A Cast of Vultures

A Cast of Vultures There was every possibility that I was dead and my brain hadn t got the memo Or maybe it was that I wished I were dead On reflection that was likely Usually sharp witted editor Sam Clair stumbles th

  • Title: A Cast of Vultures
  • Author: Judith Flanders
  • ISBN: 9781250087829
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There was every possibility that I was dead, and my brain hadn t got the memo Or maybe it was that I wished I were dead On reflection, that was likely Usually sharp witted editor Sam Clair stumbles through her post launch party morning with the hangover to end all hangovers Before the Nurofen has even kicked in, she finds herself entangled in an elaborate saga ofThere was every possibility that I was dead, and my brain hadn t got the memo Or maybe it was that I wished I were dead On reflection, that was likely.Usually sharp witted editor Sam Clair stumbles through her post launch party morning with the hangover to end all hangovers Before the Nurofen has even kicked in, she finds herself entangled in an elaborate saga of missing neighbours, suspected arson and the odd unidentified body When the grisly news breaks that the fire has claimed a victim, Sam is already in pursuit Never has comedy been so deadly as Sam faces down a pair from Thugs R Us, aided by nothing than a CID boyfriend, a stalwart Goth assistant and a seemingly endless supply of purple sprouting broccoli.

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    1. Judith Flanders

      Judith Flanders was born in London, England, in 1959 She moved to Montreal, Canada, when she was two, and spent her childhood there, apart from a year in Israel in 1972, where she signally failed to master Hebrew.After university, Judith returned to London and began working as an editor for various publishing houses After this 17 year misstep, she began to write and in 2001 her first book, A Circle of Sisters, the biography of four Victorian sisters, was published to great acclaim, and nominated for the Guardian First Book Award In 2003, The Victorian House 2004 in the USA, as Inside the Victorian Home received widespread praise, and was shortlisted for the British Book Awards History Book of the Year In 2006 Consuming Passions, was published Her most recent book, The Invention of Murder, was published in 2011.Judith also contributes articles, features and reviews for a number of newspapers and magazines.

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    1. I really enjoyed this! For some reason I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. I'm happy when something can surprise me! This is actually the 3rd book in this series but I haven't read the first 2. I didn't find that to be a problem. I never felt like I was coming into the middle of something and feeling lost. So I do think this could be read without the benefit of the other two. Although, since I did enjoy this one, I will go back and read from the beginning:)I really liked Sam as a c [...]

    2. This is an outstanding mystery full of suspense. It is not about birds. The characters are developed, the area descriptions will place you in London and neighborhood. The presentation of how a book is published and the politics involved is delightful. The fact the MC did not do anything too stupid to place herself in danger is pleasing.Samantha aka Sam is woken one night by the smell of smoke and noise. Going outside she watch the "Empty House" burned to the ground. Sam knew that the house had o [...]

    3. A Cast of Vultures is the third book in the Sam Clair mystery series. Sam Clair is an editor for a publishing company. She has a sharp wit when observing situations or interacting with characters. It is very interesting to see how life and work is in a publishing company. Right now the company has hired consultants to interview the workers to restructure the company. It is evident that the consultants don't understand what makes the publishing company work. I think many readers probably have had [...]

    4. I have enjoyed the previous two books in this entertaining and well written series and this one is even better. Well written, they feature a narrator with an acid tongue and a tendency to poke her nose into things which might be better left alone. In this book editor, Sam Clair, fears for her job as her employer decides to restructure but there are things going on in her neighbourhood which soon serve to take her mind off her troubles at work.A series of unexplained fires and a missing neighbour [...]

    5. There's no simpler way to put this: I love Judith Flanders' Samantha Clair mysteries! Sam and I agree on meetings, shopping, and socializing. Now if I were only one-tenth as witty as she.The mystery is a good one in A Cast of Vultures, even though the reader quickly learns the identity of the killer. The trick is in deducing why. In addition, Sam's impromptu investigation has some very scary moments in her home and at Kew Gardens-- and they showed me the importance of having a flashlight app on [...]

    6. I've been so busy that I haven't even picked up a book for almost a week. I actually forgot that I had ordered this book from my library, so when it came in, I knew that I had to read it. I love the first book, devoured the second, and the third (this one) was just as good. I can't recommend this series highly enough. Judith Flanders knows how to put all the thoughts that go on in people's minds into print, and, better yet, how to make them hilarious as she goes. Highly recommend!

