Afterburn I can t let that part of me win This guy is boyfriend material Santa Barbara firefighter Liam Knight is in hot water for showing up late after chasing yet another pretty guy into bed It s just an acci

  • Title: Afterburn
  • Author: E.Davies
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I can t let that part of me win This guy is boyfriend material Santa Barbara firefighter Liam Knight is in hot water for showing up late after chasing yet another pretty guy into bed It s just an accident Liam s never let hookups get in the way of work before He only agrees to therapy to keep the chief happy When he bumps into a pretty guy working in the craft store I can t let that part of me win This guy is boyfriend material Santa Barbara firefighter Liam Knight is in hot water for showing up late after chasing yet another pretty guy into bed It s just an accident Liam s never let hookups get in the way of work before He only agrees to therapy to keep the chief happy When he bumps into a pretty guy working in the craft store below his apartment, Dylan seems like the perfect thing to relieve Liam s stress until he catches Liam s interest and protective instinct, not just his eye I m not good enough for him The only thing Dylan Waters needs less than the distraction of love is the alternative medicine his mother wants to foist him into He s juggling part time jobs at a therapy office and craft store while attending college to become an art therapist Worse, he s about to transfer to a huge campus, but his childhood left him afraid of crowds When hunky firefighter Liam blusters into his PTSD knitting support group, Dylan spots the familiar signs of a man hiding from his past, but he can t stop thinking about him It was nothing I thought I was over it It s than fleeting attraction between them, but Dylan s stubborn fear of help and Liam s low self esteem are a deadly combination When it all goes up in smoke, they only have themselves to blame Can Liam get to Dylan in time to save him and the one relationship that could make him believe in love

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      E Davies was proficient in real estate ad shorthand the old fashioned newspaper kind by the age of nine Growing up moving constantly taught him what people have in common, the ways relationships are formed, and the dangers of miscellaneous boxes.As a teen, he tore through a stack of found romance novels, wishing someone had written similar for M M, though he could never find anything at Chapters or the library Just after graduating university in 2013, semi out and clutching his English B.A for dear life, he stumbled on an M M short story It was a whole new phrase he dares not repeat for fear of lawyers It shone and shimmered splendidly, though.After failing forty times to avoid crafting happily ever after endings for steamy short stories, he plunged into romance novels and hasn t looked back As a young gay author whose formative gay fictional role models were characters punished for their sexuality, Ed prefers his stories lightly dramatic, full of optimism and hope.Now out and proud, he writes full time, goes on long nature walks, tries to fill his passport, drinks pi a coladas on the beach, flees from cute guys, coos over fuzzy animals especially bees , and is liable to tilt his head and click his tongue if you don t use your turn signal.To find out when E Davies has a new release, you can subscribe to his newsletter at edaviesbooks subscribe, like his Facebook page at facebook edaviesbooks, or visit his website at edaviesbooks.

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    1. Afterburn was better edited than many KU books I've read recently, but I couldn't get into the story. The MCs weren't well developed. Both were in denial about their respective issues and acted more like teens vs. grown men. Their conversations felt scripted and shallow. Despite the potential for some healing/comfort, the plot dragged. I started skimming around the 50 percent mark. Even the epilogue was uninspired. Same old recycled crap.

    2. After 5 days of trying and reaching 65%, I decided to give up on this one. It is another standard formulaic M/M KU book with a story we've read multiple times only with different character professions and names.High ratings on show just how unreliable reviews can be.I keep reading them, hoping for a diamond in the rough, but this one failed that test.

    3. There were a couple instances in this book where it would appear E. Davies forgot a previous scene had been removed, so later references to it made no sense "'Do you often order delivery pizza?' Liam's eyes were sparkling. 'From boys in crop tops?' 'Oh my God,' Dylan groaned as the memory of that hunk leaning in his doorway and giving him the once-over popped back into his head that easily."So the problem here is, I don't recall any pizza delivery guy scene at all, much less one where the delive [...]

