Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness bride and a widow in the same day Elisabeth s prayers are about to be answered if the CIA international arms dealers and her best friend don t stand in the way Elisabeth Allen gave her heart to Jes

  • Title: Out of Darkness
  • Author: Erynn Newman
  • ISBN: 9781544261690
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • bride and a widow in the same day, Elisabeth s prayers are about to be answered if the CIA, international arms dealers, and her best friend don t stand in the way.Elisabeth Allen gave her heart to Jesus as a little girl and to Drew Marek as a teenager When their wedding day finally arrives, it s the happiest day of her life until a bomb transforms her dream come trubride and a widow in the same day, Elisabeth s prayers are about to be answered if the CIA, international arms dealers, and her best friend don t stand in the way.Elisabeth Allen gave her heart to Jesus as a little girl and to Drew Marek as a teenager When their wedding day finally arrives, it s the happiest day of her life until a bomb transforms her dream come true into a living nightmare.As Best Man at the wedding, Gabriel Di Salvo promises Drew his best friend and CIA partner he ll look after Elisabeth, but he never dreams it will become necessary so soon As Elisabeth struggles to put the pieces of her life back together without Drew, Gabe becomes her rock, and as they share their grief and begin to heal, their friendship gradually deepens into something .Three years later, Gabe and Elisabeth are planning a future together when he receives a shocking call from the one man who can upend his happiness Drew Suspecting someone at the CIA is behind his abduction, Drew refuses to come home Instead, he asks Gabe to bring Elisabeth to him Now Gabe just has to figure out how to let her go.Drew and Elisabeth race across Europe, dodging international arms dealers and attempting to reclaim what was stolen from them But years of captivity and torture have left their mark on Drew He is no longer the same boy Elisabeth fell in love with, but he is still Elisabeth s husband, and she is determined to build something new and not allow her relationship with Gabe to come between them.When their enemies close in and the threat of a terrorist attack escalates, Gabe may be the only person they can trust Drew, Elisabeth, and Gabe are thrown into a fight for their lives one that will test their loyalties to God, country and each other.

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    About "Erynn Newman"

    1. Erynn Newman

      Erynn Newman is a pastor s kid, raised in churches all over the Eastern Seaboard As a little girl, she created rich fantasy worlds and imaginary friends that followed her into adulthood, when she realized that meant she was either a crazy person or a writer or maybe both Though she has never worked with the CIA, her DVR contains a veritable Who s Who of international spies She lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her best friend who is also her husband , a very busy little boy who calls her Mommy, two cats, and a ceaseless parade of characters who are all waiting for their turn to have their stories told.

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    1. The story starts off with Drew and Elisabeth's wedding and is so romantic, but quickly turns to horror when Drew is killed in an explosion before they can even leave for their honeymoon. After three years, she moves on and is ready to start a future with Drew's best friend, Gabe, until she gets some shocking news--Drew is really still alive. My heart literally broke in two over the thought of how this affected all three of them.My personal opinion is that the religious elements are a little too [...]

    2. 4.5 stars Wow!! I don’t think I breathed at all while reading this fast-paced, emotionally-wrenching, high-stakes suspense novel from Erynn Newman!From the first chapter, you experience romantic highs and then – just as quickly – devastating lows with these characters in whom you’re already fully invested. What follows is a symphony of tension as you the reader know things the characters don’t – and you don’t dare to breathe as you wait for it to all play out.This could easily have [...]

    3. Over all:Out of Darkness is a suspenseful novel that actually begins rather slowly compared to some. And, frankly, that’s part of the suspense. While there is a huge inciting event right at the beginning, we spend three years getting to know some of the primary characters and anticipating the kick-off of action. Newman uses the beginning chapters both to establish characterization, increase sympathy, and build tension for the story to follow. Every time the pace slows a bit, there’s a reason [...]

    4. It’s official. I am Erynn Newman’s newest fan! I fell in love with Drew and Elisabeth (and Gabe!) after reading the prequel novelette, First Light. Knowing what was to come for them made it an agonising wait until I could get my hands on this book, but that wait didn’t even come close to the emotional intensity once I actually picked it up. I mean, this is the mother of all love triangles, and then there’s suspense thrown in on top of that! My heart was simultaneously exulting and aching [...]

    5. My penny’s worthOut of Darkness is a fast-moving story carefully crafted by the author. The main characters drew me into the book immediately, and I had a hard time putting it down. I loved them from the first page and could feel their pain as events unfolded very quickly.Drew, Elisabeth and Gabe, a love triangle that weaves in and out of the pages. Elisabeth caught in the middle through no fault of her own. Grappling with the love of her heart this courageous woman calls on God to help her ma [...]

    6. "Out of Darkness" by Erynn NewmanThe prequel novelette was amazing and a great transition to "Out of Darkness," which is a fast paced romantic suspense novel that engages, rather ensnares the read right off the bat. Drew and Elisabeth have known each other since they were in their early teens married was a no brainer. The fact that his proposal was delayed by several years due to his father's death on 9/11 and the rage which consumed Drew and made him run. He eventually found his way back. Hence [...]

