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Friendly and professional, passed first time �����



My driving instructor Stephen was very good and we had a laugh but he still had the one thing in mind to get me to pass my driving test. I would recommend 4 or 2 lessons to his Driving School to anyone who has had driving lessons or if its their first time driving. A Great teacher, couldn’t have passed without you Stephen. You were always so patient with me and very supportive right to the end. Will be recommending you when all my cousins need to learn. Thanks again for everything.-



Stephen has been an amazing instructor. He tells you exactly what you need to improve. He gives you very good feedback, and suggests what you need to work on to improve your driving skills. He lets the students choose what they want to learn in each lesson. He is very patient and an a very good instructor. Thank you very much Stephen.




Christopher Phillips If anybody is looking for an instructor I would highly recommended Stephens Driving School. He is very nice man and will cover all aspects of driving to get you ready for your test as soon as he feels confident. Thank you Stephen for getting me through.

Thx to Stephens driving school I passed my test with flying colours and only had 3 lessons
Stephen is a great teacher and very patient with his pupils and I recommend him to anyone and everyone 
If u wanna pass then he's the teacher for u!


Hi Stephen,

Hope you are well.
As promised here is a short review of your driving school.

Stephen's driving school has helped me a lot with building my self confidence on the road and becoming a safer and better driver. I nearly lost all hope with passing my test but Stephen helped me build up the confidence and skills I needed to pass my test. I highly recommend Stephen's school to anyone wanting expert help with their driving. Thank you so much Stephen for all your help!

I haven't yet bought a car but still looking. Might be interested in a few more top up lessons dealing with faster/ dual carriageway style driving as not that confident with those yet.

Kindest regards,


I came to Stephen's driving school with very little confidence on the road, it was clear to see that I was going to need a real calming influence to help with my nerves. Stephen was the perfect person for this, he maintained a motivational perspective yet also took my fears into consideration so that we could eventually tackle them.
I was eased into every sort of environment and found myself wanting to practice on roads that had previously scared me.
Every week after my lesson I would write down a couple of things that I'd felt I'd achieved, developed and what I'd like my next goal to be.
In doing this Stephen allowed for me to see my progress which is so very important when driving, at times I would feel that my confidence was going to hold me back from ever taking my test however after looking at the notes I had written down it was clear to see I had improved a great deal which enabled me to maintain a determined mindset.
Stephen is a lovely person who is passionate about what he does, he won't let you down and I wouldn't have wanted to drive with anybody else.
I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Madelaine Daisy Darcie Carpenter

Hi Stephen,

Thanks again for helping me pass my test! Written a short review below :

I really enjoyed my lessons with Stephen, he is very calm which is great for nervous learners. He also used to be an examiner so knows a lot about the tests and is full of useful hints and tips, but also teaches you more than you need for the test so you can be a confident independent driver after you have passed.

Thanks again! And Bella is very happy she passed as well!



Hi Stephen.

If something is late it doesn't mean its over or its not gonna happen;
this is a saying in Hungary. And is actual in this situation
You've asked me to write this email to you expressing my opinion about
the driving school and about you.(couple of months after passing my
driving test here it is) I'm gonna try to do it briefly with my own
I'm very happy that I found you as a driving instructor few months
ago, the First impression was already very good of you and of your
driving school, so that's why I decided to carry on learning with you.
I was absolutely satisfied with your teaching, the way you build the
lessons up was perfect. Your patience is admirable, I really
appreciate it I also do the fact that you gave me lots of confidence.
Postponing the first test appointment was a real push for me, so thank
you for that and for all your help. I/m absolutely pleased and yes I
was able to drive in my country on the opposite side even in a big
city ! I have already offered your driving school and will do for
people who wanted/ want to learn driving! I hope everything is going
well and your arm is better.



I want to say a huge thank you to Stephen for all his guidance and assistance in helping me gain my licence! I would recommend Stephens Driving School to anyone and everyone. I had lessons and tests 15 years ago over the period of about a year and didn't manage to pass. Within less than 4 months of weekly lessons I had passed my test with SDS. Stephen can't be faulted in his teaching, he is patient and always positive and honest. I miss my lessons now! Thank you for everything Stephen!

Many thanks to Stephen for getting me though my test - 1st time with only 4 minor errors. I found him to be very patient, always upbeat and positive. I really liked the email followups charting my progress and summarising the lesson. And the Driving School's website is a helpful mine of information. All of which goes to providing an excellent and professional, all round service.

Wendy Morland



Stephen is a brilliant instructor and i would recommend him to anyone who is either just starting off or who has had passed experience. i passed on the first try with 4 minors. i doubt i would have passed first time if not for Stephen. in lessons Stephen is very helpful and while he pushes you to reach your potential he is patient. a big thanks to Stephen for being such a good instructor.



I have just recently passed my test and its all thanks to this amazing instructor Stephen, I can't fault him in anyway what so ever. Hes method of teaching is brilliant he was always positive about everything and is very motivating, always encouraged me and made me feel confident every time. Its a 10 out of 10 from me. Could not have asked for a better instructor, thank you for everything Stephen. :-D


My driving instructor Stephen was very good and we had a laugh but he still had the one thing in mind to get me to pass my driving test. I would recommend 4 or 2 lessons to his Driving School to anyone who has had driving lessons or if its their first time driving. A Great teacher, couldn't have passed without you Stephen. You were always so patient with me and very supportive right to the end. Will be recommending you when all my cousins need to learn. Thanks again for everything.-
Martin Kwaira.


