Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway In this spin off from See Jane Date Jane Gregg s best friend Eloise Manfred is getting married But planning the perfect wedding while featured as the modern bride in a trendy magazine proves to be th

  • Title: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?
  • Author: Melissa Senate
  • ISBN: 9780373250776
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this spin off from See Jane Date, Jane Gregg s best friend Eloise Manfred is getting married But planning the perfect wedding while featured as the modern bride in a trendy magazine proves to be than a little challenging.

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    1. ‘Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?’ features Jane’s best friend, Eloise from the book ‘See Jane Date'. Eloise and her colleague Philippa are getting married and courtesy of Wow Weddings magazine (which belongs to the company they work in), they’ll be granted their respective dream weddings for free but of course, nothing is ever really free.Soon they learn that their so-called dream wedding is based on what would sell the magazine as well as which concept and role they’re meant to represen [...]

    2. Is your wedding ever really your own. If you have already planned a wedding you know that everyone wants their ideas for your big day to be heard (and some are pushy enough to plan it for you – think My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Usually these people are family but in this book, a sequel to "See Jane Date", Eloise’s magazine is paying for her wedding as long as she goes along with everything they want. She is deemed the alternative bride and they want her to walk down the aisle in a yellow dres [...]

    3. This book was all right - I'd actually been expecting it to be a lighter read than it turned out to be: a funny wedding story. However, a lot of the story revolved around how being abandoned by their father deeply affected the main character and her brother, and how the cycle was continuing with her brother's girlfriend expecting a baby. As a new mom who is always worried, this just made me a little depressed. At this point in my life, I am just looking for fun, relaxing books to read before I f [...]

    4. Even though you can see from the start just where the main plot of this book is going, the process and sub-plots along the way are still fun. I enjoyed every bit of it, particularly the realization that it's a story that ties in with one of the author's other books, which I have not yet read but have seen the TV movie. I definitely enjoyed it. Very much a roller-coaster ride exploring what life experiences make us who we are, vs. those we choose to let affect us.

    5. Spoiler AlertThe ending was disappointing. The way the story built up nicely at the beginning about Eloise’s father, her worries about Noah, and Emmett being wellEmmett, it did not end that well. And the plot about the 'wedding from hell' really blows out. I know it was a fun read, but the book could be so well written.

    6. I loved this book! It's the sequel to "See Jane Date", and this one is told from the perspective of Jane's best friend, Eloise. She get's a magazine deal that will pay for her entire wedding as long as she goes along with what the magazine wants. Hilarious, and I loved getting all the character updates from "See Jane Date."

    7. Eloise and her co-worker Phillippa agree to have their weddings featured in the bridal magazine they work for in exchange for a $100,000 wedding. Sounds great except they aren't able to have their dream wedding.Easy, amusing read.

    8. A crazy story of the Classic Bride vs the Modern Bride. It was a fun read, probably more suitable for a day at the pool or beach. It shows that things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes the girl that looks more like one thing can completely surprise you and be someone totally different.

    9. I remember liking See Jane Date much more than this one. It seemed the author was trying to add too many plotlines in not enough space. The secondary plot (abandonment) was well-done, but the primary plot of a hellish "fantasy" wedding required too much suspension of disbelief.

    10. Well, I got this book in a 4/$10 pile, and I totally understand that you get what you pay for. This book dragged on and on, and although had a good concept, was very poorly written. I guessed the REALLY obvious ending within the first few chapters. I was really disappointed in this book.

    11. i liked how the story goes although you can predict what happens in the end. although the ending was predictable it has that nice feeling when you get to read it. eloise and noah's relationship is a bit odd, but i liked how eloise wrote her article why she said yes to noah, noah is home.

    12. Story has many plot lines that are pretty interesting as the heroine deals with tracking down her father, reuniting with her estranged brother and cold feet. Should have been a bit longer since the happy ending didn't feel earned - a little too pat.

    13. Woman who works for a bridal magazine agrees to let the magazine select everything for her wedding in exchange for getting a free wedding. About what you would expect from such a premise - predictable and somewhat silly, but mindless fun, and with a little bit of heart thrown in.

    14. I picked this book up for a dollar at a used bookstore, not expecting much. I was surprised to find that I liked it. Is it the best I have read? No, but I thought it was a fun and heartwarming quick read.

    15. A spin-off from Senate's See Jane Date. Heroine agrees to let a magazine plan her perfect wedding as a 'modern bride' with wacky results. Very good read.

    16. It just couldn't keep my interest. I love getting into characters personal lives, but this was JUST personal life. There's no real conflict.

    17. This is my first book by Melissa Senate and I'm glad to say I was not disappointed! I'm only giving this 3 stars for the unrealistic-ness of some parts. Can't wait to read more from her.

    18. I rarely do not finish a book.but I didn't finish this one, unfortunately wasn't moving anywhere, and I was getting fed upwill not recommend.

    19. This was okay for what it was- an escape from thinking! Am I any smarter? no but you can't exactly expect that from chick-lit.

    20. Held my interest. Not realistic but a fun read. I found glaring errors in the story itself as well as in the text though. Where was the proofreader?!

    21. I loved this book. Well paced, cute and fun while still dealing with life's serious questions and issues. A page turner!

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