Banquet For the Damned

Banquet For the Damned Few believed Professor Coldwell was in touch with an unseen world that he could commune with spirits But in Scotland s oldest university town something has passed from darkness into light Now the you

  • Title: Banquet For the Damned
  • Author: Adam Nevill
  • ISBN: 9780753513583
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Few believed Professor Coldwell was in touch with an unseen world that he could commune with spirits But in Scotland s oldest university town something has passed from darkness into light Now, the young are being haunted by night terrors and those who are visited disappear This is certainly not a place for outsiders, especially at night So what chance do a rootless mFew believed Professor Coldwell was in touch with an unseen world that he could commune with spirits But in Scotland s oldest university town something has passed from darkness into light Now, the young are being haunted by night terrors and those who are visited disappear This is certainly not a place for outsiders, especially at night So what chance do a rootless musician and burned out explorer have of surviving their entanglement with an ageless supernatural evil and the ruthless cult that worships it This chilling occult thriller is both an homage to the great age of British ghost stories and a pacy modern tale of diabolism and witchcraft.

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    1. Adam Nevill

      Adam L.G Nevill was born in Birmingham, England, in 1969 and grew up in England and New Zealand He is the author of the horror novels Banquet for the Damned , Apartment 16 , The Ritual , Last Days , House of Small Shadows , No One Gets Out Alive , Lost Girl , and Under a Watchful Eye His first short story collection, Some Will Not Sleep Selected Horrors , was published on Halloween, 2016, and won the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection His second collection of short fiction, Hasty for the Dark Selected Horrors is published on Halloween 2017 His novels, The Ritual , Last Days and No One Gets Out Alive were the winners of The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel The Ritual and Last Days were also awarded Best in Category Horror, by R.U.S.A Several of his novels are currently in development for film and television, and in 2016 Imaginarium adapted The Ritual into a major motion picture with an October 13, 2017, release date in the UK and Europe.Adam also offers three free books to readers of horror Cries from the Crypt downloadable from his website , Before You Sleep and Before You Wake available from major online retailers.

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    1. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the hazards of writing supernatural horror fiction at novel-length are many and legendary. The received wisdom is that it cannot be done with any real success. But the received wisdom is that there are also a few honourable exceptions. So whilst good novel-length supernatural horror fiction (meaning here what can be conveniently be called “Jamesian” or “dark fantasy”, and thus not simply horror fiction) is as rare as Weird Tales keeping to its [...]

    2. Ack. I can't do it. I can't finish the thing. Picking it up for another chapter felt like a punishment. I've had so many people recommend this book that I feel almost guilty for having so many problems with it, but I do. Characters spend brief sojourns speaking like actual people do before collapsing into the narrative voice. They introspect tirelessly, and tiresomely, sucking life out of the plot (which I kept zoning out of). The prose is a bloated, turgid mess, working too hard to impress and [...]

    3. I liked itWhile I happen to sit on the side of the fence of readers who claim that horror is much more potent in short-story format, once in a while I run into a full-length novel that can throw a continually sustained chill down my spine. Banquet for the Damned did just that. Although it didn't give me nightmares or produce the sort of night terrors that some of the characters suffered in this book, the creep factor was intense enough to where I read it in one sitting -- alone, at night,wind ho [...]

    4. **actual rating 3.5**This was a tough book to rate. On the one hand, I thought some of the writing was truly exceptional and even more so because this is the authors first book. Haunting, horrifying, heartbreakingere was a lot of ground covered and some of the descriptions in the book were just awesome.That saidI think it was a tad too long and seemed to move a little slowly at times (544 total pages). This was the reason for my 3.5 rating instead of a 4.The setting of the book is a university t [...]

    5. Probably the worst book I had the pleasure of giving up on. after well over 250 page my reading buddy and I decided it was not worthy. Believe me you do not want to read this. It's badly written, it has no plot direction, the characters are awful. most of the book appears like a scene-descritpion in a movie script - short, and exhaustive. just don't. this book is NOT about a scholar investigating mysterious deaths. this book is about killing your will to read and live. be smart, walk away.

    6. This is my first Adam Nevill novel and I loved it. Loved simply because I respect authors who invest a lot of time in research. Just the amount of books he read in order to make this peace of work is astonishing. The pace was constant though it could have had a bit more action, but I'm not complaining as the story flowed nicely.I'm really surprised to see a lot of bad reviews. I think this book deserves a bigger rating than 3,38.But I guess everyone has a right to his own opinion.This is a new g [...]

    7. 2.5 stars.This was the first novel that I read from Adam Nevill (forgot to post a review), and I wasn't overly impressed. While the idea was okay, I--personally--found it a bit too unnecessarily wordy.I would recommend, instead, starting with his novel, HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS. I found this one much more "creepy", myself.

    8. This was my second Nevill novel, after Last Days, and I think his first I just loved it. Great literate horror, excellent atmosphere, and how can you resist a finely written novel about witchcraft and the occult. Mr. Nevill is becoming one of my favorite novelists and I can't wait to read another! Very recommended to horror fans, don't miss out!

    9. Brilliant debut novelHaving read a few short stories and really enjoying them and knowing this one was set in a place I know well, St Andrews. This had everything. It actually reminded me a little of Salem's Lot. High praise indeed. Highly recommended

    10. I did like this book much better than Apartment 16; however, I didn't really love it. My biggest complaint is that the book is incredibly repetitive. Since I'm not a big fan of this genre and don't read a lot of it or watch a lot of these movies, the only things I have to really compare this book to are video games. So, here's a gamer's perspective on this book:Adam Nevill would have gotten five stars from me if he would have heeded the following:1.) Cut the book in half. The whole thing dragged [...]