A BIG Thank You

Good morning Stephen, I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything. When I first came to you, I had left another driving school as I was very unhappy and had lost my confidence. You taught me great techniques and to look at driving in a different way. You were professional, friendly, patient and my confidence has grown so much, I feel in love with driving again and with all your support, skills and encouragement I passed my test first time. I would recommend you to everyone, thank you again for everything.

Kind regards,

Claire Flory



Hi Stephen,

When I first came to Stephen I had been with numerous driving instructors previously and my confidence with driving was at an all-time low. I had promised myself I would not give up on driving and came across Stephens's website and knew it was my last attempt at driving. I was a very nervous driver and the thought of getting into a car scared me to death. Stephen not only gave me confidence in my driving but he did so with the patience I needed. He also ensured I did not get too comfortable by pushing me forward and when I did not understand something found new ways to make sure it was clear for me. I am not a natural at driving and can honestly say I would not have passed my test without him! Whether you are a confident driver or unconfident driver Stephens's knowledge and expertise in driving is invaluable to anyone wanting to learn drive.

Thank you again Stephen for your encouragement over the (several) months that you were teaching me I know it was an experience that we both found challenging at times!! I even think I am enjoying driving now!!

All the best




Thank you Stephen for providing me with high quality lessons. My instructor is such as amazing instructor, he was extremely helpful and friendly, gave good reassurance during lessons, which made the whole experience of driving lessons bright and great. His way of teaching assisted me to go and succeed on my driving test without him I couldn't have done it. Stephen helped me to build up my skills and confidence a lot. So again I appreciate all of his effort. I am happy to recommend this driving school to all who wants easy going and stress- free lessons.

Thank you very much Stephen!

Marina Lastoverova

You were a great instructor and easy to get along with and also very understanding if I was unable to make a lesson. 2hours went very quick as the lessons were enjoyable. I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs lessons as you are top class at what you do very easy to understand anything you were explaining.

Thank you very much for everything.


Stephen helped me pass my driving test first time! He's a brilliant instructor and will teach you how to drive the right way, Would 100% recommend! Fantastic school, thankyou so much.


Hi Stephen, very sorry this review is late but the last 2 weeks have been manic! Here is a review for your website,

"Stephens driving school, gained me a first time pass with only 2 minors, the feedback from each lesson really helped and Stephen was really patient with teaching me. Looking forward to booking some winter driving lessons!

Thanks Alex



Hi Stephen,

I hope your well. Here is a testimonial I have written for the school.

Stephens driving school has been a pleasure to learn with. Stephen is a great instructor who always helps you to achieve your best with driving. He pushes you to achieve your potential. Lessons are enjoyable and affordable. A great school to learn with. Although I started to learn in my 20's I was a little more nervous, but Stephen gave me the confidence to drive and ultimately pass. Highly recommended!!!!

Thanks again for all your help.



Review for Stephen's Driving School

Not only does Stephen have a brilliant teaching technique he also has a huge amount of patience and will find new ways to explain things if you are struggling with a particular concept. At the end of each lesson you receive a progress update email which is invaluable for seeing what stage you are at, what you need to do to progress and for consolidating any techniques learnt during the lesson by reading through the notes provided. On top of the basic skills that are taught by all driving schools, Stephen goes a step further and also teaches advanced driving techniques that help you to become a much safer driver. I recommend Stephen's Driving School 100% to anybody looking for help learning to drive and who would like to secure a first time pass.

Maddy Rollet

If you are reading this you are trying to evaluate the many driving instructors in the area, that was me two weeks ago. I even tried two other driving instructors.

I am writing to tell anyone who is looking for instructor to absolutely not to search any further.

Stephen's holistic approach makes it almost impossible not to pass.

His professionalism in tandem with incredible patience, for sure, makes wonders on learners. His constant reassurance made it so much easier for me, there were countless times when he would put me at ease at the right moments. He also follows up your lessons, in writing, by email.

I had passed my test 8 years ago in Belarus but never really driven in the UK, 10 hours with Stephen and I felt ready, he told me I was ready and I passed.

Therefore I can categorically say - do your self a favour and book Stephen as your driving instructor, you will understand why when passing your driving test.

Alena Vasilyeva


Steve is a great instructor. His friendly and helpful attitude made learning to drive really enjoyable, and his patient and encouraging way of teaching makes him a brilliant driving instructor.Really focuses on the areas needed to be improved and I really felt that I was getting the tutoring I should have had.
He enjoys what he does, has a great attitude and is able to find the positives in what you do and suggest ways in which things can be improved. Without any hesitation I can recommend Stephen Driving School to anyone thinking of passing your driving test.
Thank you Steve!

Sahil Pahuja


Stephen Hodgson spent dedicated time with me to help
Improve my driving skills for a taxi test. I found him to be able to
Offer me excellent knowledgable advice which was delivered courteously and professionally his approach with me was faultless and I fully recommend him. Ron Howgill

Hi Stephen,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help and encouragement over the past few months, I am so pleased to have passed my test and couldn't have done it without you.

I will definitely recommend you to friends and family who want to learn to drive as your thorough approach has enabled me to get over my nerves and has helped my driving confidence come on in leaps and bounds. I never thought driving would be something I would actually enjoy doing but you have changed that for me.

