A Crack in the Line

A Crack in the Line What if someone else was living your life You are sixteen You live with your father in a big Victorian house on the outskirts of London Your mother is dead killed in a train crash two years ago It is

  • Title: A Crack in the Line
  • Author: Michael Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780060724795
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if someone else was living your life You are sixteen You live with your father in a big Victorian house on the outskirts of London Your mother is dead, killed in a train crash two years ago It is snowing The snow is falling on the house and the wide yard and the gnarled old tree that everyone calls the Family Tree It makes you restless You reach out your hands tWhat if someone else was living your life You are sixteen You live with your father in a big Victorian house on the outskirts of London Your mother is dead, killed in a train crash two years ago It is snowing The snow is falling on the house and the wide yard and the gnarled old tree that everyone calls the Family Tree It makes you restless You reach out your hands toward an object you ve known all your life, and suddenly the walls melt away When you open your eyes, you are still in your living room Who are you asks a girl who looks just like you but is not you And what are you doing in my house You have stumbled into another version of your life This girl is sixteen She lives with your father her father in a big Victorian house on the outskirts of London Your mother her mother is not dead She had a close call in a train crash two years ago Listen your mother is calling you her now.Michael Lawrence s gripping thriller about a boy and a girl who are the same person but not quite will have you turning the pages late into the nightd talking and thinking and wondering about the shifting nature of identity, time, space, and the cracks that can appear in a train rail, a lifeline, and a family tree.

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    1. Alaric and Naia Underwood both live in an old Victorian house in a small village. They both have dark hair and the same nose and the same parents. They even have the same bedroom. But Alaric and Naia have never met; they don’t even live in the same world. Things have been difficult for Alaric since his mother died in a train accident two years ago, after being given a fifty/fifty chance of survival. When Alaric travels to an alternate timeline, he meets Naia, who is the female version of himse [...]

    2. Alaric lives with his father in their old Victorian by the river Ouse in England. His mother was injured in a train accident and was given a 50/50 chance of surviving. In Alaric's reality, she did not. One day Alaric touches a piece of artwork made by his mother, a tiny oak model of his house, and finds himself looking at a girl so much like him that she could have been his sister. It becomes clear pretty quickly that the girl, Naia, is *him* (if he'd been born female), that the house is not qui [...]

    3. A crack in the line is a story about to children- Alaric and Naia who are similar in every way. Their houses are identical, their rooms face the same direction, and they even live on the same road- yet they've never met. All is fine until they finally do meet- and when they do, they learn something that has a catastrophic affect on them. A crack in the line was a book that had eluded me time and time again. The start is extremely slow, and quite frankly boring. I find the plot to be quite dull, [...]

    4. Aggregate review from young adult book discussion: Interesting but confusing! It was very hard to keep track of what was going on and which "world" everyone was in. Sometimes the descriptions of the houses and their furnishings was a little boring - who cares about wallpaper?! - but overall the story moves pretty quickly. The ending definitely leaves the reader knowing there is more to the story. Not sure if we would recommend to others. We really wish this book was combined into one with the ot [...]

    5. Dang i wish this book would continue it leaves you wanting more even though nothing more can be said. It deals with alternate realitys and what happens if things happend the other way instead of how things are now. Like a fifty fifty on life basicly i dont know i guse you will have to read it to get it.

    6. Alaric and Naia are closer than siblings - even closer than twins. They are two versions of the same person, living in two, alternate dimensions, and when their lives are suddenly and inexplicably brought together by a carved model known as Lexie's Folly, they are forced to rethink everything they know about the universe, their families, and themselves. Alaric's mother, Alex Underwood, was involved in a terrible train crash when he was fourteen. She had a fifty-fifty chance of dying. She died. N [...]

    7. Neither sixteen-year-old Alaric nor Naia knows the other exists, even though they have the "same" parents and live in the "same" house. A folly brings them together — Lexie's Folly, a Victorian shade (a scene under a glass dome) that their mother had refurbished with a detailed model of their home, an atmospheric old house called Withern Rise. Alaric is grieving the death of his mother two years before, while Naia relishes the warmth of a strong mother-daughter relationship. When Alaric accide [...]

    8. Yup, needed the first book to understand the second one and the second one was good enough to get the first and third books. Unfortunately, when I called my local B&N to see if they had it, I was told that "It was published in 2005, it's out of print." Thank goodness for eReaders. I was actually able to get the trilogy in one entire download, so I did that, rather than get the eBooks of 1 and 3 and have the actual book for number 2. Saves on space on my shelves at least. :)So far the book is [...]

    9. Well written, intriguing and very philosophical. It makes you ponder realities and situations you may never have if not provoked. And though I enjoyed it, I feel it could have been a little more satisfying as to the background of these remarkable occurrences. This may just be my never faltering curiosity and sense of closure, but more of a description as to the origin and fate of "Aldous Underwood" would have been greatly appreciated. It may have not had an outstandingly original moral (but then [...]

    10. I found this book to be really hard to follow and rather boring. No matter how many times I tried to sit and read it, it never caught my attention.

    11. Author: Michael Lawrence Publisher Greenwillow Books Genre: Mystery ISBN 0-06-072478-1 Price $23.89 I enjoyed this book. because I really like mystery books, they are my favorite genre. I don’t read that much so I haven’t read many books but the book kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I would recommend this book to people that enjoy mystery books because it is a mystery book I would also recommend this book to people that like reading books with suspense. This book also had two [...]

