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The Independent drive

The practical driving test now includes only one manoeuvre in place of the second manoeuvre we now have the independent drive. This is a short session of driving without input from the examiner. You will be asked to follow the signs for or you will be shown a very simple map or diagram (see example below) or a combination of both. The drive will last about 10 minutes and it does not matter if you forget the directions as you can allindependent drive schematicsways ask the examiner to repeat the directions, even the most experienced of drivers can forget the directions given and this is not supposed to be a navigation or orientation test.

If you go off the route this will not affect your result providing you do not commit a driving fault, the examiner will help you back on the route allowing you to continue with the drive. If for any reason an important traffic sign is obscured either by over grown foliage or large transport the examiner will give you directions. It is not necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of the area, although that does help.