Mandragola A superior treatment of Machiavelli s minor masterpiece Flaumenhaft s beautifully crafted literal translation aims to capture the original intent of the playwright Machiavelli himself distinguished c

  • Title: Mandragola
  • Author: Niccolò Machiavelli
  • ISBN: 9780917974571
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • A superior treatment of Machiavelli s minor masterpiece Flaumenhaft s beautifully crafted, literal translation aims to capture the original intent of the playwright Machiavelli himself distinguished carefully between translations and revisions thus, Flaumenhaft finds a faithful translation essential to conveying Machiavelli s thought and to allowing direct access to theA superior treatment of Machiavelli s minor masterpiece Flaumenhaft s beautifully crafted, literal translation aims to capture the original intent of the playwright Machiavelli himself distinguished carefully between translations and revisions thus, Flaumenhaft finds a faithful translation essential to conveying Machiavelli s thought and to allowing direct access to the work The Prologue explores the relationship between Machiavelli s stage comedies part of the Comedia Erudita of the Italian Renaissance and his political books Mandragola focuses on the interplay between personal and political ethics, a major theme throughout his works The translation includes helpful notes that clarify allusions, language, and context Names of characters and places, titles and forms of address, and some familiar Italian words and phrases remain in Italian Passages in Latin, as well as idioms, are reproduced in the notes.

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    1. Niccolò Machiavelli

      Niccol di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was an Italian political philosopher, musician, poet, and romantic comedic playwright He is a figure of the Italian Renaissance and a central figure of its political component, most widely known for his treatises on realist political theory The Prince on the one hand and republicanism Discourses on Livy on the other.

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    2. This book really brought out the worst in people.The reactions to it today in my Political Theory class were repugnant. Rape apologism, victim-blaming, sexism, misogynyI hated this play, but I suppose it brought out some passionate responses in me - a silver lining.Certainly connects to Machiavelli's views on how people should behave, and raises some interesting questions - what does it truly mean to be happy? Is ignorance bliss, in the case of a buffoon like Nicia? How has Lucrezia changed? (On [...]

    3. "Quel che mio marito ha voluto per una sera, voglio ch'egli l'abbia per sempre."Non dubito che per l'epoca fosse di un'innovatività sconvolgente, ma suppongo che coi secoli abbia perso il proprio mordente. Ipotesi la quale, tuttavia, è ben lungi dal soddisfarmi; se un classico è un testo che non smette mai di dire quel che ha da dire, siamo di fronte a una contraddizione grande come un monte. Non è comunque un'opera da sottovalutare: ho trovato particolarmente acuta e pungente la resa del pe [...]

    4. ترجمه ی اشعار - به طور خاص پیش درآمد - منو به شدت به خودش جلب کردطعنه های کتاب به کشیشیان و اهل علم هم خواندنیبود.دیدگاه طبیعت گرایانه ی ماکیاولی همهمچون سیاستش جلب نظر می کندنکته ی فرعی: آنجا که ماکیاولی در پیش گفتار از وضع خود می نالد و می گوید وقتی کسی قدر مرا نمی داند باید هم ب [...]

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    6. Mandragola: A Modern Movie Adaptation Black screen.Loud club music plays; the lyrics are indistinguishable but probably have something to do with sex, booze, and swag.A group of men sit around a table and are drinking copious amounts of alcoholL: "Yo, chicks from your city? Ugggly."CAM: "Yeah, well, even if they are, I have a cousin that is hot enough for all of the girls in my hometown. Her name is Lucy."Black screen.WHAT WOULD YOU DOShot of CAL creeping LUCY, who shakes her mane of hair behind [...]

    7. In preparing myself for a class I shall be attending next semester on Niccolò Machiavelli, I stumbled upon this play by Machiavelli entitled Mandragola (or Mandrake, as in the herb, in English). I had already read The Prince some years back, and have just started on Discourses on Livy. These two are, of course, the two one must read if one wants to have a decent sense of Machiavelli's contributions to political theory. However, since so much of his stuff can seem heavy at times, reading somethi [...]

    8. This is a comedic play by Machiavelli. The plot is straight forward and Machiavellian. A young man and his acquaintances concoct a scheme to seduce the young and beautiful wife of a rich fool. It is a useful disproof to some new kinder-gentler interpretations of Machiavelli. It is in the scheming protagonist school of romantic comedies, which are my favorite. The plot is straight forward and the scheme is not really ever set back. It is quite dirty at times, but the 16th century was more sexuall [...]

    9. Prima di leggere “La mandragola”, le opere di Niccolò Machiavelli mi sembravano secche e noiose. Pensavo che la maggior parte fossero basate sulla politica e che le pagine erano piene di retorica filosofica. Tuttavia, questa commedia è divertente e leggera ma non manca un tema che richiede riflessione. Infatti, Machiavelli mi ha quasi convinto che il fine giustifica i mezzi!

    10. عمل ساخر ناقد جميل، صيغ بسلاسة وعمق، يتحدث عن أعمدة المجتمع حين تكون سببا في انهياره، بدءا من الرّهبان الذين يمارسون الدّين كفعل مصلحة بدلا من فعل روح، وانتهاء بمن يدّعي الفضيلة ثمّ يقبل بأول خطيئة تُعرض عليه لمجرد أنّها ترتدي قناع الفضيلة.

