knows the other side of her story Jolene is also the Detroit area s most infamous, infuriating burglar, robbing the mansions of the wealthy and making a mockery of the law enforcement officials who vow that each job will be her last She thrives on the chaos, the infamy, the pure thrill of every heist she pulls off And then one day, it happens Across the globe, a new wave of ordinary people find themselves with super powers Some hide, afraid of what they ve become Some become heroes others, villains Jolene just becomes a better crook And suddenly, it s not just police officers after her She s officially under the jurisdiction of StrikeForce, Detroit s supernatural law enforcement force, an agency shrouded in mystery As her actions become audacious and the world begins to see that she is far dangerous than they ever realized, she finds herself on StirkeForce s most wanted list Which leaves her with a choice to make learn how to become a hero, or embrace life as a super villain.

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    1. Colleen Vanderlinden

      Colleen Vanderlinden is the author of the Hidden and Hidden Soulhunter urban fantasy series, as well as the Copper Falls paranormal romance series The her novels Home, Nether, and Godkiller have all been finalists for RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards for best self published urban fantasy novel Her books have consistently received positive reviews, and RT Book Reviews has called her storytelling electrifying She lives in northern Michigan with her husband, kids, demonic Basset hound, and four lazy cats You can find out about Colleen s books at colleenvanderlinden, or follow her on Twitter, where she s C_Vanderlinden.

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    1. Ordinarily I don't go much for superhero stories--they are mostly bash'n'brawn, the villains boring in their unrelenting evilness.But this book caught me right off, beginning with our heroine, Jolene, who is no superhero. She's a thief, a girl from a bad part of Detroit stealing from the rich to pay for college and for her mother's insanely high medical costs. And for helping her neighbors.When she gets superpowers, she falls into a whole new world, in which the good guys and the bad guys are no [...]

    2. I'm going to give this 3.5 stars because though I enjoyed it there was a certain rough around the edges quality that made me think it could have done with just one more editing pass (some spelling mistakes and a few minor time slips, nothing most people wouldn't overlook though). I also had the weirdest sensation whilst reading this that it was teetering right on the edge of going from a good read to a great one, but it never quite tipped over for me and I'm not really sure why.I found the writi [...]

    3. She's done it again! This time it's super heroes. Hell yes, super heroes! Characters that you'll love and ones you'll really hate. I immediately loved Jolene. She can kick ass! Girl power all the way! And I'm looking forward to more Killjoy and Jolene time.

    4. Ok, the cover of this book made me think twice about reading it. Really? Superheros emerge from after storms? Totally not the type of book I think I'm going to buy and love. I love Collen Vanderlinden's other series, so why not give this one a try? SO happy I did! I ended up having a binge read of the whole series and it left me wanting to read more. The story revolves around Jolene Faraday, an average girl trying to keep things together to support her struggling mother. Average, if you think co [...]

    5. An awesome, completely original superhero novel. I am absolutely smitten with the main characyer, and admire her so much. This book is all about situations not being as black and white as they seem, and standing up for what you believe in. While this book may have ended poorly, it was truly a great book. I would highly recommend this book to superhero fans. Especially those who love strong, smart, and morally complicated heroines.4/5

    6. BOUGHT THE REST OF THE SERIES, ALL AT ONCE!!!What a great take on the accidental Superhero

    7. it was a quick, overall pleasant read about a somewhat disappointing antihero who stands up for what is right (most of the time). Lots of swearing.

    8. Good storyI really enjoyed reading this book about a superhero that really didn't want to be one in the first place.

    9. Colleen Vanderlinden has proved once again what a talented author she is. This is another completely new series from her, different again from anything before but with all the same hallmarks I've come to expect, quality writing, a gripping plot, fantastic world building and finally the thing that puts her at the top of my favourites list, characters you completely take to your heart. I completely devoured this in one sitting, another knock out hit.Jolene is not your every day sort of hero, she h [...]

    10. I really liked this series. It's something you don't read everyday. I mean, a book about superheroes? This book was written flawlessly that it all makes sense too which is a huge bonus. You don't want to read a book that sounds wrong and makes you go "this is NOT believable."It's simply about a thief with a good heart who's also good at stealing while a time where the world is going through phases that affect the world's environment. Earthquakes, thunderstorms, and more. For some reason, each ph [...]

    11. Strike Force is just an awesome read. Kudos for Colleen Vanderlinden, this new series is a completely new genre for her and she’s laid it out masterfully. The protagonist, Jolene, is the ultimate anti-hero. She’s bad for good reasons, and good for the reasons that should matter despite the status quo. This is definitely a kick-ass, modern-day, accidental Robin Hood with an attitude.I love how Colleen has laid the foundation for an awesome start to Jolene and the world of Detroit’s supernat [...]

    12. A New Day was exactly what I've been looking for: a superhero story that isn't afraid to break some of the established (tired) rules of the genre while still staying true to its roots. Jolene is a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to read more about her, and that's the best compliment I can give. There's a rich world built up here and it's a world I'm looking forward to revisiting again soon. So, so good.

    13. I loved this book! Colleen Vanderlinden is amazing. Her characters are fun, real and there is always fun fight action shaking things up. StrikeForce is badass (the book, not the organizationt)! I can't wait to read more. I also want to hang out with Jolene (good thing you keep her and Molly apart LOL they would rule the world!). Highly recommended!

    14. 4.5 Stars!I really enjoyed this book. The superhero aspect at first really turned me off but after making a promise to a friend to read it, I'm disappointed I hadn't read it earlier! I'm anxious to see the romance evolve as there wasn't much in this book though you can definitely tell it's heading in that direction (I'm a sucker for romance). Onto the next one!

    15. Once past the languageI almost quit due to language, but thankfully it gets past shock mode to actual story. The romance is very 'femaley', and it's not exactly a surprise ending. It's enjoyable, I'll read the next one.

    16. This is kind of a short an average superhero novel featuring a female lead. The tale is rather short, and we see only a slice of the setting, which is a bit disappointing. Hopefully the next books will be more ambitious in terms of length and scope.

    17. It started slow for me. I didn't love the stealing from rich people justification/Robinhood shtick. But it got better in the end and I liked the 9 to 5 reference. I liked the other characters better than Jolene. I might give the next book a try because I think it could go in a good direction.

    18. Solid FirstPretty good, lots of potential.Solid characters, nice plot, witty banter. Pacing is an issue, and I found it detached which limited my emotional investment in scenes.It lays an excellent foundation for the setting and future stories.

    19. Five stars for JoleneA truly fresh superhero who stands out from the crowd. Jolene is a 4D character created to be loved. I'm starting the next book right now!

    20. This was a solid good 3.5 stars. It was a little slow in places but I will be reading the next one for sure.

    21. I was a little leery of a "superhero" series but God I love every single book by this author. I'd write a longer, better review but I have to go read Strikeforce #2 now.

    22. Loved DayStar!This was fantastic and I couldn't put it down. It just pulled me in and wouldn't let go. I am so looking forward to more! This is going to be a great series!

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