Thanks again,



Hi Stephen

So happy to have passed my test today first time, it's all down to the wonderful driving techniques taught by Stephen making me feel confident and in control of the car. Thank you so much for all of your help and I would highly recommend anyone learning to go with Stephen!
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Toni Foley (22-2-14)


Hi Stephen.

I am now driving everyday, I'm still a little nervous when driving in areas I'm not regularly visiting. I have got ovet the fact that thinking every time I leave the house, I will have an accident!

I would like to say thank you once again.

When I came to you aged 35!
I had been learning to drive on and off since I was 17.
I had some terrible teachers and my confidence was very very low.
You quickly built my confidence, always pushing me forward and not letting me get too comfortable.
You are a great teacher with even greater patience.
You make your pupils feel safe with everything from your car to your attention to what is going on in and around the car.
I would always recommend you as a teacher and even more so to people that have low confidence or show alot of nerves.

You really are a fab teacher.

Thank you


Hi Stephen,

Thank you again for helping me pass my test. I've written a short testimonial for your website, here you go:

I highly recommend Stephen's Driving School! Stephen is a very calm and patient instructor. He goes beyond showing you how to pass your test, which the more commercial driving schools tend to do. Instead I got the impression that he was trying to make a capable driver out of me, and helped me gain a more in depth understanding of the functionality and workings of the car.

Stephen made learning to drive a very pleasurable experience, I always felt very comfortable and at ease during the lessons, and this really helped me regain my confidence.

I was pleasantly surprised how flexible Stephen is when it comes to booking lessons, he seemed to always have time for his students, which is a luxury you don't necessarily get with other schools.

The addition of the tips and advice on the website is a great resource for students, especially because it's a much better read than the Highway Code!! :)



Hi Stephen,

Firstly thanks so much for your tuition, definitely couldn't have got such a good result without your help!

It's Been a long road, but it's a great feeling to have passed!! The website has been very helpful too, when i've needed some tips, well structured.

Will recommend you to people inside and outside of work wishing to learn to drive!

Once again thank you for all of your patience and helpful tuition!!



Hi Stephen,
Just to say thank for your expert tuition without which I could not have passed my taxi test.Your expertise and knowledge enabled me to take and pass my test with confidence. I would recommend anyone looking to take their taxi test to come to you first.

Les Zselyi


Hi Stephen,

Just to say a big thank you for helping me when I was in need. After a very turbulent time with my first instructor, you picked me up when I was in pieces and taught me the joys of driving again and helped me with building my confidence up. You didn't give up on me when I was ready to throw in the towel.

You not only taught me how to drive to a standard good enough for test, but expected more and taught me to drive the correct way by advising me what best practice would be when you are driving after passing the test. I am also very thankful for the good tips you have given me for driving on the continent, which will be a great help when I will travel for the first time by car to continent next year. My family will be delighted to see me arrive by car and not having to worry about what time my flight is landing.

Again a very big thank you for all your help.

Kind regards,


Hi stephen,

This is my piece of writing thanking you...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for teaching me over the last few weeks and getting me through my driving test first time! You are a very good instructor and have taught me much more than I needed for just the test. I think the amount of first time passes you have had shows how well you can teach and I just wanted to thank you once more for a pleasurable learning experience! I am driving everywhere now and Amie is enjoying having a break from driving!

Good luck for the future, hope to deal with you again!


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Hi Stephen, Good news, boy did good!!! Thankyou for all of your help as it really went almost as we discussed. Am prepared to push your name if any new drivers or like me need help. Much appreciated your input. Looks like I had two small errors but not "nine". Examiner was Patrick. Best Regards, Mike (taxi driver) Longhurst.


Big thanks to you Stephen for all of your hard work, persistence and patience. Look forward to bumping in to you on the road - so to speak!! Thita....x

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Hi Stephen. This is Holly's mum Claire. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for teaching Holly and getting her though the exam first time. I think she is a competent little driver and very keen to improve. she wants to progress to the IAM - probably in a year or so.
Best wishes

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you soooooo much! xxx and the website is great btw. ;)

10 hours ago ·


Abul Hasnath chowdhury says:
May 14, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Thanks for all your help and patience, couldn’t have done it without you. Friendly service, reasonable rates, and prepared me well for my test, 10 out of 10.”
thank you again

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Just a short email to say thank you so much in teaching me
how to drive. You were patient, knowledgeable, and a good teacher;
identifying any problems quickly and resolving them. You were
supportive if I found an area difficult, and in picking me back up
after failures. Most importantly you made learning to drive enjoyable;
I have no doubt I would not enjoy it nearly as much without your
teaching. I will not hesitate to recommend you, and indeed have already
done so numerous times.