    7. Wow. This book has a lot going for it. There is suspense, an unusual love triangle, danger, romance, turmoil, despair. Did I mention the unusual love triangle? Here's the thing though, that unusual love triangle could actually happen in real life, if your CIA husband gets "killed" and his best friend is left behind! Okay, maybe that part is not normal, but if you look at the circumstances around Elizabeth and Gabe, yeah it was bound to happen. My heart was practically beating out of my chest whe [...]

    8. This is a good debut novel. It emphasizes character development yet is interspersed with action and suspense. I read the prequel and I really like the intense love Elisabeth and Drew have for each other. It was very interesting to see how Elisabeth handled it when Drew was suddenly gone from her life. She struggled with letting go of his place in her heart, even years later. Drew was struggling too, to stay alive and sane in the midst of torture and other mistreatment. Even when Drew manages to [...]

    9. This book kept me in suspense from the first page to the last. It is a well written story that is full of adventure, mystery and intrique. Erynn Newmann did a great job creating her character’s to be believable and relatable. It’s hard to decide which character I liked the best. The story flowed well from start to finish. It was intense in some parts! I loved how she weaved forgiveness, second chances and mercy throughout this story. I think that the reader can take away the same truth’s t [...]

    10. Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman is a fast paced, edge of your seat novel. I loved every moment of the book. Elizabeth, Drew and Gabe are all very well developed characters. The plot is quite believable and draws you along causing lack of sleep. She skillfully weaves her love of God into the storyline. If you love Dee Henderson and Lynnette Eason you will love Erynn Newman. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Newman's books in the future. I was given this book by Celebrate Lit for review purpos [...]

    11. Out of Darkness is a genuinely riveting, heart-wrenching, extraordinarily well-written novel. The author cleverly draws the reader into the story and once there, she successfully puts you on rollercoaster ride of promises, pain, resignation, apprehension, elation, exasperation, confusion, and clarification. The clues are careful, the foreshadowing subtle and you’ll struggle along with the characters as they scramble to find answers and finally discover whodunnit!!You can be certain that a book [...]

    12. Erynn Newman has crafted an intense thriller that will have you flipping pages long into the night and unable to stop,even when your eyes insist on needing sleep. But be warned: you may be tempted to chuck the book across the room from time to time! Newman's book grabs your heart from the first page and holds it hostage until the final page turns. I was on the edge of my proverbial seat, tears flowing and heart pounding for nearly the entire novel. And I loved every moment.

    13. Out of Darkness was an amazing read. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I found myself immersed in Elizabeth's world and early on, was drawn to her. The other main characters, Drew and Gabe, made me feel like I really knew them.This story will take you on a wild ride of deep love, loss, and a struggle to find the will to go on. The story is well grounded in faith, and at times, the lack of faith by the characters. They face real life spiritual issues, that I found myself sympathe [...]

    14. Wow! This book has it all. I cried, laughed, sat on the edge of my seat, and read this book in one sitting! I knew from the prequel novelette that I liked her writing style but after reading her first novel I am hooked! I sure hope there is another book coming before too long!If you read the back cover of the novel as you read some of the parts won’t be a surprise per say but at the same time it is so well written that you do feel surprised even by events you know are coming. I shouldn’t hav [...]

    15. I have mixed thoughts regarding this book. On one hand, I loved the characters and was so into the story! On the other hand, there were a few things that bothered me a bit, looking back. As far as I’m aware, this is Erynn Newman’s first book, aside from the prequel novellette (which I enjoyed) and as such, I didn’t really have many expectations. I was hoping to be entertained and enjoy the adventure, both of which definitely happened, and I always look for characters to fall in love with, [...]

    16. I'm going to be really honest with you today so I'll start by saying I've been dreading writing this review since I was about 1/3 of the way through the book. I received a complimentary copy of this book and am not required to write a favorable review, but I usually only accept complimentary copies of books I fully expect to like because I hate writing negative reviews!But the fact is that I really didn't enjoy this book at all. I loved the must-read prequel, First Light, which the author also [...]

    17. Having read the prequel novella I was ready to jump in to this thinking I knew all the characters and had a good grasp on what was going to happen based on the synopsis. I was wrong. I mean, don't get me wrong I was partly right but also oh so very wrong. The characters are all there, plus a few, but there is so much more depth than I imagined. I did have a great grasp at the plot and even was convinced that at 48% I had it all figured out. I was wrong. So very very wrong. Erynn Newman captures [...]

    18. If you want to read a story that keeps you guessing what is going to happen next and has you saying I really didn't see a certain character being the reason all the action is taking place, then "Out of Darkness " by Erynn Newman is absolutely the next book you must read. Ok, I think you will enjoy "Out of Darkness " without reading "First Light," the prequel novelette that tells the story of how Drew and Elisabeth met and fell in love, but I recommend reading it first. The reason I say read " Fi [...]