    7. This series started strong, and book three may be the best so far. The mystery starts with a missing man and a house fire. Editor Samantha Claire's involvement comes through two sources- an elderly rather bossy woman who chorales her into helping to check on her missing neighbor, and later, the fire displaces squatters that Samantha knows through the odd jobs they do around her London neighborhood.She opts to investigate when it seems the police are being unfairly close minded about who might be [...]

    8. a fun read! suspense, lots of possible suspects, a clever narrator with a classy British inflection. I also enjoyed the bits about the publishing industry. the one thing I didn't get was why Sam's in a relationship with Jake, because for the first 70% of the book they had 0 chemistry and he seemed primarily to irritate her. I definitely want to read more of this series :)

    9. This is a light mystery and an enjoyable read with a London setting. Samantha Clair awakes with a hangover after her post-book- party tolearn about a fire in the neighborhood, also that there is a body and thatpeople are missing. Before the news comes out, Sam finds herself in thecenter of all the action and mystery. The book is well written with humor,smart and clever retorts as well as dry wit. You will like Sam and her friendsand characters. Enjoy!!

    10. wordnerdy/2017/02I really, really enjoy Flanders' Sam Clair series, about an editor who finds herself mixed up in mysteries. Her writing is just really funny and engaging, and Sam is a likable and entertaining character. Flanders also tooooootally nails the intricacies of the publishing world--and I'm just as interested in her assistant and their office politics as I am in the case of the moment (this one involves a friend's missing neighbor, though things quickly grow more complicated--as they [...]

    11. This is an English based cozy about a Canadian living in England. When a local abandoned home, burns to the ground after housing squatters for years the community comes together to support the family that has lived there. The suspicious fire has main character Sam helping to solve the mysteries of the fires and missing neighbor. I loved the talk of gardening and community feelings I got from this book. This book is out February 21st.

    12. Action packed mystery! Sam finds herself climbing over someone's balcony in order to search their neighbor's apartment and she doesn't even know the person! Somehow her editor life becomes interesting when she is caught up in the middle of searching for a missing person, arson, thugs, murder and being social when she really doesn't want to be.Great character development! Third book in the series but can be read as a stand-alone and you won't be lost. Funny and towards the middle the action hits! [...]

    13. In this third installment of the series, book editor Sam Clair becomes embroiled in the search for a missing person and a series of arson-caused fires. I love the way that Sam makes totally logical decisions that end up putting her in ludicrous situations - climbing a ladder over a balcony to check on a friend's missing neighbor; a disastrous visit to the greenhouse. The secondary characters continue to be well fleshed out, and the machinations of Sam's career as an editor are interesting and we [...]

    14. For those in my book group, it may resonate that I liken this enjoyable, light read to Stacey Ballis writes a Bridget Jones-esque protagonist in a BBC mystery.

    15. Our solitary and self-sufficient 40-something London book editor, Sam Clair, has seen a lot of changes in her life since we first met her in A Murder of Magpies. She has formed a supportive relationship with her reclusive upstairs neighbor, Mr. Rudiger, gotten closer to her other neighbors, the Lewises and their son Bim, and made other friends in her North London neighborhood. She has also acquired a part-time live-in, Jake Field, a London Police Detective. Sam has never enjoyed the endless meet [...]

    16. FAV QUOTES:‘Crisps are not food.’ They weren’t? I’d have to revise my whole food pyramid.Foreigners think that all social interactions in Britain must legally begin with a discussion of the weather. This is not true. We are only required to talk about the weather in certain, very specific, circumstances. When the temperature rises above 22°. When it drops below 10°. When it rains heavily, or there are showers for more than three days in a row. And when it snows. Or hails. Or it looks l [...]

    17. Oh, no! There are no more books in this series. What will I do without Sam Clair? These books fit the definition of "cozy mystery" but are so much more. Sam is reasonably intelligent with quick wit and an awesome sense of humor. While I didn't actually laugh out loud while reading this book, I certainly did the smile and give the inside chuckle. While this was the perfect antidote to the tenseness in the last book I read, it did have some tense moments. Towards the end Sam and her (cop) partner [...]