Hi Stephen

Thank You...I passed my driving test on the first attempt and could not have done it without your guidence and advice.Having not driven for some time you gave me the confedence to get behind the wheel once more.I really enjoyed learning your magic formulas for the manourvers and now can even parallel park confidently!.I couldnt have done it with out your help and I thouroghly enjoyed the classes.
I will be booking in with you for some winter driving advice in the future.


hello Stephen i am sorry about not emailing you sooner I have work pretty much every day since my test, but hay just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me how to drive. I really enjoyed learning with you. You made things so easy understand and you always went over the maneuvers if I didn't feel comfortable with them ( parallel park and bay park !) I have given your number out to some friends already so hopefully some more business for you.

thanks again

Charlie Newland :)

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Hi stephen thank you very much to make me pass my practical driving test in one go.
It was very enjoyable to learn driving with you. I learned skill to be a confidence and safe more time many thank.Kind RICHARD JACQUES

My testimonial:

"Due to a driving test experience over two years ago I had lost my confidence and interest in driving. However a change in circumstances placed a significant amount of pressure on me to pass ASAP. I chose to pursue driving lessons with Stephen - a decision I do not regret. Stephen tackled my weaknesses and build on my strengths, he was extremely accommodating and did not only teach me to pass my test, with only 3 minors, but also taught me to drive properly and safely."

Many thanks Stephen,

Take care.



As a mature learner I found Stephens patience, manner and teaching style ideal. I never felt patronised and always knew that a new concept or manovour would be throughrouly explained and never glossed over. Moreover at no point did I feel that I was being taught to test. His focus on safe driving and increaced levels of observation meant that I felt I was really learning to drive, as I have found scince I passed.
I would highly recommend Stephen's Driving School for anyone who wants take their first steps into the world of motoring.
Neil T

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Hi Stephen
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and professionalism. I must say from day one I felt very comfortable and relax. It was real pleasure meeting you and I seriously would recommend you as instructor to any one who is looking to take lessons for driving.
Many thanks, Ash

Being a foreigner to the country I was legally required to sit a test for the UK driving license...which I did and failed around 3 times. I was on the verge of a nervous wreck and was constantly negotiating with self when taking my car for a ride (bear in mind that I had been driving for the last 6 years in my country). There are many aspects of a driving lesson and an instructor has the opportunity to convey these to the learner. I had an instructor locally from whom I took at least 20 lessons and amongst all benefits that I had was an understanding of the basic procedures....but I lost something which is essential for a driver....'confidence'. My former instructor was upto changing my style of me this is no different to a standard UK drivers way of driving. After failing my test for the third time I changed by instructor and called Stephen for a rescue...he was kind enough to take the onus of providing lessons to a repetitive failure learner. The first lesson was an assessment which he did after an hour of drive and a debrief which actually matched with my last exam outcome. Over the next few weeks I took 6 lessons from him (it was Stephen who used to advise not to take a nagging on for one more..). He helped me in putting the quantitative aspects of driving like an approach speed to a roundabout, signaling requirements (move off), observations, etc....rather than being subjective...and above all he did not attempt to change my style rather encouraged it in a safe and legal way...
It was far easier for me to put targets in mind and achieve those perfectly...the outcome was as expected...I passed on the next attempt. I would recommend Stephen to everyone known to me and honestly even if you pay a little bit more he is far more professional and cost worthy on the long run which is needed to include the pink card in your wallet.

Dipankar Basak, Reigate

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Hi Stephen

I have been meaning to thank you for producing such a confident and accomplished young driver in Becky. I was happy to hand her keys as soon as she had passed her test and she has never looked back.

Jacqui Kerr

Hi Stephen,

Just to say thank you soo much for being my driving instructor! I felt I achieved something in every single lesson. You’re cards illustrating the manoeuvres really helped me visualize what needed to be done. The driving test itself wasn’t anywhere near as intimidating as I had presumed it would be. That’s due to the combination of you teaching me how to read developing situations, and how to react to them in a safe manner; your mock test you did with me really helped as you put on the persona of a VERY intimidating examiner! But in all seriousness, I can’t thank you enough and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

I honestly have not stopped driving since I passed my test and love the freedom of it!


Alex Munnery

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks again for all your help. After driving on and off for seven years, and failing my test four times, I genuinely thought I was just one of those people who could never pass, no matter what I did. I'm seriously amazed that after a six month break from any driving at all, in only two months you could get me confident and prepared enough to take and pass my test- and under the pressure of not having time to retake it any more times before I relocate abroad. Passing was never so vital and therefore stressful before, and I still can't believe I passed! But I know it's largely due to your help.

I'll definitely reccommend you to anyone in need of lessons- in England anyway!

Take care and thanks again,

Katy Sansbury


Hi Stephen,

Just a quick thank you for all your help in passing my test recently, you didnt just teach me too pass but also how to drive. On the road and loving it thanks for all your help and will be in touch soon for the pass plus.

All The Best and thanks again

Best Wishes


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Dear Stephen,

I'm pleased to report to you that I have been driving on my own and I have probably not caused any major headaches to other road users (I hope). There WAS a moment when I thought that I should just give up on the idea of driving around without an instructor or my partner, but one day I took a deep breath and said to myself that it was now or never. I drove to work that evening, gave a lift to a student the same night (she is a brave one), the next day I drove to Reigate, then to Merstham, etc. etc.
I am definitely not the best driver out there but I do hope that I do not seem to be the worst either. I have made some terrible mistakes but I knew that I'd have to make some to be able to avoid them in the future. I feel much more confident now and I owe you a lot for that. Thank you very much for being so patient and sympathetic with me, and, especially, for knowing exactly what kind of tips to give me. I do scan the horizon, use my mirrors, and try not to worry too much about what the others driving behind me think of me and my driving. I still cannot park my car very well but that will be OK some time in the future, too.

Thank you very much again.
I wish you lots of nice students and you can be sure that I will recommend you to whoever needs a great instructor.

