Bronte's Book Club

Bronte s Book Club Bronte Bella had just moved to sunny California from her mountain town in New Mexico Living right by a beach is wonderful but word loving quirky Bronte is worried she won t fit in She starts a book

  • Title: Bronte's Book Club
  • Author: Kristiana Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780823421367
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bronte Bella had just moved to sunny California from her mountain town in New Mexico Living right by a beach is wonderful, but word loving, quirky Bronte is worried she won t fit in She starts a book club to make new friends, but at first no one comes in this story about trust and friendship.

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      Kristiana Gregory grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, two blocks from the ocean She s always loved to make up stories ask her family , telling her younger siblings whoppers that would leave them wide eyed and shivering Her first rejection letter at age ten was for a poem she wrote in class when she was supposed to be doing a math assignment She s had a myriad of odd jobs telephone operator, lifeguard, camp counselor, reporter, book reviewer columnist for the LA Times, and finally author.Her award winning books include STALKED, which earned the 2012 Gold Medal for Young Adult Mystery from Literary Classics and is hailed as historical fiction with a thrilling twist KIRKUS calls it an atmospheric confection that will thrill YA readers Gregory achieves a realistic, rich atmosphere with insightful details about the immigration process and New York tenements in the early 1900s Now available on Kindle and in paperback JENNY OF THE TETONS Harcourt won the Golden Kite Award in 1989 and was the first of two dozen historical novels for middle grade readers Several of Kristiana s titles are now available on Kindle including Curiously Odd Stories Vol 1 and Vol 2 with the celebrated Paper Monument , a futuristic book banning with horrific consequencesONTE S BOOK CLUB Holiday House is set in a town by the sea and is inspired by the girls book club Kristiana led for several years Her most recent title with s Dear America series is CANNONS AT DAWN, a sequel to the best selling THE WINTER OF RED SNOW, which was made into a movie for the HBO Family Channel.New re releases in ebooks and paperback on PRAIRIE RIVER SERIES 1 4 ORPHAN RUNAWAYS THE PERILOUS ESCAPE TO BODIE CABIN CREEK MYSTERIES 7 THE PHANTOM OF HIDDEN HORSE RANCH THE WAITING LIGHT CLEMENTINE S STORY originally titled My Darlin Clementine Holiday House this riveting historical mystery takes place in an Idaho mining camp of 1866, and was Idaho s representative for the 2010 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C sponsored by the Library of Congress.Kristiana and her husband have two adult sons, and live in Idaho with their two golden retrievers In her spare time she loves to swim, walk, hike, read, and hang out with friends She s trying to learn to knit, but isn t yet having much success.Check out Kristiana s blogs at notesfromthesunroom for behind the scenes stories about her books, and with photos from her childhood.

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    1. cute and quirky! sometimes a bit too much so for the target age level perhaps! new friends get past their differences to become friends over the summer via a book club, snacks and a cute puppy!

    2. If you haven't read Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell, don't read Bronte's Book Club by Kristiana Gregory until you do. I actually didn't read it for the O'Dell connection. Instead, I picked it up because of a recent twitter litchat about book clubs.In Bronte's Book Club, Bronte Bella and her family are recently moved to a fictional town near the Channel Islands with an unobstructed view of San Nicholas island (the location of Island of the Blue Dolphins). As I did with The Valley of t [...]

    3. Feeling lonely and wanting to make new friends in her new community, Bronte decides to start a Book Group for lovers of books and their dogs- yes you read right -their dogs. This reminded me of the American founded programme "Reading With Dogs". On the first book group meeting, hardly anyone shows up but the second meeting Bronte is introduced to a group of girls who we will read as they all become the bestest of friends. We have Willow - whose quirky but hiding a secret she is ashamed of ? Nan [...]

    4. This was a fun book that would make a great summer read, or anytime read since summer is almost over, for a preteen girl or anyone who enjoys books and words.Bronte Bella (I love that name!) has recently moved from New Mexico to the beach in California. She is determined to make a fresh start, make new friends and be a better friend than she was when she lived in New Mexico. This does not prove to be easy for shy Bronte. Until one day book loving Bronte decides to start a summer book club in an [...]

    5. I won't say that I hated this book, but I thought it addressed very serious issues in a very facile way (brother running away from home never to return; mother so focused on how her daughter looks she ignores everything else; mom having plastic surgery). Further, it failed to address some issues at all (main character is worried about her weight yet eats constantly; main character lost all her friend from gossiping, but then moved and never had to really deal with it). Of course, I adored the pa [...]

    6. This is a great read about friendship and book clubs. If you haven't been part of a book club yet, you will surely want to get one started on finishing the book (and try out the yummy brownies recipy provided!). While reading, I could just see some of our upper elementary (girls) readers getting excited on having their own book club after reading this book (N R M. - I am counting on your initiative and leadership!). Book clubs are so much more than just a group of people coming together to talk [...]

