You Cannot Be Serious

You Cannot Be Serious John McEnroe stunned the tennis elite when he came out of nowhere to make the Wimbledon semifinals at the age of and just a few years later he was ranked number one in the world You Cannot Be Seri

  • Title: You Cannot Be Serious
  • Author: John McEnroe James Kaplan
  • ISBN: 9780425190081
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • John McEnroe stunned the tennis elite when he came out of nowhere to make the Wimbledon semifinals at the age of 18 and just a few years later, he was ranked number one in the world You Cannot Be Serious is McEnroe at his most personal, a no holds barred examination of Johnny Mac, the kid from Queens, and his wild ride through the world of professional tennis at a booJohn McEnroe stunned the tennis elite when he came out of nowhere to make the Wimbledon semifinals at the age of 18 and just a few years later, he was ranked number one in the world You Cannot Be Serious is McEnroe at his most personal, a no holds barred examination of Johnny Mac, the kid from Queens, and his wild ride through the world of professional tennis at a boom time when players were treated like rock stars Here he candidly explores the roots of his famous on court explosions his ambivalence toward the sport that made him famous his adventures and misadventures on the road his views of colleagues from Connors to Borg to Lendl his opinions of contemporary tennis and his current roles as husband, father, senior tour player, and often controversial commentator.

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    1. John McEnroe James Kaplan

      John McEnroe is a American former world professional tennis player He grew up in Queens, NY and began playing tennis at age 8 McEnroe is often rated as the greatest in the sport He is also well known for his on court behavior that got him in trouble with tennis authorities and umpires.McEnroe is also an expert tennis commentator and occasionally makes guests appearances in TV shows He was married to actress Tatum O Neal for eight turbulent years and is currently married to singer Patty Smyth He has five children between both marriages.

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    1. Johnny Mac was a rock star in the eighties, and he was able to do this because tennis was more popular. I enjoyed his journey from a nobody to number one but after that I didn't care much about his troubles. He is a legend however and I continue to be interested in his opinion of tennis and the improvements he envisions. I would love to see the pros playing with wooden racquets, if only for a tournament, or even one match.

    2. Let's just say this is worth the read if you like tennis and/or John McEnroe. If not, it probably won't hold your interest. I appreciated that James Kaplan let John's voice shine through. Some of the extra exclamation points and short phrasing may not be very sophisticated as a writing style, but it sounds like John. So many autobiographies of celebrities lose that in trying to clean up the writing.This book doesn't delve super deep into John's personal life. It's not some tell all, but I don't [...]

    3. September 17.Just finished it and I really enjoyed reading about all the tennis players back in the days. I was always rooting for McEnroe while my mom wanted Borg to win.Never was a fan of Ivan Lendl. Interesting read. He is not as mean about Tatum as she was about him in her book. I do think reading this what a miserable sod is this guy. He appears to be never happy. Not when he won, not when he was married. I wanted to read more about his life with Tatum, about his own drug use, and hers!. It [...]

    4. The McEnroe-Borg-Connors years were the apex of tennis viewing. These three very different individuals brought tennis to a much larger viewing audience. Their games and rivalries have – in my opinion – never been matched since. Men’s tennis has become too power-serve oriented – at least Women’s tennis has more rallies and somehow the shorter games can make for an interesting match.As you would expect from a super-star and a number-one ranked player, Mr. McEnroe comes off as very self-c [...]

    5. “You Cannot Be Serious” by John McEnroe with James Kaplan, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons.Category – Autobiography Publication Date – June 10, 2002.John McEnroe can arguably be considered the best tennis player of all time. He is also considered the bad boy of tennis for his considerable outbursts on the court. Say what you will but the sport of tennis has missed him and will never be the same without him. McEnroe dominated the tennis courts throughout the 1980’s. During this time h [...]

    6. Maybe I am a little bias in my opinion of McEnroe, as I have met him twice at Wimbledon, and he is Not a nice person, well unless their are cameras on him !His book although interesting from a tennis point of view, showed to me he is not a sincere person.Found the book a little hard work.

    7. I thought about not finishing it but I did. To it was told from this "I am the center of the world" standpoint. For the most point lacked any real depth. I sure won't be reading his latest book or really be interested in anything else he might do.

    8. If you like sports biographies, tennis and Mcenroe then you will like this. If you can tick two of the three then you will still enjoy this book

    9. Superbrat grandioso! Scrivere non è proprio il suo mestiere, ma guadagna terreno game dopo game, mettendo a punto qualche volé assolutamente grandiosa. A differenza di Agassi che inizia descrivendo la sofferenza fisica (e va avanti facendo sentire a ogni pagina quanto poco gli piaccia giocare – insomma, magari giocare no, ma vincere si), Mac si diverte a tutto spiano, non ama allenarsi ma giocare, e più ancora vincere vincere vincere. Essere i numeri uno della classifica mondiale è supergo [...]

    10. Altra faccia del tennis rispetto a quello descritto da Agassi in Open anche se periodo di poco antecedente.McEnroe è "leggero", autoironico, autocritico. Una lettura piacevole anche per non esperti del tennis.