Kind regards,
Maria Szende

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Hi Stephen,
Thank you very much for all of your help and patience. I wouldn't have been
able to do it with out you.
When i made a mistake you explained it to me and allowed me to retry to
build up my confidence, Which i am very thankful for.
I can't say thankyou enough. I would highly recommend you to anyone and
everyone. I even told my 13 year old brother to start lessons with you (he
I will definitly be intouch regarding the motorway lesson. Till then,

Kind regards

Sam Adcock


When I came to Stephen, he had the ominous jod of picking up the pieces as my previous instructer had been un-impressive. Steven on the other hand worked at a pace suitable for me, not so fast that vital information was left out, but he did not drag the lessons out for the sake of the extra money. Under Steven's instruction my confidence as a driver improved dramatically, throughout my learning with the school. When I took my test, I had failed twice before, but Stephen responded in tecniques suitable for me to pass the third time. As an instructer, Stephen helped me through the good lessons and the bad with equal measure so that I felt more comftable as a driver. Stephen's driving school does more than teach you to pass your test, it teaches you to drive, something that many motorists seem to have forgotten, and for that Stephen, I thank you.

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Hey Steven!

I'd just like to say thank you for everything in this past year! Although I'd had countless lessons and progressed slowly you were always patient and supported me when i was pressurised by the parents. You believed in me and taught me more than just driving to pass the test and it will definitely help me in the long run!
Some people take to driving like a duck to water but just because you don't, doesn't mean you can't pass first time and the same goes for me!
I also think having the practice driving test helped me because i got used to the atmosphere in the car (the instructor was icy!) and that helped more than anything else. So when i was on the test all i had to think about was that it was like the practice and you were sitting next to me which wasn't as scary.

Thanks to you i passed first time (and i beat my Dad! Yes!) I couldn't have done it without you :-)
I can't say thank you enough!

p.s. will be in touch for some motorway lessons soon!


Hi Stephen! Oh Stephen! Hey Stephen!!
Thank you! With your support I now have the smile I'd wanted years ago! I've no words to express how I feel having finally passed my test. Truly you're a well diverse instructor with patience, friendly and persuasive. Your encouragements, feed backs and assurance made a huge difference. Your genuineness and approach is clear evidence of who you really are. You made my weaknesses clear and you supported me to build on them as part of my strengths. As the saying goes, ''you can't teach an old dog new tricks'' but hey you did!. On some occasions when I was frustrated you acted like a father! Stephen you are just wonderful!
God Richly Bless!
Thanks once again,

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Hi Stephen

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test and perhaps more importantly, teaching me to drive properly and safely (I'm understanding the difference between the two more and more).
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone learning to drive, no matter what their experience or confidence level. Especially as mine was so low on both counts!!
It was great to have someone so patient and calm in the seat next to me when things went wrong as they did (especially in the beginning). But your professionalism and ability to explain sometimes difficult points in a way that I fully understood was a real bonus for me (as were our discussions on the use of kata in driving!)
I really feel you prepared me as well as could be for that first nerve wracking drive on my own after passing my test, and you've given me the confidence to actually enjoy driving - something I thought I'd never do.

Thank you so much


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I can't really thank you enough for making me fit to take the practical exam and pass. You are a friendly and an expert teacher. Also you made me a better driver than I was before with my international licence. My pass made the whole family happy.

As I said, I have told most of colleagues and friends already about your school and I will spread the word around that Stephen is the BEST teacher.

Thank you again, and I wish you the very best.


Hello Stephen,

Thank you very much for your help in teaching me to be a GOOD DRIVER .
it was like having your friend teach you to drive..... I am sure this was because your patient & your guide and decisions.

I would definitly recommend your school thousend time than others.
And wish stephen driving school every success.

kind regards,
gerad peiris

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Hi there stephen!

Ill start off by saying thank you so much for all the help you gave me
to pass my test.
I definately wouldnt hesitate to recommend stephen as an instructor: I
found that he was constantly focused on getting me to pass and always
pushed me to progress with my skills.
Most instructors teach you how to pass your driving test, but stephen
taught me how to drive a car, which i have found has put me in very
good stead for my driving prior to passing.
I passed first time and would have to say it was definately down to



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Hello Stephen,
Just a brief note to say thank you very much for teaching me to drive and getting me through my test.
Your assessment of my skills (or rather lack of them) at the beginning was excellent as well as your methodical approach to training myself to attain the required standard.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommending you to anyone who wishes to learn to drive.

Now for the Pass Plus......

Kind Regards

Steve Mitchenall.

Hi Stephen!

Thank you for helping me pass my test, i am very pleased. When i first started driving i was really nervous, and never thought i was going to pass my test. Stephen helped me become a confident driver. He is very relaxed and gave me good tips to help me pass my test and drive to a good and safe standard.

Stephen is a 'first class' driving instructor and in my opinion the best in the local area.

Thank you again Stephen, All the best.

Regards Callum Tester.

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Hello Stephen

I would like to thank you for helping me to pass my driving test. When I started my lessons I thought I will never be able to pass. I just thought that driving wasn't for me. But you have managed to build my confidence and even though it took me a while I have passed….
I thought that you were very relaxed instructor who understands that every student is different. You knew when I was tired or stressed after my work and you were patient with me even though I was making silly mistakes.
Therefore I would fully recommend your driving school to all learners. You make people feel safe, confident and you stay calm thorough the lesson. Once again thank you a lot and wish you all the best.



