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Skidding is never an accident and it is nearly always due to driver error, you cannot blame the condition of the road, weather, vehicle its down to you as the driver usually going faster than your current skill will allow to control the vehicle properly.

In a rear wheel skid you feel the back of the car swing out this will always be to the outside of the bend.

Cause and effect

Remove the cause by coming off the gas as soon as you feel the car swinging out, engine braking will immediately start to slow the car down do not brake steer in the direction of the skid until the rear of the car stops sliding and the tyres regain their grip. Gently steer the car back to the original course, do not steer further than is necessary to maintain original course as over reaction may result in skidding in the opposite direction, especially if you are in a rear wheel drive vehicle. After the course correction and when it is safe to do so apply gentle power to continue.



Cause and effect

As soon as you feel the car not reacting to your steering and still moving in a straight line ahead come off the gas, do not try to steer more as the front wheels at this time have no purchase on the road surface. Steer straight if the circumstances allow and brake gently once the tyres have regained their grip steer to the intended course and apply gentle power.


One in three tests will carry out an emergency stop or controlled stop as it is sometimes called. The examiner will ask you to find a safe and convenient place to stop the car, and say something like this " I am presently going to ask you stop the as if in an emergency, the signal will be STOP [at this point the examiner will hold his arm out straight towards the dashboard with the palm of his hand facing forward] and I want you to stop the car as soon as possible whilst remaining under control I will be looking round to see if it is safe for you to perform this exercise.Do you understand? Drive on when you are ready please.

So what does this mean to you the driver?

" thank you I will not ask you to carry out that exercise again, drive on when you are ready please.