    7. This uneven story reads like a cross between Babysitter's Club and . Gregory means well but tries to cover too many issues in a short time. In the end nothing is satisfying. Not the story of Bronte remaking herself after her family's move to a small seaside town in California. Not the problems of Willow whose mother's only concern is her daughter's beauty. Not Jessie who feels responsible for her older brother's disappearance. And Nan who we are told is fun and kind to everyone blurts out a hurt [...]

    8. I really just found this book boring. I thought that the book would be a little like the Mother Daughter Book Club series which I loved, but it really didn't live up to my expectations. I thought the characters were boring and I didn't really like any of them. The things that happened to them were boring. I think the audience is really grades 2-3. I feel like this book was supposed to be the Mother Daughter Book Club for younger kids, but for a book centered more around character development tha [...]

    9. Bronte Bella is new to the small California seaside town where her parents have just bought a restaurant, so to make friends she decides to form a book club. The results, though not happening as she had envisioned, bring her together with an odd group of girls, several of whom have secrets. Can they all become friends by the end of the summer? I enjoyed this story very much, as the girls learn to trust each other and share their inmost thoughts. Recommended!

    10. Simple, decent, but with way too much emphasis on physical appearance and too much modeling of body-bashing inner dialogue by the main character. I empathized with the protagonist but had less patience with some of her friends. I would have liked for this story to show more empowerment for the girls, particularly with respect to body image. I was disappointed with those messages. Not sure I would recommend this to a young girl.

    11. Bronte has just moved to a beach community from the New Mexico desert. To find some friends, she starts a book club and 3 other girls sign up. Over the course of the summer, Bronte and the other girls start seeing themselves and each other as complete human beings, not as 2-dimensional projections of (maybe) perfect people. They become friends.I like this book. It's relatively simple writing but with a big story.

    12. A book club saves the world. Well, not exactly, but it does break through barriers and helps a new girl make friends and fit in. I liked that the girls read one book (Island of the Blue Dolphins) which took place not far from their locale, and that they used the discussion as a springboard for deeper discussions about their own life. That's what a book club should do. I probably would have enjoyed this more as a teenager.

    13. I liked this. It was a cute, realistic story about a girl who moves to a new place and is determined to be a better friend than she was back home. She starts a book club and meets 4 other girls, some of which are hiding secrets about themselves. There is a bit of adventure, lots of dialogue, and character growth. This would be great for a 3rd - 6th grade reader.

    14. This was a sweet little book for girls in 3rd - 5th grade. Bronte Bella has just moved from New Mexico to California and starts a book club so that she can get to know more people in her new town. Sort of like Traveling Pants for the younger crowd - themes of friendship and family, nothing too heavy. Includes a "how to start a book club" guide.

    15. Some gossip, some silliness, some drama, some adventure, and some girls getting to know one another and themselves. Very cute. And though Bronte's love for fanciful words sometimes makes her sound like something out of an SAT vocab prep book, she also produces such gems as, "I am out of style in the most cumbersome way."

    16. The book is not bad. It intrigued me. I read the comments and I think that its not horrible. But then again, it's not fantastic. I would read it for anything. Why? cause it really brings out the characters and it shows how they really feel about each other.

    17. I would recommend this to any of my female 6th grade readers. Loved the idea of a book about a book club. Good tips for girls trying to make and keep friends. Makes me want to read Island of the Blue Dolphins again. Didn't love the writing style itself, but the story made up for it.

    18. 3.5 stars - cute ya book, especially for young girl readers. a new kid in a coastal town starts a bookclub. the first selection is Island of the Blue Dolphins - and i felt nostalgic. going to have to reread. also i thought it was right on about groups of girls and friendship.

    19. A cute story about Bronte who moves to a beach town and starts a book club in an effort to meet new friends. Bronte learns that each girl in the club has her own issues, but the book club helps them form bonds of friendship.

    20. Bronte is new in town. She likes her new beach home and is excited to make a new start, but she's always had trouble making friends. Bronte starts a book club, meets girls, a dog, and learns the ocean can kill you.

    21. Brontë Bella has just moved to California. No friends her parents work at the cafe all day No TV With her love of books, she decides to start a book club. Dogs welcome.She meets three girls. A fun/good read.

    22. Kind of typical story about a girl who has moved to a new towna nd tries to start a book club to make friends. Lots of really girlie stuff, but not a whole lot about books. 4.2

    23. Great girls' book club book: even includes instructions on starting your own book club! Has great characters so everyone will find someone to relate to. Recommended!

    24. This book has a lot of kindness, helping and caring between the characters. I guess either it's just me or the book because I thought it was pretty short.

    25. When Bronte Bella moves to California, she starts a book club to make new friends.A quick read but the writing doesn't flow well, especially the $3 words the girls throw around.

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