Hello, sorry about the lateness of this testimonial, I’m still not over the novelty of driving

‘I would fully recommend Stephen’s driving school as I passed with only 4 minors, after only 30 hours of lessons (would have been even earlier if I’d of got my theory together). I have friends who are with other companies that have had to take their test 2, 3 even 4 times to receive their pink driving licence.
He was always very patient and willing to answer all questions, however stupid or obvious I thought they might have been. Overall a very relaxed instructor, but who pushes you to pass.
Thank you, all the best in the future

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Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for getting me through my driving test. I felt right from the beginning that i had made the right choice in picking you. I always felt safe and secure and that you are a very gifted driving instructor - you assessed what my strengths and weaknesses were and formulated lessons around my own personal needs. You weren't lying when you said you didn't just want me to be good enough to pass my test, but to be a confident driver. You were always professional but yet we could still have a giggle!
Despite you always joking that i was 'miss pessimistic', you built my confidence up so much and i have little fear of driving now! - except of the other maniac road users!
You never shouted or made me feel stupid, and you always praised me for doing things well.

Thank you for all you did for me, for your patience, honesty and encouragement. Couldn't have done it without you and i would happily recommend you to anyone.
Nicola x

I'll be in touch for the pass plus!


Hi Stephen

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in getting me through my driving test. With your expert instruction I was able to face the test without the nerves that I had experienced before. Your advice not only helped me in the test but also helped to increase my confidence so that now I am driving on my own, I feel that I can safely cope with any situation that might occur on the road.
I look forward to seeing you again soon for some motorway tuition.
Best Wishes
Alistair Kerr

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hey Stephen its owen, heres my testimonial:

Stephen is an amazing driving instructor, he is very patient and will always let you have a go at stuff, and even if you do get yourself into a mess he will let you try to correct it. He is also very good about where he takes you ( he doesn't just stick to test roads) and because of this i have a vast knowlage of surreys roads.Stephen is an instructor that teaches you to drive not just to pass your test and because of this i passed first time!! the only bit of advice i can give new drivers is:

- learn to drive with stephen because hes GREAT!!!

can't thank you enough



Hi Stephen,
Just wanted to say thanks for teaching me to drive, you have helped me loads and im now realy confident when driving by myself.
Before i started driving i was pretty nervous and didnt really trust myself behind the wheel but Stephen helped me get confidence and stayed patient whenever i made mistakes.

I was recommended to Stephen by my bro who went with him and passed first time, and Stephen helped me do the same thing. And i would recommend him to anyone!

Thanks a lot

Hi Stephen
Hope all is well with you, I have at long last got round to mailing you testimonial! I really have been far too busy driving! Ha-ha.. Thank you once again.

When I started lessons with Stephen I was a nervous wreck behind the wheel, I lacked confidence and thought I would never pass. After a few lessons with Stephen he managed to tap into the way I needed to learn, my confidence came on leaps and bounds and I realised I would pass my test.
Stephen provides a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of patience and support, he will teach you in the best way for you. Highly recommended!

Tracy Field

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hi stephen

i would like to thank you so much for helping me to pass my test!
My experienc learning to drive was most enjoyable and you stayed so patient if things
started to go wrong. You also taught me out of any bad habits i had, all this helped me in passing
my test first time.

once again thank you very much!


Hi Stephan,

Sorry its taken a while to let you know, but i've been tring to sort out my insurance and things. Thank you for helping me pass my test, thank you for being such a patient teacher, sorting out my bad habits and helping me get over my confidence issues. If it wasn't for you I would have struggled during my test and not had the confidence to pass first time, even now i don't belive it :) You've been a great help to me, thanks again.


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Hi Stephen

Hope your well, Just want to say a big thank you for helping me pass my test with only 3 minors!!! a true testiment to a great instructor. Stephen gives you the confidence and ability for every monevure and gives you very good tips that you can use to master the moves. I definatly reccomend Stephen. Thanks alot Stephen


G'day sir!

Paul Whiting here!

Sorry it's taken a while to get in touch, christmas was all back and forth and it's been all change at work, so spare time has been sparse at best.

I just wanted to email and say a huge thanks for being an absolutely superb instructor and getting me up to test standard so quickly. You helped me overcome alot of confidence hang ups that i had, and taught me all the essential elements of car control and road awareness with such ease. Having my license has given me a completely new lease of life and i most definately have you thank for that.

Thanks again for everything. I will be in touch soon.



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hi stephen

i strongly believe i would not have passed my test as quickly or even first time with any other instructor. most of all i think that the method of teaching you use is great. as you've said yourself, you teach with techniques which can be adapted to differerent situations setting us up with great foundations for driving in the future not just to pass the test.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks a lot for helping me to pass the test.

Stephen is a highly experienced instructor, who gives u lot of information and training in such a short time. He is patient, gives u confidence and very flexible in terms of timing. He will teach u to drive safely not just to pass the exam. I would recommend him to anyone.



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Hiya Stephen,

Would just like to say thank you so much for all your help, please find my testimonial below. Hope that all is well with you. I am driving all the time, in a lovely little daewoo matiz. Love the car and love driving!