    4. I have previously bought and started 'Buzz' but I never finished it, because I thought the plot was ridiculous.However this caught my attention and the price was right for an author I wasn't too sure about, and I'm glad I bought it.This wasn't a literary masterpiece for the ages, it follows this trend in MM literature with 'sugary sweet actions, insta-lust/love and forgiveness and HEA for EVERYONE' (also the effing covers are similar in build and colors, which make them even more mainstream IMO) [...]

    5. Sweet Story of Personal SuccessFor all that the summary screams, “I’m full of angst and drama,” this book really is fairly light throughout. Both Liam and Dylan have emotionally traumatizing pasts that adversely affect their present. Can they learn to walk solely in the present, or will the afterburn of their pasts tear apart their future?I enjoyed walking through my first E. Davies book. Dylan is a hot mess, flashing back left and right and falling apart on a moment’s notice. Liam is mo [...]

    6. KU-ing :-). True rating: 2.5 stars. I wanted to give it at least 3 stars, but couldn't. Bummer. Was into the story until 50%, then I just started skimming and getting, well, bored :-/. I was really prepared to like this and it was headed in the right direction in the beginning but it completely lost me. This turned from 'good' to 'just okay', for me. Like I said, bummer. I AM going to keep an eye out for Chris's story though - hopefully it'll be a way more exciting one :-)!

    7. ****4 You’re worth the world Stars****This story has all of the feels, all the emotions! It is a sweet love story between Dylan and Liam. But this is so much more than just a love story! It tackles what some people still consider a difficult subject, mental illness. Both Dylan and Liam have triggers from past traumatic experiences that make it difficult for each of them to love another. Liam is a firefighter, Dylan is a college student, and works 2 part time jobs. Their friendship is wrought w [...]

    8. Book: Afterburn Author: E. DaviesRating: 4.50 starsFirst I want to say what I loved most from this story what the opposites of these two characters. One is big and muscular, the other slender and sleek, one knows about his mental health issues but refuses to acknowledge he needs therapy, the other doesn’t realize his actions are the cause of a deeper trauma from his past.Dylan is a college student, intern, and part-time worker and each one of these things play a major part in his life. These a [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars! I was a little reluctant to start this series at it seemed a little darker in terms of the characters' issues, however, this book and others turned out to be uplifting tales about loving each other imperfections and struggles and all.Liam is a firefighter who isn't doing well well but doesn't really know it. I like how the book deals with the hypersexual aspect of PTSD and how for once the hero gets therapy. Dylan has his own struggles with panic. They meet and starting dating and it [...]

    10. **)Allowing the past to ruin the future.•.•*) .•*)is like allowing the flames of the sun(.• (.•`*to be extinguished. -- CEE BROWN(AUG. 6, 2016)I have read E. Davies's books before. This was unlike any I had ever read from him. It was full of angst, and feels and left a resounding message. It is never to late to ask for help. It is never to late to say I was wrong. Liam Knight was lost. A firefighter who was fighting his own demons with no means of stopping until it almost cost him his [...]

    11. I like reading about issues that characters have to face in a book. In Afterburn there are a few issues that both characters are dealing with. Liam and Dylan both have issues that are creating problems in their lives. Dylan has high anxiety in a crowd and Liam's use of sex is threatening his career.Liam is told by his captain to look into some form of therapy to get his head on straight and finds himself at the craft store below his apartment where her meets Dylan. Having alpha type men taking k [...]

    12. Well doneI liked this story. I enjoyed the characters and I liked that they had realistic problems and acted like real people, but I also feel like it wouldn't hurt to have some stronger feelings really emote from the pages. I felt like their feelings could have been amplified at times. This is still a good book and you should check it out.Now to read the rest of the trilogy.

    13. Awesome read. I was attracted to these characters and wanted to know more about them from page one. Not sure if it's a series per-say but I see where it can lead off with supporting characters from this one. This is a real story and the situations feel like they could happen, how we think and process ourselves when we start a new relationship. Can't wait for the next.