    18. 3.5 stars. I liked the writing and the characters. There were clues given that are distractions and some facts not given that make it impossible to guess the mystery but you could definitely have hunches leaning in the correct direction. I thought that someone having a picture in their cell phone was a very weak reason to be killed. Just stealing her phone or destroying it would have removed the picture. If she knew what she had in the picture she would have shared it already - plus she somehow [...]

    19. I think I see myself becoming Sam in 20 years. Which is a good thing, I think Sam's pretty awesome. Though I would like to find my Jake earlier than she did. I like Sam as a character. She's a book-loving, sarcastic badass filled with dry humor, who somehow manages to entangles herself in a murder investigation. I find reading about Jake's not-so-enthusiastic reactions to the things Sam gets into to be the highlight of my day. The murder mystery was great. The use of fire was something I hadn't [...]

    20. I'm really not sure what to say, I marked this down because of all the "chatter", 1st person narrative, which could have been less.In this book of the series (see, I don't even remember her name) is helping a friend search for a missing man (from the city planning commission) who turns up dead (coshed in the back of the head) in a fire. The fire is one of many that have been lit is a particular area of town. Her b.f. is a policeman, he is semi-involved in the case, and she is a witness of sorts [...]

    21. A bit forced in the beginning. So much snark that it was painful to read. By midway the smart aleck commentary is there, as if it's for filler. Thankfully though it's less. By page two hundred, I had a mixed feeling of both being interested in the story, but counting the pages to the end. However, the story is good, and even though I had a hard time getting past the snark, Sam is a rounded character. The only character out of the whole book that felt flat to me was her policeman boyfriend, Jake. [...]

    22. Sam Clair, publishing guru, manages to plot against her companies hiring of a management company to eventually out-source and downsize the company, this was a very small part of the book, but I thought it was quite clever manipulation on Sam's part. Sam also is instrumental in outwitting a real estate scam and helping out some homeless people who were squatters. She befriends several new people even tho she is not one to socialize. She helps solve the murder of a nice guy. And purely by chance m [...]

    23. I received a copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A Cast of Vultures, by Judith Flanders had me laughing out loud almost every time I opened it. I enjoyed the story, and the characters were well written and believable. Sam, our heroine is in the publishing business, and not your typical armchair detective. She's basically an introvert, and would much rather sit at home with a good book, than be out chasing down suspects. Her friends and neighbors however, have diff [...]

    24. Third of Judith Flanders' London publishing mysteries, and as thoroughly satisfying as the first two, Murder of Magpies and Bed of Scorpions. Sam Clair, the protagonist, is a fiction editor who stumbles onto curious circumstances. A favor for her friend and neighbor Viv is he entree for understanding arson in the building housing friendly squatters. I love Sam's smart Alec, straight talk, her Scotland Yard significant other, and her dauntless mother.Well-written, intriguing, with plenty of relev [...]

    25. Flanders gives a clever take on the mystery genre. The reviews promised "a lot of humor"; while I rarely found myself laughing out loud, her style is very witty and entertaining. I'll definitely be retracing my steps to read the first two books in this series. I hope they also contain the outlook of the editor Samantha Clare. Who can resist a novel that delves cleverly into metafiction, as with the concluding sentence: "If I were editing this novel, I'd tell the author that this was exactly wher [...]

    26. Sam Clair wakes to a house fire down the street. The house is destroyed, but those squatting in it get out fine. Sam begins to suspect that this was deliberate. While on the work front, she's dealing with consultants who have come in to "restructure" the business and a non-fiction book that feels more like fiction. On the personal front, she has taken the step of meeting her beau Jake's work friends, including his ex, and has to help him deal with a betrayal. All in a days work for the vibrant b [...]

    27. This was an enjoyable read. I thought it was the first in the series, only to discover about 1/2 way through that it is the third in a series. I really like the protagonist. She is very funny and self-deprecating and piercing. What is said about being in publishing is interesting as well. The mystery itself wasn't that interesting to me. I'm not sure if I'll check out the first in the series or not, but I'll certainly introduce this series to my mom.

    28. A light fun read with a funny, self deprecating heroine that is relatable and unstoppable. I found this to be less of a mystery and more of a story of mysteries among the neighborhood characters similar to a Frederick Bachman novel. Although there is a mystery and murder that the character is out to solve, it’s not as intriguing or sophisticated as other mysteries like LeCarre or Ludlum. It’s similar to Gone Girl with some questionable scenes but happy to see how the heroine figures it out.

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