    11. interesting to read that his father once walked onto the court and asked the umpire to disqualify his son for bad behaviour

    12. Quanto mi è piaciuto questo libro! Sarà perché mi ha riportato a quando, da bambina, passavo le ore, i giorni, le notti a guardare i tornei di tennis, oppure perché non posso fare a meno di ammirare John Mcenroe… Un uomo che, con tutti i suoi difetti, riesce sempre a trovare il modo di risultare simpatico. Il libro in sé non è che sia questo capolavoro: è un po’ confusionario, con i suoi continui salti temporali, però ciò che racconta, almeno per me, è strepitoso: tanti aneddoti le [...]

    13. As a huge tennis fan I found it interesting to get an in depth view of the history of tennis. As a reader, I kind of hate ghost writing because it generally seems so forced and sounds like a lame dad trying to sound cool writing a book. As for the topic of McEnroe, he just seems like a megalomaniac that expects everyone to like him, throws tantrums when things don't go his way, and has to do something when people stop paying attention to him. I YouTubed some of his music and he is a horrible mus [...]

    14. Nel libro racconta tutto di sè , parla dello scenario del grande tennis tra la fine degli anni Settanta e i primi anni Novanta, descrive le sfide con Borg, Gerulaitis, Connors, Lendl, Becker, Agassi, e trova spazio anche per parlare al lettore di fatti privati, dei matrimoni con Tatum O’Neal e Patty Smyth e gli ostacoli che ha dovuto abbattere per poter andare avanti nella vita.“Odio le sveglie: il loro incessante ticchettio mi dà sui nervi. Quindi l’11 settembre 2001 cominciò come un g [...]

    15. Enjoyable book It provided some interesting backdrop to who he is and his story of rising to #1 and eventual fall into the middle of the pack. He may not be a hero, but at least he is honest. I cringed when he described his musical efforts and lack of good will towards his friend/tennis partner and younger brother. It sounds like he's mellowed into a responsible father and tennis legend, but he should lay off the patriotic stuff.

    16. As a tennis player, I really enjoyed this book. I liked reading about John McEnroe and his tennis career and personal life. Lots of stats on his tennis career and his ups and downs with this crazy sport. I liked how he said (paraphrasing here) that tennis is a sport you have to witness in the moment to get, you can tell the story later but it loses some of the meaning. I agree, the moment is where it counts. I read Aggasi's and Monica's books too. Tennis books are inspiring to me.

    17. Wow that was boring.He does have some peculiar yet entertaining observations about the world, few and far between though, that prove he looks at things very differently from most people, no doubt from being just wired to do nothing but compete in sport.People like that don't often write entertaining books though.

    18. I got into watching tennis around 89, just as McEnroe's start was setting, so I never really watched him play. Love his commentary though. This is a fun read. Self-deprecating, chatty, a bit on edge - everything you would expect. He opes up about quite a few things, but I also suspect there are things he glosses over. Still, worth reading.

    19. This book a mess. It jumps around like crazy and lacks any coherent structure. Something I'd expect of a blog not a 300 page book.

    20. This is the autobiography of John McEnroe, the tennis superstar of the late 1970s and early 1980s. McEnroe was the sublime, unorthodox genius with his tennis racket. He was also the most artistic player I have ever watched play the game to be at no.1. There are many other artistic players of the game but they hardly even get into the top 10. But McEnroe had no weaknesses in his game and had a fierce will to win and he made it to the top without losing any of his artistry along the way. That is w [...]

    21. This was brilliant. John McEnroe is my ultimate favourite tennis player of all time. He may not be the best (that's obviously Roger Federer) but he was the most exciting. The book was funny in parts and sad too but most of all an honest account of his life.

    22. by John McEnroe with James Kaplan, published in 2002.This autobiography of John McEnroe is titled after one of his famous outbursts on the tennis court. And yes, if you didn’t already know John was one of the all time best tennis players ever in the early eighties.I’ve read where other reviews of this book which say he skims the surface of his life, never really digging deep down to reveal himself. I think I disagree with that. I mean how much do you really want to know?He gives plenty of in [...]

    23. In his new role as TV commentator (and in his short-lived run as Davis Cup captain) McEnroe has tried to make the unlikely switch from tennis enfant terrible to tennis elder statesman. Judging by the welcome he has received from both the cognoscenti and the American public, it has been a largely successful transition.This memoir of growing up (or not growing up) on the men's tour tracks the same course. Unfortunately, when shifted to the page, the reinvention produces a much more muddled result. [...]

    24. Having been born the year Mr McEnroe hit the tennis scene, I vaguely remember his outbursts on court being repeated in the playground at school. I love tennis, watching it that is not playing it; well not seriously anyway! Reading Mr McEnroe's auto biography about his rise to fame and fortune, having grown up in the district of Queens, near to Flushing Meadows, a great place to be for a head start in the world of tennis. Throughout the book McEnroe talks mostly about his tennis, and you begin to [...]

    25. This book is an autobiography about one of the best tenis players of all time, John macenroe. This book surprised me with it's honesty. Like many biographies, I am astounded at the detail with which people can look back and remember their lives. This one was education about the history of tennis in my lifetime, and it involves tennis players I was familiar with in the 70s and 80s.Also in this book Macenroe talks a lot about his truobles and his anger issues on the court. I loved when he talked a [...]

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