    11. I need some good time to write the review of this one oh dear heavens Machiavelli is the embodiment of manliness I'm just dying and my libido is boiling darker than ever I WANT TO MARRY HIM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH (pass out

    12. Jako bys to neznal: Jak málo dobrého nakonec najde člověk v tom, po čem prahne, porovná-li to tím, co všecko doufal najít! A z druhé strany: Co horšího se mi může stát, než že umřu a půjdu do pekel. Ale co jiných už umřelo - a kolik je v pekle výtečných lidí! Tak nač by ses ty styděl odebrat se tam taky. Obrať se čelem k svému osudu: Buď se zlu vyhni - a nemůžeš-li se mu vyhnout, nes je jako muž. (Monolog Kallimacha, čtvrté jednání, výstup první, s.44-5) [...]

    13. In a surprising aesthetic turn, Machiavelli pumps out a slap-stick farce(!) in The Mandrake: the story of a man who—in typical “ends-justify-the-means” style—concocts an elaborately deceptive scheme to bed the woman he desires. While, thematically, Mandragola clearly preaches Machiavelli’s unique ideology, the play also contains a series of intriguing departures from Machiavelli’s viewpoint and traditional Renaissance dramatic tropes.In the opening of the play, the author presents a [...]

    14. مقتطفات من مسرحية الماندراغولا للكاتب نيكولا ميكافيلي ------------------إن دهاءك، وحماقة زوجي، وبساطة أمي، ونفاق الراهب الذي اعترفُ عنده، جعلتني كلها أقوم بما كان من المستحيل أن أقوم به من تلقاء نفسي، وإني أميل الآن للظن بأن هذا كله حدث بتدبير سماوي وإني لست بالطبع قادرة على دفع ما [...]

    15. Review: italiano / françaisUn'opera che volevo leggere da qualche tempo e non mi pento di questa scelta di lettura! L'ironia di Machiavelli sui diversi tipi di caratteri (l'innamorato, il frate, il valletto, ecc.) mi ha fatto sorridere più di una volta e, sebbene non è sempre facile a leggere (quando l'italiano non è la lingua nativa), lo stilo è molto piacevole a leggere. Questa commedia, con una storia piuttosto semplice e "classica", fa ridere, ma anche riflettere: sui caratteri o sul be [...]

    16. This is a really interesting play because it seems like remarkably little happens. The plot is quite short, and focuses mostly on one guy and his friend trying to trick this old man into letting the guy sleep with the old man's young attractive wife. Compared to modern plays or to something like Shakespeare, there is little action and comparatively little scheming. Things just seem to play directly out with no real major twists in the plot, which seems very odd to a modern reader used to suspens [...]

    17. COMEDIA MAQUIAVÉLICANotable obra teatral que, como anuncia la sinopsis, pasa por ser la mejor comedia del Renacimiento. El argumento tiene mucho en común con la esencia de los cuentos de Boccaccio: un enredo para gozar el amor de una mujer. Con personajes arquetipos de la comedia clásica (el religioso parásito, el joven enamorado, el viejo ridículo, el sirviente astuto) en una trama de adulterio y marido burlado, Maquiavelo ha creado una historia divertidísima con giros inesperados, diálo [...]

    18. This was unexpectedly good.I read The Prince and this one is definitely up to it, although this was way comical, especially in the characterisation of the people.They were stock-types, just as Classic theatre's characters, but they were symbol of humanity in the negative.The story reminded me of Boccaccio's novellas of Decameron, particularly the ones about jokes (with the use of intelligence).The moral of Mandragola is the negative essence of humanity and we can see that because any of the char [...]

    19. Unexpected for those who are unfamilliar with Machiavelli's cannon. Light comedy/satire about the roles of women and political power. This is the perfect little play for some light reading enjoyment.

    20. An interesting farce comedy that essentially reinforces what Machiavelli's been saying all along: "The ends justify the means". Being that I read this in class, I wrote a required Play Reader's Journal for this piece, and so I'm just going to use that as my review.** SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON!!! **Play Reader's Journal: Niccolò Machiavelli's MandragolaI. Vital Statistics1. Title: Mandragola (The Mandrake)2. Playwright: Niccolò Machiavelli3. Date of Composition: 1504; also 1524-15264. Period: [...]

    21. Once I found out that Machiavelli wrote a play I knew I had to read it. After finishing it, it became obvious that Machiavelli’s practical cynicism permeated his entire literary output. I also found the novel incredibly modern in its honest portrayal of men’s basic instincts and the folly of expecting piety to dull any of them. In a simple story of a young man lusting after a beautiful but married woman Machiavelli manages to give the audience a case scenario of his philosophy in action.

    22. It was a light, quick read, required for a class I am taking in college. I honestly never knew Machiavelli wrote a play -- and certainly not one as seemingly frivolous (though the subtext is obviously not frivolous). I can neither say I enjoyed nor disliked it; this was simply required reading I would not otherwise have selected.

    23. Der Hexenmeister schnappte auf, dass ich mal etwas von Machiavelli lesen wollte. An so etwas wie "Die Alraune" habe ich dabei zwar nicht gedacht, aber als Einstieg eignet sich diese Komödie wunderbar.Ob ich die Parodie erkennt hätte, hätte ich nicht davon gewusst, kann ich nicht sagen. Aber so habe ich stets darauf geachtet und tatsächlich treibt Machiavelli bekannte Themen bis an die Spitze. Hier täuscht jeden jeden und wenn die Figuren in irren Verkleidungen durch Florenz huschen, kann ma [...]

    24. La comicità e la licenziosità di questo libro sarebbe normale oggigiorno, bensì fu uno scandalo all'epoca, nel XVI secolo. Una bella opera teatrale di uno dei maggiori esponenti del '500, esilarente e facile da leggere

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