The Breakup Club

The Breakup Club The author of See Jane Date pens her most ambitious novel to date Four employees of a New York publishing house work together on a high profile insta book Bonding instantly because they all have been

  • Title: The Breakup Club
  • Author: Melissa Senate
  • ISBN: 9780373895588
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of See Jane Date pens her most ambitious novel to date Four employees of a New York publishing house work together on a high profile insta book Bonding instantly because they all have been recently dumped, they form The Breakup Club and learn about life, love, each other, and themselves Original.

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      116 Melissa Senate
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    1. Melissa Senate

      I m the author of many novels, including my debut, SEE JANE DATE also available in cute TV movie form to stream or via DVD and THE LOVE GODDESS COOKING SCHOOL I ve had two novels published under a secret pen name, but I will happily share if you message me to ask I m now writing romances for Harlequin Special Edition Coming March 20th THE BABY SWITCH , about a powerful CEO and a struggling single mother who discover their babies were switched at birth six months ago Next up in June is DETECTIVE BARELLI S LEGENDARY TRIPLETS In July is my contribution to the 2018 Montana Mavericks series The Lonelyhearts Ranch with THE MAVERICK S BABY IN WAITING And I ll have a holiday themed romance in October I also wrote seven Special Edition novels in the Hurley s Homestyle Kitchen series under the pen name Meg Maxwell Most recent Santa s Seven Day Baby Tutorial, about an FBI Agent who hires an Amish woman as his nanny for seven days before Christmas The Hurley s Homestyle Kitchen series is full of love, romance, sisterhood, relationships, and happy endings, of course I m the proud mother of a terrific 15 year old son We and our dog and cat live on the coast of Maine.Hope you ll visit my website melissasenate

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    1. Having gone through a break-up recently, i have spent endless hours listening to sad, sappy love songs, watching romantic comedies while berating both male and female leads for being such fools in love, and drowning all my sorrows in food. And while organizing my ebooks folders, in one of several attempts to distract myself from thinking about another failed relationship, i came across The Breakup Club. I say to myself, okay fine, let's make moving on harder for me.Surprise surprise! I expected [...]

    2. I think I have this figured out now. I was thinking like 2 years ago that I was over Red Dress Ink style chick books and I just couldn't do it anymore. But I liked the one I read last year. And I really liked this one. Do I think my secret to continuing to enjoy these books that got me back into reading as an adult is to read one per year. 😉👍🏼

    3. Ok, I keep switching my star rating on this book, mostly because I couldn't decide where I stood. So I did what needed to be done, and I read the book again (thankfully it is a quick read). I switched the rating back to three stars and am now confident this is where is belongs (Possibly a two, but I am being generous). The first half of the book built things up and I was really enjoying where it was going. However, right about the middle of the book the author kind of dropped the ball. The chara [...]

    4. I'm sad it's over. Couldn't believe it when I noticed how few pages I had left. I realize it's not a book about happy endings, but rather one about learning to accept the shit that happens in life, get over it and move on. Still I want to know more about what happened to everyone else AFTER!

    5. ‘The Breakup Club’ is about four characters who go through a painful break-up and bond due to this similarity. In the process, they become friends, learn from their experience and find ways to overcome their problems.Initially, the chapters alternate from one character to another. I’d expected to feel uninterested in at least one storyline since it’s not easy to make all the characters appealing or to make their situations compelling. However, it was a pleasant surprise to find that each [...]

    6. Having been disappointed with Senate's The Secret of Joy, I almost just passed this one over. I'm glad i didn't. The Breakup Club is pretty much what you expect from the title and yet it had a fresh twist. No angst, not a lot of drama and self-pity, and embarrassing pleas for the ex to please, please come back. (Well, not so much, anyway.)Each of the characters was in a different breakup situation and yet the four of them came together to form a friendship based on personality rather than on jus [...]

    7. Fun, fluffy and definitely a quick read, I typically enjoy Melissa Senate's stuff as the more intelligent of chick-lit authors whose heroes and heroines tend to have depth and character and are interested in other things other than finding the right guy or landing the right job. Senate's books already remind me that what you think is right for you, may be right for someone else and vice versa; which I think is definitely a very good thing to address. But this time around, in The Break-up Club, t [...]

    8. This easy flowing story follows four New Yorkers, 3 girls and 1 guy after recent break-ups in their lives. After the reader gets to know them individually, the characters eventually intersect during the story through a common work place and form their "Break-Up Club". This was a wise book full of truths about life and love. It gave me a lot to think about, and I ended up really caring about these people and what happened to them. Many reviewers here seem bummed about the ending, that things were [...]

    9. oh well was a member but now no more not because i have someone, but because im not broken anymore i woke up! from all the pains and miseries and heartaches life brought me. they are right so i prefer to call this book my wake-up club! haha there are points in my life which i can relate with the characters esp. roxy and miranda but be reminded of these points just made me stronger and much thankful i chose the right decisions in life. im glad ive experienced bad things so as to appreciate good o [...]

    10. This novel is told from all four main characters' perspectives. Lucy, Miranda, Christopher, and Roxy are all in different personal situations, but they all have something in commoney can't be with the ones they love. This was a wonderful read and I was really sucked into their lives. It could have used an epilogue, but perhaps there will be a sequel.

    11. Love Melissa senate, she has engaging characters and her books are fun to read. This book intertwines the stories of a man and three women who work together in a publishing house and are all going through different types of break ups. I didnt want it to end! I would love to see a spin off book of any of the characters.e stories never really ended.

    12. This was a really nice book. Just four people trying to figure things out. There weren't happy endings wrapped in elaborate ribbon and wedding preparations but there were people bewildered and confused getting a little less bewildered and confused. Easy and quick to read.

    13. Cute chick lit about 4 different characters dealing with various relationship problems. I enjoyed it but felt like it ended a bit abruptly, in that really only 2 of the characters had their plot arcs wrapped up.

    14. It passed a few hours in the sun but I didn't like the way it ended. I DID like the different perspectives on love and losing love. The characters complemented each other well and it was easy to read. But I expected more somehow.

    15. First book by Melissa Senate, she did a really great job until the end. It was as if she didnt finish writing it, the story just ended, no wrap up nothing. The reader is left to form their own opinion. Otherwise a well written book, just a major disappointing finish.

    16. I picked this up as fluff for an airplane ride, and actually rather enjoyed it. It's about a group of editors, and has a cutting comment about "irregardless". Overall, a great way to blow four hours. :)

    17. I didn't have high hopes for this book when I got it on sale at the B&N Bargain Bin, but it turned out to be really good! I was hooked from the first chapter, and finished the book off in about a day. My favorite and most relatable character in this book was Roxy.

    18. This isn't a bad book, for what it is--fluffy chic lit. I read it in a few days while on the bus to work. However, there is no ending! The book justops without wrapping up the story lines. I felt cheated and will think twice about reading another one of this author's titles.

    19. I liked how this book was organized. The stories of each character were told in the first person, so the chapters alternated voice. The characters were all well developed and interesting. I still miss Roxy.

    20. This book needed more of an ending. I wish the author would have written one more chapter to kind of wrap everything up.

    21. It was ok, then suddenly the ending was just thrown at you and the book ended, very strangea little like this review.

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