    11. A prolix potboiler, despite critical praise from people who should know better. There is talk of the novel as Jamesian, which it certainly is not; it has none of M.R. James's wit or brevity, and very little of his gift for the unexpected sinister image or analogy. Much of the novel consists of agonizingly protracted introspection on the part of tedious characters: Dante, the empty-headed Rock-Star-wannabe, and Hart, unconvincing as an anthropologist and hilariously unbelievable as an American (H [...]

    12. It's kind of difficult to rate an Adam Nevill novel sometimes. You can tell that this was one of his earlier works and as such, is a little rough around the edges. There are some wonderful moments here and there where the promise gleams through, but there are also parts where I couldn't help but wish that the book had been somewhat more refined. Overall I have to say that I did greatly enjoy this book, although it took some time for me to wade through. It was an interesting choice to jump betwee [...]

    13. Banquet for the Damned is a very interesting read. It didn't give me nightmares but came very close, having a high enough creep factor to be unable to put the book down.Banquet for the Damned is set in St. Andrews, a Scottish town. Of course that makes it the perfect setting for a scary tale considering it's witchcraft/occult past. It evolves around the story of two friends, Dante and Tom, musicians with a past. Dante has the opportunity to work with his idol, Professor Eliot Coldwell, who wrote [...]

    14. Dante had been writing Eliot Coldwell, the author of Banquet for the Damned for a couple of years. Banquet had a big influence on their band and their hit album. Eliot invites Dante to come to Scotland to help him do some research for his new book. Dante jumps at the chance to work with Coldwell. Dante bring along another band member and his best friend Tom. Dante believes that the research that he is doing for Eliot, will help the band produce another classic rock album. Dante meets Coldwell in [...]

    15. I didn't finish this. I think I'm done with Adam Nevill. I read two of his books previous to this and I find his writing to be formulaic. I also find it off-putting that it seems as though his female characters are just there for sexual innuendos ("He briefly entertains an image of Kerry, naked, in his mind")

    16. I think my only real issue with Adam Nevill's books is probably that I read his best one first. This one is still enjoyable; he has a talent for writing scenes that in most horror novels would be a climactic ending scene throughout his books. There's a decent mystery tied in here as well.

    17. E' il suo primo libro, la narrazione potrebbe scorrere più fluida.E' comunque scritto bene e la storia è intrigante, di sicuro fa venire voglia di continuare a leggere i suoi libri. Mi ricorda un po' le meticolose e realistiche descrizioni di Stephen King e le visioni di Clive Barker.

    18. Wow! Probably one of the spookiest novels I've ever read. I'd definitely recommend this one for lovers of supernatural horror and anyone who still appreciates good writing in general.

    19. DNF! I've been poking at this one in bite-size chunks for months. I love horror. I love suspense. I love mystery. I am more than willing to suspend disbelief-- I love fantasy! But this book wasn't thrilling. Or suspenseful. Or even mysterious. The issues seem to parade themselves in front of you. I knew I was in trouble when I found myself skimming through a particularly frightening passage. If the scares are boring, you're up the creek.Avoid.

    20. I received a free advanced copy of Banquet for the Damned, by Adam Neville thru to review.On the cover there appears a blurb: " Britain's answer to Stephen King." However, this book bears no threat to Mr. King primacy in the genre. There was a lot to me that was not clear. Horror stories involve a lot of dark and foggy, but it should not be the writing.Briefly, very briefly, the story involves the inexplainable horrific deaths and mutilations of some young people by someone or something around [...]

    21. The venerable university town of St Andrews, best known as the home of golf, is the place; the characters are struggling Brummie rock musicians Dante and Tom, who relocate to Scotland in search of inspiration. The man they seek is Eliot Coldwell, one of those sixties intellectuals who once wrote a book (bearing the same title as this 2004 novel) full of the usual new age nonsense mixed with the occult.For Dante, however, the book is a masterpiece; he wants to compose a rock opera based on it. Al [...]

    22. With every page I am disliking this book more and more.Reasons:1) his style of writing. I have a thing to say to this writer: not every noun has to have an adjective and there is such a thing as a simple sentence in the English language. Why, in god's name why!?, do you have to write like this! This is a horror/suspense story - there is no horror and no suspense here simply because the author can't seem to get to the point. He keeps writing about the existential crises of some of the characters, [...]

    23. Imagine having nightmares, then imagine waking up from one, to discover that there’s something in your room with you and you’re unable to move. Now imagine waking up in a strange location, such as a beach or cellar, and being chased by that same creature. These ‘night terrors’ are starting to occur in the University town of St Andrews, and students are going missing.Into this town come Dante and Tom, rock musicians who have hit bad times. Dante has been invited by his idol, Professor Col [...]

    24. Banquet is a novel which I found to be very much unlike Adam Nevill's other works. While it is definitely suspenseful and very much in the realm of the supernatural, I must say that I agree with many other reviews here. The story is just too long.I both applaud and admire Nevill's use of language in his other works, especially The Ritual and Last Days, my two favourites of his. But the lengthy descriptions of Banquet just seemed to go on for too long. Some pages felt more of a chore than anythin [...]

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