    14. Broken, but able to fixWhat a great story. Both broken, one without realizing it and the other thinking he had it under control. Neither knowing they held the missing puzzle piece for the other. Greatly diverse characters, thoroughly enjoyed them.

    15. This is why I love this author. Always has realistic characters. The way E Davies can teach you while entertaining you is amazing. PTSD and anxiety affect so many. Great job on educating people on them.

    16. This was so cute! When was the last time you read a hot knitting scene? Oh my gosh, get off now and go read this thing.

    17. Dylan and Liam both have issues and they both think that they aren't good enough for each other. However, the manage to help each other and find love along the way.

    18. 2.5 HeartsHuh. I don’t know about this story. It was definitely not my favorite read, that’s for sure. A lot about this story confused me. It’s pretty boring and dragged a lot. The characters were flat and I never really understood or felt the connection between the two.Liam Knight is a firefighter. He knows he hops from bed to bed but he never realizes there are some psychological issues involved until his boss forces him into counseling.Dylan Waters knows what it’s like to struggle wit [...]

    19. As sad as I was to see the end of the Riley Brothers series I'm totally over it now because this book WOW! I've read a lot of books by E. Davies, but this one is my new favorite!! I was really impressed by the depth and complexity of the story and the characters. I saw some other reviews that said there's some angst and drama, and sure there is, compared to light and fluffy reads, but I'm not a huge angst/drama fan and I absolutely didn't think there was too much of it in this! It was just right [...]

    20. Another great read by E. DaviesThis story focuses on Liam and Dylan and their coming into their own, feel good story. Their negatives in themselves help to bring out the positive in the other, making for a HEA love story. Dylan is one hot mess with his "flashbacks" and "panic attacks" that always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Thank goodness Liam is there to help pick up the pieces time and time again. I loved how they didn't just start sticking their tongues down each others throats [...]

    21. Firefighters are hard to resist and this book with Liam as a sexy one was no exception. <3 He already captured my heart, right from the start. As well as Dylan.Damn, both men were so fitting well together, the chemistry was palpable, as well as Dylan’s fear and his “illness”. He is suffering from PTSD and have hard times to deal with others. The vulnerability was one thing how Liam and he met and their development feel really natural.Betweent the two are totally sparks, ignited by the p [...]

    22. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**Dylan is attending college to become an art therapist. He works part-time at a therapy office and craft store where he implements his art therapy. After letting his personal life interfere with his job, Liam, to keep the chief happy, agrees to go into therapy classes.Dylan and Liam both have their own emotionally traumatizing pasts. Liam, represses those and Dylan simply tries his hardest to cope. When Liam see's Dylan he knows he's in troub [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewDylan and Liam both had trauma in their pasts that caused challenges for them in their adult lives. Liam is forced into therapy by his fire chief, and quickly finds benefit from it. Dylan, who is going to school to be an art therapist, has no faith in the therapy system because it never worked for him before. He is in denial that he needs someone else to help him, and vows to help others so they don't have to suffer l [...]

    24. So much heat between Liam and DylanYou know that book that you just can’t stop reading, but you’re so wrapped up in it that you never want it to end? This was that book for me. With clever dialogue, that slow build up to the first kiss that left me so impatient for more and just enough real world complications to keep me completely engaged, I couldn’t get enough of this story. E Davies has a gift for crafting characters that feel real to me, and Liam and Dylan are certainly no exception. W [...]

    25. I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest reviewFirstI love reading E. Davies books. I love his writing is amazing how he brings the characters to life in his books and helps us to love his boys.I knew that I would love E. Davies' AFTERBURN once I'd start reading it. It came to no surprise that once I began to read AFTERBURNI could not put it downDylan works PT in a Therapy Office and at a Craft Store. Liam is a Firefighter. They meet at the Craft Store and there is an immediate att [...]

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