Claire xxx

I would recommend Stephen without hesitation. I had been learning for ages, and after so much time, money and three instructors, I was still a rubbish, nervy and terrified driver.

He is just so much better than any of the other instructors I had - totally calm, very patient and excellent at explaining things. His experience as an instructor becomes clear when you realise that he sometimes knows you better you know yourself - he really understands how these things are learned differently by different people, what to teach you and when.

I always felt that I could ask him any questions I had, as he creates a really relaxed atmosphere and is a thoroughly nice chap.

He was completely reliable, never late and always flexible when he could be.

Thanks to Stephen I am now a really confident, happy and good driver - I didn't know that I would ever pass and I really, really didn't think I would ever enjoy driving, but I love it. As they say, he taught me how to drive and not just how to pass my test. I was driving by myself, even on the motorway, within a week of passing and can't thank him enough for teaching me so well.

Claire xxx

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Stephen is someone every new driver would want to have with them as
they begin the stressful task of learning to drive. He always knows how
to give a learner confidence in themselves. I found that because I
could trust him, I could do things that would have seemed impossibly
daunting otherwise. For every situation it seems he has a useful
analogy or routine, making it far easier to learn and remember things
quickly. Above all, Stephen does not simply give you the bare minimum
to pass your test, he does everything he can to make you the best
driver he can.

Tom Lloyd.

Hi my name is Eddie and I just wanted to say that Stephen is a highly qualified driving instructor with alot of patience lol, with just 7 lessons I took my driving test and past first time with just 5 minors. I would recommend him
to anyone who wants to learn to drive as he is one of the best out there.

Thanks alot Stephen for all your help, wish you all the best in the future.




Short but sweet:

Fantastic, the best instructor I've had. I was driving about by myself
straight after passing, it was amazing! Thanks.

Emma Simpson


Dear Stephen,

I remember my first lesson with you vividly. I think I was the epitome of nerves. I thought that 30 mph was so fast and when you told me that I would feel it was slow when I picked up speed, I was uncertain as to whether I would ever be able to travel any faster - but, as always, you were right, and it was not long before you had to tell me to slow down.

I will recommend Stephen's Driving School to anyone without hesitation. Stephen is an extremely well experienced instructor. He is incredibly patient and long-suffering (especially when I think about my first experience with roundabouts). He does not just teach you enough to get through, but offers guidance and advice, all of which are life skills that I have taken away with me and know that I am a better driver because of it.

Thank you Stephen for helping me acquire my independence. I look forward to seeing you for the PassPlus.



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Hello Stephen

I apologise for the lateness of this email.

I was a really nervous driver and thought I would never pass my driving
test. Under Stephen's guidance and instruction he taught me new driving
and manoeuvre techniques and gave me the confidence to pass first time
with him.

I am so thankful,

Thank you Stephen


Hi Stephen,

Sorry for my late comment.

First of all, I really enjoy driving myself as an independent.

"I would say so Stephen is the best knowledgeable instructor who is very patient, always on time. It was amazing, the way you build up my confident on the road until I passed my driving test. Also, I really enjoy throughout my driving lessons. Thank you very much for your help me freely to drive whatever I want.

Highly recommend Stephen’s driving school to everybody."

I will keep in touch with you if I need any further assistance from you.

Have a good day!


Thin Thin

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Dear Stephen,

I don’t know if I was your oldest student, but I was a late starter at 64! You never saw this as a problem and you were always very patient with me. You kept my spirits up when I failed my test and always gave me lots of encouragement to continue. You had faith in me when mine had lapsed.

For the last 14 months I travelled from Angmering to Crawley (a round trip of 60 miles!) to have my lessons with you. This was time and money very well spent and I must tell you how much I valued your expertise as a driving instructor. You made learning to drive a real pleasure and such fun. You became a real friend and I shall miss our weekly banter.

Thank you so much for everything. I will never forget you and I will always recommend you to anyone I know who wants to learn to drive.

I would say to them: - “If you want to learn to drive and enjoy the experience go to Stephen’s, because he is the BEST!!”

Kind Regards


wow really theres only one word which sums this guy up and thats, he's an absolute 'legend'!! he taught me to drive in a way i dont think any other driving instructor could even come close to. he kept me smilling through the tough times (and yes we all know what these are, like the stalling)! Pass plus was a good laugh and i really reccommend it to anyone who has passed not just because it takes loads off your insurance, but because Stephen also buys you chocolate and red bull to keep you going through endless motorways!! I do miss my driving lessons but thank you so much for giving me the freedom to drive where ever i want all by myself, and believe me, thats the greatest gift anyone could give me.

Jess Mitchell

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"I found Stephen to be an extremely knowledgeable driving instructor who restored my confidence in my own abilities and gave me the skills and the mindset I needed to finally be able to pass my driving test. Stephen always remained very patient, reassuring and good humoured throughout all the lessons I had despite my frustration with certain (if not all) manoeuvres and general all round grumpiness! I enjoyed all my lessons and highly recommend Stephen's Driving School to anyone."

Rachael Tan


Hi Stephen,

I would just like to send a quick note to you, to thank yourself and Tony for helping me pass my test. I felt that Tonys instruction was excellent and all of his comments were productive and without this I don't think I would have passed. I also liked the way he set me a target to beat on my test with the amount of minors I would get on the test (which I won) to make me more relaxed.

I will certainly be recommending your driving school to anyone who is wishing to drive.

