A Paleolithic fable

A Paleolithic fable Dangerous magic wielders invade the Stone Age to replace humanity with a species fit to serve their kind One man was sent to stop them and a group of misfits join the struggle for existence Archaeolog

  • Title: A Paleolithic fable
  • Author: S. Shane Thomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dangerous magic wielders invade the Stone Age to replace humanity with a species fit to serve their kind One man was sent to stop them and a group of misfits join the struggle for existence Archaeology and cryptozoology meld into high fantasy.

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      157 S. Shane Thomas
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    1. When you read A Paleolithic Fable, it's bound to remind you of something that you've read before. You may see some similarities with other quest oriented fantasy fiction, i.e. The Lord of the Rings, Margaret Atwood's more recent stuff.but I assure you, these are only superficial harkenings, because Shane Thomas speaks with his own unique voice. It didn't occur to me until the very end of reading this novel that what he's done here is a rewriting of the Book of Genesis. His Adam and Eve are repre [...]

    2. I received an Advanced Reader Copy.I was expecting an action-packed adventure with some fun characters. That’s what I got with a whole lot more. Once introduced to all seven main characters and the setting, I could not stop reading this book. A Paleolithic Fable has a believable interaction of ancient peoples, a rich cast of engaging characters, and draws equally on ancient myths and science to weave an adventurous satisfying tale.I was pleasantly surprised to find the beginning of the book re [...]

    3. S. Shane Thomas wrote an unusual book. It didn't follow many of the normal tropes. I remember seeing that he calls it both a Science Fiction and Epic Fantasy story and I couldn't see how that could be true. However, he managed to pull it off. It had some of my favorite fantasy elements of someone from one world traveling by some means to another very different world and having to gather companions to save the day. The difference in this book was that Bobby, the main character, traveled no via ma [...]

    4. A really interesting read,an extreme hybrid adventure.Truly inspired how Shane was able to blend Science -Fiction ,Magic and typical folklore in one story,in what seems like an effortless manner.Very varied charectors,but indepth charecter study also.

    5. It’s a strange thing that it took the naming of characters in this book for them to achieve self-awareness and that was the same time I found myself being drawn into the story. This came at around the 20% mark, and I’m not sure if the author intended this. Up until that point, the main characters were called by their ‘tribal’ names or physical characteristics; Mother Icehunter, Firebringer, Swapper, Ebu Gogo, One-Eye to name some. It caused a curious mish-mash of pov switches from chapte [...]

    6. He had lived through some strange events but now he was going to travel to the stoneages to try and stop some dangerous invaders who are going to eliminate humans before they civilized the land. This is a fantasy quest story about a man name Bobby and his misfit of odd people he meets along the way, each have a strength,abilities, and powers. The story is very adventures and lot's of fighting and I love each character in the story and what they had to go through in their life. I love the cover a [...]

    7. Absolutely brilliant. A classic quest tale of paleo rogues. Its a story told between 4 different characters, with each new point of view having a artistic rendering of that character so you know whose talking. This is one incredibly imaginative tale. I wish I could give it ten stars!

    8. Sorry, with winning this in the midst of the holidays, I have only had a chance to read a few pages. I will let you know when I finish the book.

    9. Book review A Paleolithic FableI was given a free version of this book so that I could review it. I hesitated to write this review because it isn’t positive. Yet, I laud the young author for his love of writing and hope he continues to develop his craft because he has some very good ideas. I looked forward to reading a Paleolithic Fable but walked away disappointed having found it an effortful read. From the beginning, it left me confused and experiencing the need to re-read sections to see wh [...]

    10. A Paleolithic Fable was an entertaining read. It had a Guardians of the Galaxy kind of feel, but in reverse. A human travels back to the time of cavemen to stop an evil race of creatures from destroying the world. Along the way, our futuristic hero, Bobby, meets a hodgepodge group of early humans. Each has his/her own special power that contributes to the group: strength. adaptability, soul walking, control of mana (one’s essence), and grandfather memories.A mixture of fact and fiction, A Pale [...]

    11. story is set in the stone ages and it's about one man travels back in time and is trying to stop two Anki from stopping humans from civilized. With the help of misfits they join the fight to keep the dangerous Anni. If you love Fantasy, historical, magical then you will love this book,, like I did. The author S Shane Thomas is very descriptive of each character you meet in the story.

    12. Engaging!It's one of those sci-fi books that remind you of others, as there is a mix of other sci-fi or fantasy tones to this story. It's still its own story, and that lends to Thomas' talent for penning a good story. What could be more fun than superhero characters, good versus evil, and the risk of the end of humanity? This is one to read, especially for fans of sci-fi and superheroes. We all need a superhero now and then. I do have to add that the action/fight scenes are very well written, an [...]

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