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Introduction to the controls


Foot controls.

There are three pedals on the floor of the car in an area called the 'foot well' naming the pedals from right to left

Right - AccelerAccelerator brake and clutchator (gas)

Centre - Brake

Left - Clutch

A-B-CWhen the Accelerator or Gas pedal is depressed (using your right foot) fuel is supplied to the engine. The further down you depress the pedal the more power will be produced from he engine, when the foot is removed off the pedal no more fuel is supplied and the engine power decreases. The engine will not completely stop if the pressure on the pedal is zero, the engine has computers on board to allow smooth running at low engine speeds.

Brake - In common with the gas pedal this is only used with the right foot as both pedals share the one foot. If you like Gas pedal is a GO pedal and the Brake pedal is a STOP pedal so you would only use one at a time. The best position for the right foot to operate both pedals is to ensure that your heel is situated between both pedals.


The Clutch this pedal is used to change gear and must be depressed all the way down when selecting any gear. the left foot has exclusive right to this pedal only and to help with this there is a rest to the left of the clutch so you can 'keep in touch with the clutch'.








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