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Right turn and emerge.


Turning and emerging right requires a higher degree of skill compared with its counterpart left turn emerge. Why is this?

When we are turning or emerging right we are likely to cross other traffic as well as joining the flow of the traffic in the new road.

As with left turn emerge our observations remain exactly the same only our position and signal change.

Right turn.

Right turnOn approach to the right turn MSM and adjust your speed and position keeping left of the centre hazard line, line up your front wheels with the centre of the road you wish to turn into, if the junction is clear steer right in second gear at 10 mph looking into the new road for any obstructions. Once clear of the junction check centre mirror to see if any one has followed you through behind you.

If you arrive at the junction with oncoming traffic wait just left of your centre line and line up your front wheels with the centre of the road you intend to turn into. Do not be tempted to inch forward beyond this line as the right turn may result in a swan neck and so take you close to if not over the kerb as you turn.Swan neck

Emerging right 

When you see the junction ahead MSM if it is safe position yourself just left of the hazard line. Observe the junction and assess if it is an open or closed junction, if the junction appears to be closed be prepared to open the right emerge junction at the first opportunity covering the clutch and brake should you need to stop on the give way markings. Arrive at the give way line with straight wheels and make at least two checks in each direction, if it is safe to do so enter the road and steer right. Do not steer right on your approach or before the give way markings, this will result in 'cutting the corner'. There is however one exception to this rule and that would be if it is unsafe to enter the road with straight wheels due to an obstruction. Once right emerge cutting corneryou have cleared the junction re-check centre mirror and note any vehicle that may have followed you through the junction. When negotiating junctions on a hill take extra care when assessing your timing to emerge as the traffic coming towards you may be difficult to judge their approach speed .