    12. This book was mostly good. The concept of this fantasy book was very clever. The way the main character is living the same life as someone else in a parallel universe is a cool concept. The book was confusing in some parts, it was hard to wrap my head around some chapters. I really love the twist at the end when the characters switch universes. Fantasy books have always intrigued me. I love reading books about things that would never happen in real life. These types of books are always so descri [...]

    13. I enjoyed this story much more than I thought I would! It was an easy read, but it still kept me on the edge of my seat. There were quite a few events that I couldn't predict coming which I really enjoyed. The points of view that this story were written in were slightly confusing at times, especially with such a heavy topic. I would give it closer to 3.5 stars!

    14. This book was not the best I have read but it was pretty good. the way the author wrote was ok but she used very good vocabulary. At a point in the book, it starts to get a little confusing. The author writes two different stories at the same time until the stories came together. If you like supernatural things the this book is for you .

    15. A Crack in the Line by Micheal Lawrence is a science fiction novel that includes the idea of alternate universes. As Alaric Underwood in reminiscing in the memory of his late mother he stumbles upon an old carved structure. Suddenly he finds himself in a different version of his home and meets a girl named Naia. Together they work to figure why this is happening and what it means.

    16. I skimmed the end as this book didn't pull me in. I think the ideas are interesting and can't wait until my 7th grade group discuss it. I do the love relationship between Alaric and his aunt.

    17. I read the second book in this series Small Eternities first by accident but I don't think it really spoiled my appetite for this one. I'm not sure that either book is as original and innovative as the blurb on the back cover would have me believe. Still I rate Small Eternities as one of the most memorable books I have ever read but A Crack in the Line is a worthy precursor.Alaric Underwood and Naia Underwood live in the same house in parallel universes - they are in fact, counterparts of each o [...]

    18. Alaric is a sixteen-year-old boy who lives on the outskirts of London in a Victorian-styled house. His mother previously died in a train crash two years ago, and his life has all but completely fallen apart. The house is in shambles. The air is suffocating. He’s furious because his father is bringing home a new woman, and he can’t help but scoff at the fact that it feels like he’s replacing his mother. He is bitter. He is cold. But the most he can do is sulk. He goes to the River Room. It [...]

    19. Lexile Level: 870LPages: 323 pagesSummary: Alaric Underwood lives in a sprawling manor named Withern Rise that has been occupied by Underwoods for centuries. Naia Underwood lives in a sprawling manor named Withern Rise that also has been occupied by Underwoods for centuries. Alaric is 16 years old, with dark hair, Naia, also 16 years old with dark hair. The two aren't twins or even siblings but are living the same life with slight differences. Alaric lost his mother two years ago in a terrible t [...]

    20. This book has twists and turns and in the end you learn everything there is to know about the story. You never find out what the cat was for but there are two other books in this series. The way the book is written is that you can read both character's thoughts at the same time, its quite amazing when they are together."A Crack in the Line" is going on my list of everyone should read. It introduces ideas that really have you think about the choices you make. Alaric (the boy) goes through the hea [...]

    21. It was actually the third book in the Withern Rise trilogy that caught my attention. However, since the story seemed complicated, I mused it was best to start at the beginging, so that's what I did, with A Crack in the Line.The story is essentially about one person really. Or rather what one person had the potential of becoming. Alaric a 16 yr old boy and Naia a 16 yr old girl. They have the same parents, same house, same room, done most of the same things at the exact same time and have never m [...]

    22. A Crack in the Line is about Naia and Alaric who have lived the same lives but they have never met until one day Alaric walks into Naias home claiming it's his. Then there whole lives changed because of that one day and the one object Lexi's Folly. They start finding the weirdest things their houses are the same and the person who built there house is the same man and he was the one who had to do with everything. Both of their mothers lives were taken during a tragic accident on a train but they [...]

    23. The concept is so interesting and complex that I think it would only succeed in a master's hands. This book isn't quite there yet. When you begin to delve deeper into an idea like alternate realities and then go as far as to transport and throw characters into other parallel realities, some magic has to be involved. There are plot holes you can't quite explain away with hard facts or common sense. The reader has to be willing to suspend their disbelief and trust the rules of the world that the w [...]

    24. Alaric lives in the crumbling Withern Rise house with his widowed father. Nothing has been the same since his mother's death in a train accident two years ago. Now his dad is off helping his girlfriend get ready to move in with them, and his crazy Aunt Liney is there to keep an eye on him. Miserable, he touches a carving his mother made of the house from wood from the family tree years ago and finds himself transported to a parallel universe where a girl, Naia, is living his life--only with thei [...]

    25. "A Crack in the Line" is about a boy named Alaric whose life has been pretty messed up since the death of his mother in a train crash. His once lovely home is now something you would see in a third-world country, and better yet, he and his father do not get along. There is also a girl in the story named Naia who has already forgotten about the accident that ALMOST killed her mother. Naia's life is going pretty well and she lives in a beautiful home that resembles Alaric's This is because Naia an [...]

    26. Two years after the tragic death of his mother Alaric Underwood's life is bleak. Any day now his father will return with his new girlfriend and life will go on like Alex Underwood never existed. Alaric longs to see his mother just one more time, to hear her voice, to see her face, to know she still exists, but when he touches the folly his mother made something strange happens. Suddenly Alaric finds himself in a house that is not his own. A house belonging to a girl named Naia. A girl whose life [...]

    27. Very intriguing. Alaric and Naia are different versions of the same person, living in side-by-side alternate realities. The differences in their lives are from events where the outcome has a 50% chance of going either way. A baby being born a boy or a girl. Someone in an accident living or dying. Really great book. I especially loved the end where it almost was like a choose-your-own-adventure. The ending was written, then an alternate ending was given because of a different outcome from a speci [...]

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