Thanks again


Dear Stephen, Thank you very much for your help in teaching me to drive. I passed my test much quicker than most of my friends and I am sure this was because your patience and easy going manner made it very easy for me. I have already recommended you to someone. I am thoroughly enjoying my driving and am out all the time - even offering lifts to everyone I know! I will be in touch with you soon to organise Pass Plus with you. Thanks once again

Stuart McDowall

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When i got in your car for the first lesson and you told me that i'd be driving it by the end of the lesson, i didn't quite believe you, but i was wrong. From there you gave me the confidence and drive that i needed. You were a legend when it came to making light of the bad times, like when i stalled or decided i could beat the lights. But above all, you taught me a very relaxed and safe way of driving and I was bloody delighted when i passed my test first time. Its great to be able to have the freedom to go where i want, when i want and also not have to walk to work in the pouring rain! I'll be in touch soon to take pass plus and get that insurance premium down. Highly recommended!

Tom Lee


“Stephen, without your instruction I would still be floundering inside a car and without my licence! Engaging in driving lessons and tests can be a stressful and confusing experience (I should know, I had failed three tests before I called your school!), but you managed to make driving very easy, instilling sound practice and good skills in a very short period of time. I curse my previous instructors and wish that I had called you sooner! I look forward to speaking to you early in the new year to further develop my skills (and lower my insurance premiums!) by way of the Pass Plus courses”

Stephen Banks

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"I started driving lessons with Stephen's Driving School as an absolute novice and passed my test first time after 6 weeks of lessons. I would recommend Stephen's Driving School to anybody. I wanted to pass as soon as possible but thought it would be difficult due to the long hours I work.

Stephen was very flexible with the times available, allowing me to maintain a semi-intensive approach to lessons without having to take time off. The pace of the lessons was perfect, giving me the confidence to learn at my own pace. Stephen's Driving School gave me the opportunity to learn to drive in a comfortable and safe environment and I would definitely recommend Stephen's Driving School to anyone!"

Tim Hughes

Dear Stephen,

I thank you for your support to get through my Practical Driving Test in 2 weeks of driving lessons.
Specially, I very much appreciate your precious guide & decisions. For me, the encouragement and the building confidence were the highly remarkable qualities in your instructions.
I would definitely recommend this school to anyone and wish Stephen's Driving School every success.

Good luck

Prasad Kaluwila

I found Stephen's driving instruction to be what I wanted, but more to the point, exactly what I needed. He assessed my strengths and weaknesses and then tailored the lessons to ensure I learned what I needed, not just to pass the test but so I actually "knew" how to drive safely and confidently. He was always very calm and very patient with a good sense of humour which at your worst times, is always welcome. He was willing to go over and over even the smallest exercises until you felt you had it down 100%. It was like having your friend teach you to drive - no undue pressure or expectations. You did it in your own time. I couldn't recommend him higher - great instructor, and that's not just smoke up bottoms either - that's 100% honest. I had a couple instructors back home when I was learning to drive at 16 in Canada - and none had the patience or sense of personal interest that you do. It was more of the old-fashioned "grammar" school - learn by endless repetition and wrote - not by understanding and proper guidance. Thanks again

Ian Sawchuck

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You made learning a drive as stress free and enjoyable as I could have wished for. Your patience seems endless, and your ability to teach is incredible.

I feel so fortunate to have chosen you as my instructor.

Your weekender course was excellent, although slightly daunting to begin with, I was amazed at how far I progressed in such a short space of time.

I will be recommending you to anyone I can find who is wanting to learn to drive!

Thank you again for all your help.

Chris King"

I was dejected and wanted to give up, after failing four driving tests. I decided to change instructors and was lucky to find Stephen. Stephen's attention to detail, experience, patience and results speak for themselves. Stephen has a pass rate in excess of 75%. He teaches "defensive" driving, which is a skill mastered during his time at the ministry of defence. I took my driving test on Friday, 12th August 2006 and passed. I am very grateful for having learned to drive under Stephen's guidance. If you want to pass your driving test, then you need the best driving instructor. Stephen is the best in my opinion and I recommend him. I am now saving up for my pass plus, which I want to take with Stephen's assistance. Kind Regards, Andrew Emmanuel Kibirige

Iv never learnt to drive with any one else before apart from stephen and at 17 no wonder why, but thank god i found stephen. Passing 3rd time was frustrating but stephen stayed patient and knew i could pass and when i did it was worth it. For some reason i dont know why but shephen can get you ready and passed in a shorter period of time then most instructors, this is probably due to his experience in the army etc etc. but if you are looking to pass go to stephen because to me i felt i was getting good experience and learnt alot..

many thanks jake

passed on 25-10-06 at crawley

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I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough. I was a very nervous driver and I managed to pass my test first time after just 4 weekends of lessons. The intensive course is very hard work but Stephen was extremely patient with me and his focus was always to make me a safe and confident driver and not just pass the test. The lessons were varied and interesting and Stephen talked me through junctions and roundabouts in a clear and helpful way before we attempted them. When I struggled with reversing and corners Stephen always tried to find new ways to help me master them - which I managed to do eventually!

I had a couple of other driving instructors before Stephen but he was definitely the best at helping me progress and gain confidence on the road. If you are thinking of booking lessons with Stephen then go for it - I'm glad I did!
Dana Stevens




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