    19. Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman is a contemporary romantic Christian thriller and what a fabulous read it is. It will have you guessing. It will have your pulse racing and your jaw dropping as you get completely caught up in the action.The presence of God in all our lives is important. He is the source of all we are. We need to live for Him and be examples for others and lead them to Jesus.Praising God in the storm is vital. "After all He'd taken from her, she was thanking Him." With God, there [...]

    20. Love triangles aren’t my favorite thing and Out of Darkness has a whopper of one. But Erynn Newman’s finesse with a difficult, sometimes hated romance trope is admirable.And let’s talk about the suspense. Newman spends the first half of the book growing the reader’s attachment to each of the three main characters (and even some of the supporting cast). From the get go, Gabe’s promise to his friend, his protection of Elisabeth, his steadfastness are what I loved about him. Drew is suffe [...]

    21. Out of Darkness by Erynn Newman is a fast-paced novel that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat wondering where the story is going to go next. From a wedding to a funeral, from the States to Europe, Elizabeth, Drew, and Gabe are on quite the ride. After Drew's death, Gabe keeps his promise and takes care of Elizabeth who is overwhelmed by her husband's death, only to find himself in love with her. How is that going to go when three years later, Drew calls him. Intrigue, romance, and explosiv [...]

    22. Out of Darkness has an interesting premise, with suspense, romance, and a faith thread. I liked the characters. They seemed genuine, and I liked the way they turned to God in times of trial. It's well-written with a plot that moves along at a good pace. I could tell the author had done quite a bit of research with the spy, action scenes. They seemed believable--and even the worst moments, she was careful not to get too gory.For a suspense, some portions moved too slowly, in my opinion. I also wa [...]

    23. This is an incredible suspense novel!I absolutely love the main characters in this book. They are wonderfully well written and easy to connect with. The range of emotions that they go through is fantastic. I love the deep commitment that Drew and Elizabeth have to each other and to God.The plot is great. The danger is intense and I kept looking for the bad guys at every turn.I am giving this fantastic book a 5 star rating and highly recommending it. I’m looking forward to seeing what this auth [...]

    24. Erynn Newman is a new-to-me author. I was uncertain of what to expect from her novel but its description sounded like something I might enjoy. I decided to give it a try.Overall, “Out of Darkness” is a strong suspense with well-developed characters. Plenty of drama, action, and suspense fill its pages to keep most readers happily turning those pages. It is written from more than one point of view so the reader is given information the other characters do not have. I quickly became concerned [...]

    25. Wow, what a great read. I really enjoyed this book. First Light is a short novella you can read before reading this one and is nice to lay some ground work but you could jump right into the Out of Darkness without any issues if you don’t read the novella.Erynn did such a fabulous job of dealing with Elisabeth’s pain. She didn’t gloss over her grief, she brought it to life for us. She also didn’t rush the romance between Gabe and Elisabeth which made it more realistic to believe it could [...]

    26. Out of Darkness is a well-researched, well-written thriller that left me breathless. I was stunned when I discovered this was Ms. Newman’s debut novel, and that she is not a long-time CIA operative. I lived in the DC suburbs for years and enjoyed my virtual visit to the area through the pages of this story. The book started off with a bang (literally) and moved at breakneck speed until the last page. I wasn’t crazy about the amount of violence, but it was not gratuitous. I loved Drew, Elizab [...]

    27. Full review on Faithfully BookishReaders, clear your calendar so you can read this book uninterrupted, it is THAT engaging and action-packed! Elisabeth is the girl next door, authentic and genuine. She loves deeply and draws strength from her unwavering faith.The twists and turns this story takes left me completely unwilling to put it down until the very end. Out of Darkness boasts not just one but two admirable and attractive heroes. Drew and Gabe are both protectors yet that is where the simil [...]

    28. First and foremost, Wow. Like, seriously wow. My heart was pounding the entire time through out this book. I could not click the next buttons on my kindle fast enough. Love, Mystery, suspense, all in a clean book. This author is new to me, and I can't wait to read more from her. These characters were so well written it was like I knew them. The way the author crafts her words had me able to visualize the story as it unfolded. Elisabeth is very likable, reminds me of an all American Girl, or the [...]

    29. I won this Free book from First-Reads.A fast paced romantic thriller involving Drew and Elizabeth, Newlyweds separated by the CIA and Gabe, Drew's best friend.Gabe helps Elizabeth stay safe while Drew is trying to stay alive.A love triangle is present.Christian values are shared by all parties, keeping them on track.

    30. Wow! Out of Darkness by Erynn Newman is a gripping, fast-paced ride you don't want to miss. There's love, and danger, and more love, then even more danger. I laughed. I cried. I even caught myself with my mouth hanging open several times. It's definitely a must read.

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